The Massive List Dispatcher Gives Of “Code 12” Calls Shows Just How Fed Up Cops Are With Being Made Out To Be Villains

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s never been a good time to be a police officer. Individuals tasked with serving and protecting a community from criminal elements, with enforcing the law equally on all those who call that particular city or neighborhood home, have always known such a job was thankless and came with serious risk.

Folks have always had a bit of a rebel streak in them in regards to cops, yet these people have continued to put up with the nonsense over and over again for years piled on top of years. Well, thanks to the extreme anti-cop sentiment of the last few years, culminating in the insane riots and protests we’ve seen across the United States over the last month or so, it seems they’ve had enough.

Reports flooded in on Wednesday evening that cops were walking off their shifts or just not bothering to come in at all. These reports were authenticated by dispatchers who rattled off long lists of “code 12” calls which mean there was no on there to send a call to.

We’ve been hearing adamantly how the left wants to defund cops and in some instances abolish police departments. Now those protesters are getting their wish. A society without cops.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

There are reports tonight that police officers in Atlanta, Georgia called off work tonight after murder charges were filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend.

There are now audio clips of Atlanta police dispatchers giving a long list of “Code 12” which means there was no one to send to a call in.

Here’s a clip where a dispatcher is told that any “29,” meaning a fight in progress “where there’s nobody getting severely jacked up or weapons” will be “auto Code 12.”

CBS46 reported on the walkout tonight.

This is bad, bad news for the citizens of Atlanta. Criminals of all stripes will no doubt take advantage of the chaos and the absence of law and order to commit a wide array of crimes against innocent folk. At the end of the day, it’s not blood on the hands of the police officers, but on the hands of protesters who have brought this whole thing about due to their sheer stupidity.

We can acknowledge problems, systemically, with the abuse of power in some departments in our country. We can have that talk. What we can’t afford to do is get rid of police altogether. These lefties are about to understand why very soon.

Here’s more from CNN:

The police department said an unusual number of officers working the late shift had called out sick. The mayor said the city would be OK.

“There’s a lot happening in our cities, and our police officers are receiving the brunt of it, quite frankly,” Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said.

The city has shown its commitment to the officers through a pay raise, and “we expect that our officers will keep their commitment to our communities,” she said.

However, she thinks morale is down tenfold, she said.

“We do have enough officers to cover us through the night,” she said. “Our streets won’t be any less safe because of the number of officers who called out, but it is just my hope again that our officers will remember the commitment that they made when they held up their hand and they were sworn in as police officers.”

The mayor didn’t say how many officers had called out.

What is it going to take for liberals to get the picture? How many people have to suffer, to lose property, to be robbed, or worse, to die at the hands of a violent criminal before they pull themselves out of hysteria?

Let’s hope not many.

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  3. As I said before in another comment section, it’s a set-up to usher in marshall law by way of the UN’s military. Public sentiment going against police and causing the de-funding of police departments have been instigated by the illuminati. It’s another tool in their box of tricks to bring in the one-world government. Wake up, people. When you look at the big picture, you can see the whole story unfolding before your eyes.

  4. It speaks in the Bible of a land of many waters where all world trade takes place , going up in smoke and fire. This analogy fits America to the T. We are the only thing that stands between Israel and its enemies. No wonder they want the destruction of America. The Bible holds Israel as a time line for the world and Gods final judgment. So goes Israel, so goes the world. America going up in smoke is written and will happen but we can delay that as long as we fight evil. The Democrat party is the party of lawlessness. We need to defeat them this fall! We need to defeat them today! Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

    • Buddy and DJ you both just gave me goosebumps!!!! And I believe you both and not only vote for Trump/Pence vote Republican period. We need to take back all blue states and turn them RED!!!!! Like you said wake up Americans.

  5. “How many people have to suffer, to lose property, to be robbed, or worse, to die at the hands of a violent criminal before they pull themselves out of hysteria?”

    There is no upper limit – Democrats, without exception, are a group of self-destroying, civilization hating traitors. They will cheerfully burn down their own house around them if they think they can further their insane “cause”. You can’t reason with nor fix crazy – you can only shoot it in the face.

    Mark my words: until all leftists and their degenerate beliefs are wiped utterly from the face of the Earth humanity will NEVER know any peace.

  6. Does not anyone in the USA care about the criminal records of ??? Obviously, the rioters do not have any relatives on the police force who worry EVERY DAY that they will be shot & killed by some criminal who refuses to be arrested! Why are not churches preaching more about non-violence to all races & that there is a judgmental reckoning some day by a higher power? Fifty-five police officers or all races have been killed just this year. As a relative of a law enforcement officer, I am SICK & TIRED of hearing only one side of this issue. All races (including white) have fear for their relatives. There is a method in place to investigate complaints, and now there is a national database being set up to track complaints. All lives matter.

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  8. Brooks beat the two Officers off of him. He took the Taser & ran. He fired the Taser at the Officer chasing Him. The prongs missed the target. The Officer could have caught Brook who had already beat two men. Brooks could have stuck the Taser to the Officer & incapacitated Him. He could have taken the Officer’s gun & shot Him & the other Officer. He could go to the Officer’s car & get the Officer’s AR-15 or Shotgun & killed all responding Officers. The shooting stopped the threat.

    • But most people don’t understand that. Georgia law says that Tasers are deadly weapons, and they can be. So deadly force on one using one is applicable. The problem with the shooting is the number of rounds that went into an innocent persons car. That being because the officer likely only had minimal firing range time due to the Atlanta PD not having much funding for range time.

  9. The city has shown its commitment to the officers through a pay raise, and “we expect that our officers will keep their commitment to our communities,” she said.

    But that’s not a commitment to have their and their family’s backs!

  10. This is what it is all about, complete control and the break down of Americans and America. Those of you that are so busy yelling conspiracy theory, I tell you that it isn’t a theory but complete fact!!! This “PLANDEMIC” was the kick off to the eventual demise of one of the greatest countries ever!!! Scare people into shutting in, continue to divide humanity by race, religion,etc…, political correct way of speaking to prevent your First Amendment rights to free speech, constant false flag operations of “mass shootings” to forward the agenda to take away your right to own firearms to defend yourselves with!!! The United Nations have operations like agenda 2021 and 2030, maybe you guys laughing at “conspiracy theorist” should take some time and read this and educate yourselves!!! The time is NOW, we either save our country and ourselves from these self proclaimed rich elitist maniacs, or we just roll over like sheep and let these wolves eviscerate us!!! The choice is yours!!! AMERICA WAKE UP NOW!!!

  11. Can’t count on jails keeping the crooks in, can’t count on courts putting crooks in jail, can’t count on prosecutors doing their jobs, and now can’t count on cops even showing up. One thing I can count on is my .45acp making a big hole at what ever I shoot at.

    • Yep. And even more so if it has an expanding bullet like a Winchester Ranger STX RA45TP round has. But I wouldn’t count out my old, but accurate, .30-06s either.

  12. Just wait…these places will be war zones….problem is they will kill each other!..don’t blame these officer’s what so ever!…these people don’t want change they want lawlessness!!!!!

  13. I believe the Mayor took an oath as well to protect and serve. And she has seriously failed because she let the police take a beating for political reasons so she has some nerve to talk about raising a hand to swear an oath while the police are on the front line .she could have stopped this , but let it get out of hand.

    • Bingo! I think that the mayors of these towns should all be brought up on charges for failing to do their duty.

  14. Multiple code 12 calls, but the mayor insists there are enough officers to cover Atlanta. Seems to be a discrepancy here.


    • Instead of saying they should pull themselves out of hysteria, it should have said when are the Liberals going to pull their head out of their asses!

    • Which many on the left in CA found wasn’t as easy as they thought it was to do. “What do you mean I have to wait 7 days before I can take it? I passed the background check. Wait, I have to pass another check just to buy the ammo? “

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