The Media Won’t Show You This Proof Of Trump Supporters Trying To Stop Antifa Thugs Wednesday

(Tea Party PAC) – What happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday during the joint session of Congress was, without a doubt, a staged false flag event intended to crush any remaining support for President Trump within Congress and forever label his supporters as the “fascist, violent thugs” the media has desperately wanted them to be.

Trump supporters are far from violent thugs and the irony is the indignation of the media and the left after months upon months of supporting and excusing the violence of the radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists.

Just like with the 2020 election, what we historically know to be true prevents us from believing the lies being spewed by the left.

The left wants us to believe that the man who couldn’t attract gnats to his events won the presidential election over the man who brought in tens of thousands of people at every single rally he did no matter where it was in the country.

Now, the left wants us to believe that despite Trump supporters having a history of being totally peaceful and nonviolent and being totally supportive of law enforcement, that on the most consequential day of the entire election cycle they would choose to be wildly lawless and storm the Capitol.

If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck … guess what? It’s a duck. In this case, it’s Antifa.

Videos and photos that have emerged from the event Wednesday all but solidify the theory that Antifa was actually behind the violent outburst at the Capitol building. It had all the hallmarks of the peaceful “Antifa” rather than Trump supporters.

Now, there’s even a video that proves Trump supporters not only recognized wolves among their flock but called them out and tried to stop them.

That sounds a whole heck of a lot more like Trump supporters than the narrative that they violently stormed the Capitol in an act of “insurrection.”

In the video you can hear Trump supporters yelling at “Antifa,” as thugs at the doors and windows of the Capitol attempt to break the glass. The crowd of Trump supporters sound incredibly angry as if they want the violence to stop.

At one point there is a clear effort from within the crowd to physically stop the thugs which is met by cheers. The attempt was obviously unsuccessful but the point is, this “siege on the Capitol” was perpetrated by Antifa, NOT Trump supporters.

Don’t count on the lying mainstream media to report on any of this.

In his tweet sharing the video, former New York City Police Chief Bernard Kerik noted that there are “plenty of these videos” showing Trump supporters standing up against the violence.

Since President Trump was sworn in back in 2017, the media has been dead-set on making him out to be a fascist dictator but it simply has never been true, is not true, and will never be true.

Not only is President Trump one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen, his supporters are peaceful, freedom-loving patriots who did NOT storm the Capitol.

Copyright 2020.


  1. there is no sane way that biden -a guy who could not draw flies if he was covered in honey-is somehow elected president
    anyone with a working brain knows that at least 20 million votes were diverted from trump to biden

  2. You people reallybelieve it was Antifa???? IF Antifa had been there they would have made their presence known in clothing and shouting and mixing it up with the Storm Troopers and the Hitler Youth!! You want a war?? You lost the ones in1865 and 1945 and you will lose another one also.

    • steve arnhold–you obviously raised your own dope–you-
      antifa did not want a fight with trump supporters –they had their orders–
      make it appear that the trumpers did this–when we all know–trumpers do not do these things but antifa is born to it-

  3. Love our president Donald Trump and it was all antifa and Black Lives Matter that caused the riot at the capital and it was definitely planned by the Democrats!!!’

  4. This President Donald J Trump has done so much good for America n all it’s people n the Democrats since day one when Trump stated he was going to run for President for him it’s been nothing less then a disgusting hunt to get him out of office nit continues today,they care less to do what should be done for the people of America n our Country,they have a vendetta completely on Trump n that’s what they ,the Democrats have been spending all our tax dollars on n have come up with NIL,THE TAX DOLLARS SPENT COULD HAVE MOST DEFINITELY SPENT FOR WAY MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES n now they want to invoke the 25 amendment to once again get rid of Trump n now the very sad part Pence fell apart when he could of shined for all Americans n many Republicans also aren’t doing the job they took an Oath to do ,they have in times that the President n the American people thought they would stand up for all our rights n most importantly the right to vote fair n square n they too have let us down many Republicans we voted for n saying that they the Presidents own Party completely let him down too!God help us all n that includes the Republicans that cowardly turned their backs on us,they too will definitely be effected by this fraudulent President Biden ,we have a very dangerous four years ahead of us all make no mistake about it!My mind is clear Donald JTrump was the greatest President in very many years n I know he will be back,The Lord has his back n we must continue to pray for him n family,Mr.President I’m very Proud of you n all that you have done in your time in office of the President of the United States of America,keep your head up high,we Love you n your Family,God Bless!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  5. I support him and pray for him because he has been the only force between us and the fall of our beautiful nation under the stronghold of communism and one world order. There are times that his words get him in trouble but compared to the character flaws of the left and their HATE, he is a saint.

  6. It could just as easy be Trump supporters
    yelling Antifa for the camera to place the blame elsewhere. I think more honest are those Trump supporters who have been identified and have said they felt an obligation to be there in response to Trump’s call for a March on Washington as one last attempts to rescue the election that he feels was stolen from him and they didn’t realize it would get that violet. Several have been identified and interviewed in my home state of Texas.

    I am an independent and generally vote Republican but more for the leadership style of a McCain, Kacik, Bush.

    • More honest? What are you a troll? I’ll bet you live near Austin don’t you Rudy. So willing to believe that a guy breaking a window and wearing a helmet like an antifa thug would have to be an imposter not antifa. This would have to be the only Trump rally where antifa didn’t show up. If you’re a follower of McCain, Kacik and Bush then you are no friend of Donald Trump and most likely a comrade in arms to those RHINOS. You have nothing in common with the people who can believe this was orchestrated by antifa for the benefit of the socialist agenda. Just an “independent” who now tows the socialist party line.

    • Rudy–you are a bit mixed up–mccain was a rino and a total unamerican twit-
      he killed more american sailors in viet nam than the cong did-almost sinking his own air craft carrier and then getting let off the hook because it would not have looked good-
      for the son and grandson of 2-admirals to be court marshalled and put away for 20 to
      thirty years at hard labor-so the navy covered up for him-and then they let him fly again and he immediately ef’d up and got himself shot down-and became a snitch for the commies-came home a —hero–not–
      and as a senator he was a bust-and certainly not presidential material–
      as for kacik and bush –as it turns out both rino’s-

  7. To some basic facts mean nothing, anyone who thinks the person who draws the bigest crowd is automatically the winner, does the same apply to a sports event, the team bringing the most supporters are automatically the winners. Now with 1000s of investigations by State and Federal law Enforcement and not one of the accusations proven correct in any way, now the people who write these articles refuse to mention that in any way. For to let on man make so many believe lies which are quite evident in the public eye, about the election with not one ounce of proof in any way that any court in the USA would accept, and Trump Court Appointees have proven that. courts do not investigate voter fraud the law enforcement does and being it was a Presidential Election it is the AG job which he did and said so, also saying there was no wide spread voter fraud, yet you refuse to believe someone who has nothing to gain over someone who has everything to gain.

    • Here’s some stuff your ministers of propaganda aren’t telling you.
      Sorry to burst you guys bubble but the “insurrection”, the “coup”, the “violent overthrow” of the US government has already taken place. Violence, rioting and sedition has been occurring since 2017 when you all lost your “hive mind” over Queen Hillary’s political demise. Then this year, culminating in the biggest crime against America since 9/11, when Democrats made it appear that Joe Biden won the election. Now, the government has been passed to the fascist, socialist thugs who have been attempting to overthrow the government for 4 years. You can cry all you want over the attempt to “occupy” the capital building which was nothing more than what has been done in the past and is still underway in Oregon by antifa and blm “peaceful protesters”. You guys are deluded if you don’t know you all are living in a socialist empire now. You brought it on yourselves.
      I’m glad I stumbled on to this nest of Democrats in denial about what’s going to become of their freedom. You know the DC and capital police fended off antifa and blm all summer without resorting (I believe) to live rounds and death. A few Trump supporters let loose and they shoot them down like dogs. Double standard? Harris is right but wrong about the cause and the victims. Antifa and blm are mostly white! How can this be motivated by racism? Joy Reid, what the fuck is wrong with you. antifa and blm can’t even have a riot without a bunch white people leading them and paying for it. That kid out in Wisconsin who shot a couple of antifa/blm thugs that were chasing him, didn’t shoot any black people. I don’t think you guys know what you’re talking about and should be fact checked regularly instead of being given a pass because you tow the party line. Chris Cuomo excused the rioters this year with, “…the pain that fuels the purpose” and Pelosi said, “People will do what they will do”. Pretty tame next to their universal condemnation of these “peaceful protesters” showing their pain and doing what Democrats routinely do.

      Pence double screwed us since he was the one who called in the police. He’s probably most of the reason they did what they did. By the way, did you know he also has a brother in the congress? Yeah, Dick Pence. Dick is a non-objector too. Anyone whose been to Columbus, Indiana knows why the Pence brothers did what they did this week. There’s just something “wrong” with that place. Cummins calls it home. They are one of those companies who fired the founder after they figured they didn’t need him anymore, he went on to invent the Jake Brake and had to get Jacobs Chuck Company to produce it. They are woke as hell and pretty much own Columbus. They’re welcome to try to dispute that, but its true. It’s just never sunk into me before but that explains a lot.

      Here’s proof positive of how effective the Democrats, Media and Social media have been with their propaganda. A “not Democrat” (whatever that means) the other day, was emboldened to pipe up on a predominantly conservative web site and declare Trump to be “the problem” (whatever that is). Despite the left’s attempts to kick him out of office at every opportunity he has managed to pull off middle east peace deals, Noble Peace Prize nominations, built many more miles of border wall, brokered at least something of a solution about what to do with immigrants from South America, built one of the greatest economies that “raised all boats” for many underrepresented Americans, managed to get a vaccine produced in record time which is already being implemented and even had time to play some golf while Biden hid out in his basement waiting for his henchmen to hand him his fraudulent election.
      I did a Google search and here’s the first four things that came up about Trumps Nobel peace prize, “Donald Trump seems to think he has already won the Nobel”, “Internet skewers Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Claim”, “Fareed: Trump thinks this is his path to a Nobel Prize”, “Trump’s possible Nobel Prize nomination mocked”. All from CNN. And that Fareed article, where he and Don Lemon impune Trump’s efforts to make peace with North Korea, It would be so great to see those two sewing uniforms for North Korean soldiers somewhere in an unheated building in Hyesan. Inspiring really. Maybe the party may find some similar work for them here. Won’t need that many propaganda spewers when cable is nationalized.
      Anyway thought you might be interested in knowing what was going on.

    • Sorry Robert its Greg Pence. I was letting my subconscious get the best of me since I feel he is a dick I guess.

    • Robert. It is the court’s job to look at the evidence, something they TOTALLY refused to do. The evidence is quite compelling to those with an open mind. The democrats themselves said in the beginning “no voter fraud”. Then as the evidence piled up they said “ there was a little voter fraud”. Then finally “there was voter fraud, but not enough to change the outcome of the election “. Which is it Robert? How can you defend these liars and schemers? You seem intelligent, let’s start seeing some real thinking coming out of you. Thanks

    • robert-stupid runs deep in your family genes -trump was set up by the deep state-
      and yes scotus should have heard the evidence that pertained to the way the states
      broke the constitution –but they were scared off or paid off -we may never know-
      A/G barr was surely a demo plant -having done almost nothing in his stint-
      if the aclu wasn’t in the pocket of g-s o r o s -this would have been a slam dunk for them
      to take to the scotus-
      until such time as a legitimate case is presented to the scotus -there is no proof either for election fraud but certainly no case proving that there was none either–
      and the illegal moves by the states concerning how they handled the illegal ballots
      because it was right out in the open for the entire world to see –
      corruption -pure and simple-the democrats are outright crooks-

    • Robert, how do you explain the 5% Biden edge in all of the thousands of Dominion and Hart voting machines across the country when all other manufacturers were statistically zero?

  8. Why are we allowing these comies to take our coumtry. God has been silent but I think there is so.ething big about to happen, and its not the left ruling us.

    • This is happening because of Liberal Judges, Pence buckled and many cowardly Republicans turn their backs on our Greatest President in a very long time but it’s going to bite them where it will hurt the most because they will also be effect by this Biden corrupt bunch of money hungry thieves !

  9. God is going get them all for their lies. Wait and see it’s coming real soon. All will be revealed and we will be celebrating!

    • AMEN,I BELIEVE IT TOO! God is still in control n on God’s time it will happen ,we must keep the faith n continue to pray n in our prays we must pray for the safety of President Trump n his family ,Lord We pray put the blood of Jesus all around President Trump n Family n keep him safe from all the enemies around him in Jesus name I pray,Amen,thanks be to God🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

    • We most definitely have a rough four years ahead of us all but keep the faith n continue to pray!❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  10. When the riots in the State Capital Happened, I immediately posted it was Antifa poised as Trump Supporters, and I have been Proved Right. Now is the Time for the Supreme Court To Get Involved in History, and Correct this Fiasco.

    • That’s a tuff one remember we have many liberal Judges n lots Judges in general fell it’s not up to the Supreme Court,I say we the people must be able to go to the last Judicial Court to voice our votes were compromised illegally n we were turned down without looking at our claims,this is truly unAmerican,this isn’t suppose to happen in America but it seems to me the corrupt liberals in every branch of government have taken over corruptibly, God help us all!🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  11. MOST Media is totaly BULL SHIT. America needs either a war with CHINA, RUSSIA or…or a CIVIL WAR where America has to fight to get America back from the Social Media, Corpoations and the corrupt politions.


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