The Military’s New Top Directive: In Every Decision, Consider Its Effect On LGBTQ People

(Tea Party PAC) – When Tucker Carlson slammed the Biden administration for feminizing our military and making us weaker, not stronger, he was certainly right. As you recall, Carlson faced a massive backlash from many military organizations over his comment proving just how corrupt and partisan even the armed forces have become.

Now, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is proving Carlson right even further. The Department of Defense sent out a memo commanding that the department prioritize those who identify as LGBTQ+ in its decision making processes, according to the top item in an email from the Navy and Marine Corps Daily Media Report.

The email states that on Feb. 4, 2021, President Biden issued a memorandum “directing all US departments and agencies that engage abroad or are involved in foreign aid, assistance, and development programs to undertake a number of actions related to promoting and protecting the human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) persons.”

The DOD falls under Biden’s new initiative since it operates abroad and is involved with foreign aid, assistance and development programs.

The email goes on to say that the DOD will pursue the “end of violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or sex characteristics,” it goes on to pledge in leading the way on “advancing the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons” globally.

The email continues on listing all the way the DOD plans to push the radical progressive agenda around the world including combatting foreign governments’ policies that criminalize or discriminate against LGBT people while engaging with governments that promote LGBT people and lifestyles.

The email also says the Biden admin will prioritize LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.

It further states that the DOD will take into consideration the funding for programs based on how LGBT friendly they are.

This is completely absurd. What the US military needs is to be focusing on our enemies foreign and domestic not making a mockery of our troops.

The reason people enroll in the armed forces is not to become more “woke,” it’s for the defense of the country and the protection of freedom and democracy around the world.

Biden is making a farce out of the DOD and the military. If people like Tucker Carlson don’t call it out, who will? What’s going on is an absolute disgrace.

LGBT people should be able to live however they see fit just like every other American. It’s time for the radical left to stop forcing the LGBT agenda and their immoral and dangerous lifestyles down our throats.

The LGBT community is quickly becoming the ruling class. They are virtually untouchable and no one is allowed to voice any kind of opposition to their lifestyles.

Most people in the US are perfectly content with the “live and let live” mentality but that seems to have been canceled by the rabid left. It’s no longer good enough to just mind your own business.

Now Americans are being forced into embracing lifestyles and ideologies that they are morally and/or religiously opposed to. Where has America gone?

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