The Next Threat On The Horizon

(PCC)Who is this new enemy of democracy? Inflation, a new Chinese weapon or perhaps a new super virus from the Wuhan laboratory? NO! it is (….wait for it) Ice Cream Trucks!

Biden has pledged the full force of the America government will fight to the last man is necessary to extinguish this open and hostile threat to the environment and democracy!

Read this! Ice cream truck owners in the bustling metropolis of New York City are bravely standing up against a troubling plan to outlaw ice cream truck to save the planet!

The next move of the government is forcing hardworking entrepreneurs into abandoning their traditional power sources in favor of eco-friendly alternatives like solar or electric generators or face fines and even confiscation! The proposal has been met with strong opposition from members of the ice cream truck community, who assert that it would have a detrimental effect on their livelihoods.

Ed Lachterman and his wife Carol, patriotic entrepreneurs and proud owners of an Ice Cream truck, have raised valid concerns regarding the practicality of implementing these newfangled technologies within our beloved city New York. They astutely observed the utilization of solar-powered trucks would prove to be unfeasible amidst the urban landscape, and the expenses associated with transitioning to alternative power sources, such as batteries, could potentially soar to astronomical heights.

Lachterman, a dedicated conservative activist and fellow Patriots have passionately denounced Biden’s reckless pursuit of a radical agenda which blatantly disregards the devastating consequences it would inflict upon hardworking small business owners and the fragile economy. He passionately contended that implementing a ban on traditional fuel-powered generators would undoubtedly result in devastating job losses and inflict severe damage upon the city’s thriving economic growth.

Patriots perceive this as yet another instance of the governments relentless attack on hardworking small business owners. The recent draft rules by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which would impose strict carbon emission reduction requirements on pizzerias with older ovens, serve as a clear example of the growing trend towards excessive environmental regulations.

The ice cream truck targeting is just another example of the radical agenda being pushed in our state. It is concerning to see New York leading the charge in banning natural gas connections in new buildings, a move that will undoubtedly harm businesses and drive them away. These stringent regulations are a clear overreach of government power and will have detrimental effects on our economy.

Final Word: Conservative activists contend the implementation of such measures will inflict dire consequences upon hardworking individuals and set a new model for nationwide crackdown and possible removal of Ice Cream truck from across America!


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