The NFL Does Virtue-Signaling About-Face On Kaepernick Kneeling Controversy

(Tea Party PAC) – Ah, how the mighty have fallen.

Or rather, the weak-spined waffling sports execs who never could make up their mind about whether or not to tank their entire enterprise over the actions of one uppity failed quarterback.

On Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement on behalf of the league admitting “we were wrong” about how they handled the anthem kneeling controversy the last time our nation was embroiled in a heated uproar about race.

This comes as widespread riots against racism in a nation where virtually everyone is adamantly opposed to racism have left our cities in flames.


“We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of black people,” Goodell said. “We, the National Football League, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.

“We, the National Football League, believe black lives matter. I personally protest with you and want to be part of the much-needed change in this country. Without black players, there would be no National Football League. And the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of black players, coaches, fans and staff.”

Yahoo News notes:

The stance is a stark contrast to the NFL’s response to player protests addressing police brutality and systematic oppression of black Americans. Colin Kaepernick set the tone for those protests that involved kneeling during the national anthem.

Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2016 as political pressure led by President Donald Trump condemned those protests, shifting the subject from black oppression and police brutality to a false narrative concerning the military and patriotism. The NFL has threatened in the past to impose fines on players who kneel and teams that permit kneeling.

Goodell’s statement arrives a day after several prominent black NFL players released a video addressing Floyd and other victims of police brutality while calling upon the NFL to say the words that Goodell spoke in Friday’s video.

The NFL retweeted the player video moments before releasing Goodell’s statement.

Goodell’s statement also comes after New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was brutally criticized for a statement on Wednesday that he will never disrespect the flag.

He was praised for taking such an important stand in such a divisive time.

Aaaaand then he buckled to the outrage mob and apologized. Several times.

The ironic thing is none of this is going to solve racism, and none of it is even going to please the outrage mobs.


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  4. Oh, good grief!!! Being attacked by dogs and fire hoses was done in the 1960’s; over 60 years AGO. We haven’t seen that for a long, long time. What I will not tolerate is burning down the city. All you have done is destroy the lives minorities who depended on those businesses. Wake up people. I saw, finally, on the news where this black attorney–BTW he is a far left liberal–took the rioters to task and said that blacks want law and order, not chaos. All of you idiots who want to de-fund the police? go ahead, do it and the next time you need help, call A.O.C. and the Squad., or maybe Antifa. Then you will see what happens. That evil, wicked mayor of Chicago is a prime example. Destroy the police and then says to the citizens not to use guns for self-defense. Where you get these people? have a good day.

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  6. I wish I could say goodbye again, but I never came back after Krapernick started kneeling in 2016. RIP NFL.

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  7. I find it interesting that all these company’s are supporting the rioters and looters and not the people who got hurt from the rioting in Los Angeles where we had the King riots 28 years ago more than half of the businesses that were burned down have not been rebuilt the same will happen in Minneapolis I have followed the Vikings since the 60’s and have purchased the NFL football package from direct tv if they want to kneel than they can take it in there pocketbooks as I will not watch or support any sponsors for the NFL that was why pappa johns left as being a sponsor and my family and friends all feel the same and if we got 15% of the fans to do the same we might be able to effect our own change

  8. Racism in this country has been going on to long!!How can one talk about respecting the flag,when injustice towards people of color has been ignored.people of color has made tremendous contribution to this country.Fought in wars,inventions that benefited mankind.we’ve done peaceful demonstrations,police had dogs to attack us, beaten by police billy clubs and fire hosed!!!Change is needed NOW!!

  9. Well this really sucks, just when the Raiders move to Las Vegas, and they might actually have a decent chance of making the playoffs, the NFL has to go and act a bunch of sissies and apologize for something that should not have happened in the first place. From now on my Sundays are reserved for the only 2 sports that real men participate in NASCAR and Hockey, you never see any of them kneeling during the National Anthem, not even the Canadian players, at least they have some class!!!

  10. Simply put: Apparently people are willing to push our Culture and History under cover because it does not suit them! or it is not Politically Correct.

    Well I have news for them: Kap and who ever knelt during the raising of the fag or the sing of the National Anthem should be the ones apologizing to this country. Let there be no mistake about it TAKING PRIDE, BEING PROUD, WHILE STAND STRAIGHT UP SALUTING OR PLACING YOUR RIGHT HAND OVER YOUR HEART SHOW ALLEGIANCE TO OUR COUNTRY and is part of our Heritage, or Culture, our Society our Costumes, and it is totally UNEXCEPTIONABLE to use if for anything else then that. It should never be used as a platform for anything other then showing allegiance to this country.

    If the NFL, Kap, or anyone else want to kneel as a protest to racialist injustice or anything else they need to find another platform or do it at half time. You can state it is not disrespectful to the Flag or the National Anthem all you want because that is nothing but HOT AIR. Because the next step will be not having the flag raising or the national anthem and that’s when the MONEY STOPS COMING TO YOU. Trust me!

    • How bout Goodell put his millions where his mouth is! NFL is mostly black players making millions. Do they condone rioting and looting and burning our cities? Speak up Roger! You sorry pos. You’ve already ruined football for patriotic Americans .

  11. I am done watching NfL….what turncoats….What they did to Drew as absolutely uncalled for everyone is entitled to his own opinion…what these guys have done to Drew is wrong and it is an embarrassment to football….you see how the US felt about the kneeling trick…he isn’t working is he…

  12. How sad and disappointed that an issue as important as equality and freedom has to be displayed to the extreme in America. To the Floyd family: My sincere sympathies and condolences. I hope justice will be done. And I pray for all his family.

  13. NFL is nothing but a leftist mouthpiece. Stopped watching it years ago. It hasn’t been football in long time with all commercials and other unnatural interruptions. Now you have to swallow all the political propaganda too?Forget about it. Sunday’s are much meaningful without the nfl. May it wither and die soon

  14. Ditto!!! I am a 77 year old woman who has been watching football since I was 10 yrs old ! My late husband and my son and grandsons played in youth leagues , high school, and college! I have become very disturbed in the last 5 to 10 years about the danger of brain damage caused by concussions in football players. I know there is no way to totally control concussions so I have begun to see the decline in interest in the sport. When you add the disgusting policy of supporting the unAmerican actions of many black professional players who decided to join Kaepernick and start disrespecting the Anthem and Flag of the USA in order to get their own way just gives more fuel to the distaste for professional football and basketball , particularly! Just because some of these men were blessed by God to have superior athletic abilities does not mean that they have superior ability to use reasoning power and comprehension of what our country and culture is about. The USA is not perfect but it it is the best culture in the world If you don’t agree or like the cloture in the USA then we will pay for your one way ticket to go live and try to obtain you goals in any country that will accept you! Good Luck! Football is dying and if you stay here you may have to use your brain instead of brawn! Wonder if you would like to live in Iran, China or how about Venezuela . Better be careful because they May have to take up cannibalism soon!

  15. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of in my 73 years of life. Who in their right mind would show such hatred and disrespect for the country that all of our ancestors fought for and many lost their lives so you and I could have the greatest country ever in the history of the world. I have followed Brees and the Saints ever since the team first formed however no more. I quit watching pro basketball years ago and now I’m going to give up on pro football. It’s just plain sickening to see the disrespect. Sports and politics should never be mixed!

  16. I totally agree with Gary. I support the Black’s fight against racial injustice but the NFL was wright in their original stance on kneeling. Political statements have NO place in a sporting event, and many Americans consider kneeling a disrespect of the greatest country in the world for many reasons. Blacks should understand that, and help solve this problem through constructive bipartisan efforts rather than force others to do something that they feel dishonors the entire country.

  17. There is no such thing as SYSTEMATIC RACISM. Systematic by its very definition means across the board, which it isn’t across the board. Yes, there is racism by virtue of there being human beings with an inerrant desire to do wrong. However it is in the extreme minority. As there are dirty cops within the Law Enforcement community, which i am a proud member of that community that takes his oath seriously. There are bad members of the medical profession, the biker community and so on and so on. Peaceful protest is a right provided by the US Constitution. However rioting, looting, assaults, destruction of private property are Against The Law and therefore Illegal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Rosa Parks stood up against segregation by remaining in her seat on the bus, however she did so with dignity and conviction NOT BY DESTROYING THE BUS BY VANDALISM. When we can protest with the conviction of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther king Jr but also with the dignity and respect of others then and only then will we begin to make progress. The NFL needs to grow a pair and develop some convictions Instead of kowtowing to the extreme minority. The needs of the many outweigh the illegal desires of the few.

  18. “Without black players there wouldn’t be an NFL”. WHAT PLANET IS THIS GUY LIVING ON?! Football was around long before any blacks played the game professionally or otherwise!!! Same with all sports. What a stupid and reverse discriminatory thing to say!!! Can they grovel any more to save their financial asses?!!!! What jerks! As far as I’m concerned all professional sports can disappear completely. They’re all a bunch of whiney overpaid snots anyway.

  19. Just started watching football last year again, so here we go again with disrespect, bye, bye nfl as I will not support anti American BS. This isn’t about BLM it’s politics against our President by desperate democratic tyrants who want to transform America into a socialist/communist nation. The Black Americans who support this nonsense will be the ones suffering from from lower salaries and lost opportunity to achieve success. Yes they are great athletes and it is sad to see they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  20. I haven’t watched these uneducated idiots in years. They are Communist lunatics and now the infamous gootdale is joining them WRONG MOVE for him to make. Good luck on your upcoming season. Maybe all of your sissies will get the virus. Here’s hoping they will. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR GREAT PRESIDENT AND FLAG. TO HELL WITH ALL THE MORONS IN THE nfl.

  21. I have given up on the NFL. After 75 years, I will not watch them again – and just when Tom Brady has come to the Bucs. Shame on you, Drew Brees. I thought you had courage. You should have retired before you disgraced yourself.
    They are turning the NFL into the old “negro league” just as they have the NBA. Maybe we need a reverse Rooney Rule in the NFL to allow some non-black players into the league.
    Wake up, America. A black thug being the victim of a white thug is not “institutional racism”. It’s a couple of bad people, It’s not emblematic of our country, and I am disgusted with all whites being racists and all blacks being saints whose lives “matter”. We have had a black president, black politicians and legislators, black billionaires, black executives, black doctors, and blacks who’ve succeeded in all areas of life.
    Tell us what you want? i suspect that what they want is what Eric Hoffer identified in The True Believer: ” What the oppressed really want is to be the oppressors”

  22. Yes I agree I have no problem with protest for a good reason those people with their fists in the air should be holding a U S FLAG praising the right to do so without rioting and burning fellow citizens

  23. My ancestors fought to end slavery under that flag!

    Disrespecting our flag disrespects them, and it disrespects us all.

  24. I agree there is a TIME, PLACE AND PROPER PROCESS for everything and TV sporting events are just that!, not political forums!
    Too bad the NFL isn’t as bad as they would like the fans to believe. They are just a bunch of weak spineless goofballs who don’t know how to make a decision or run a business. Good bye losers.

  25. In this day and age it seems the over payed actors and athletes want to become a voice for controversy. But they would be the first to cry foul if they were in need and law enforcement didn’t act fast enough. Sure George Floyd didn’t deserve the treatment he got and indeed some rules need to be in place, however, if you commit a crime and police arrest you don’t fight. You can’t get hurt if you don’t fight with them. But nobody goes to see a movie by someone who believes they are a self appointed do-it-all. No body goes to a sports arena to see overpaid athletes make political statements. Most sports fans are aware of what’s happening in America. They don’t need coddled rich kids to tell them. Let’s stop the crazy. Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020 and beyond!!

  26. What the players seem to forget is they are out there to entertain. If they want to be political spokesmen on their own time, I will join them in peaceful endeavors. However, if they conduct themselves on the field in a manner which displeases me as a fan or a consumer of NFL sponsored goods and services that is unacceptable. I will not make any decisions prior to the start of the season but I am on a very short fuse as I gave up on the NFL once and have no problem doing it again.

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  28. NFL . . . R.I.P. NEVER give in to the likes of Kaepernick and his FAILED Leftist ILK. Your NFL is COMPLETE GARBAGE and will NEVER be allowed in MY house again. What a SORRY bunch of Left Wing Losers

  29. I liked following the NFL all my life. I quit completely after players started to kneel during the Anthem. My choice. I will never follow them again. Sad day when the nation kowtows to violence and disrespect to further a cause that matters, but should be resolved in a manner that is as dignified as the issue.

    • Gary: I completely agree. I stopped watching when the kneeling started, but watched a few games last season. Never again. It’s sad that execs and fan kowtow to the disrespect generated by over-paid athletes who view themselves as slaves.


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