The Number Of Criminal Illegal Aliens, Including Murderers And Rapists, Released Into US Population By New York Will Make You Sick

(Tea Party PAC) – New York has had the eyes of the nation on them for the last few weeks as the ugly side of their bail reforms rear their ugly head.

They have a long history, however, of releasing criminals into the general population, including, as it is a sanctuary state, criminal illegal aliens.

The state has released over 7,500 criminal illegal aliens into communities just last year, including convicted murderers and sexual offenders, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has confirmed.

During a press conference on Friday, Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence revealed that, in 2019, law enforcement officers in the state of New York released approximately 7,516 criminal illegal aliens into the population in spite of criminal convictions and charges filed against them.

In every one of those cases, ICE agents asked that the criminal illegal aliens be turned over to their agency so they could be arrested and deported.

However, due to the state’s sanctuary status, they are all released.

This is highly disturbing!

Breitbart notes that “Albence said New York only turned over to ICE about ten criminal illegal aliens last year.”


What does it take to get kicked out of the country according to New York’s standards?

Altogether, these over 7,500 criminal illegal aliens released back into communities in the state had a total of 17,873 criminal convictions and 6,500 criminal charges filed against them.

This includes criminal aliens charged or convicted with:

• 200 homicides
• More than 1,000 sexual offenses
• More than 500 robberies
• More than 3,500 assaults
• More than 1,500 DUIs
• More than 1,000 weapons violations

“The only immigrants protected by such policies are those committing violent and dangerous offenses, often in the same communities that these politicians are purporting to protect,” Albence said during the press conference.

Breitbart concludes:

Albence also debunked sanctuary politicians’ claims that ICE can simply obtain a judicial warrant if they want a criminal illegal alien turned over to them. The issue, Albence said, is that it is impossible under federal law for a federal judge to grant a judicial warrant to ICE because it is not in their authority.

In the recent case of 92-year-old Maria Fuertes, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien on January 6 in a brutal attack and sexual assault, the suspect had been arrested by the New York Police Department (NYPD) two months prior. Despite ICE’s request that he be turned over to them, the NYPD released him from custody.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, the illegal alien charged in Fuertes’ murder, Reeaz Khan, had arrived in the United States in May 2016 on a B-2 tourist visa but never left — thus remaining in the country for three years as an illegal alien.

“These are preventable crimes, people, and more importantly, preventable victims,” Albence said.


  1. Looks like everyone needs to buy more protection, because the criminal aliens are out of jail and I would imagine, it will business as usual for these scum. They will be even more arrogant about the freedom to commit any kinds of crimes knowing they got a slap on the rust . President Trump must find a law to stop the “ Sanctuary cities” ! I am in Texas and we have our State Capital “ Austin” as a Sanctuary City. It disgusts me, because Texas is “ OVER RUN WITH ILLEGALS “ they aren’t even afraid of deportation .

  2. These maggots should all be sent to that little place in Cuba, by cargo ship, their governments notified to pick them up and handed a bill for their care

  3. Deport every damn last one of them including Muslims!!! I am sooo sick and tired of seeing them on Facebook!!! Enough is enough!!! Time to take our country back and get rid of these inhuman things as they shouldn’t even be considered people as they are all like a cancer that just keeps spreading!!! I’m also tired of Facebook always defending them!!! Get rid of Schiff and Pelosi and a few others too in Congress like the pact of 4!!!

  4. Why doesn’t our State Department refuse to is Visa documents to countries that fail to collect their citizens after their Visa expires. If we stopped issuing Visa travel to the U.S. for those countries whose citizens fail to return home…problem solved!!!!!!!!!I

    We need to demand our government do it’s job!!!

    Wake up America!!!

  5. The Voters Elect these POSs Who then turn The City/State into a S**tHole, so what do those Ignorant Voters do? They move to another City/State, and Vote for the Exact same POS Democrats and turn another City/State into a S**tHole and Move and Repeat. We are Doomed if these Morons don’t stop Voting for the same People!

  6. ICE has an option, using subpoenas to obtain info in those aliens, shame on those State and City politicians releasing those criminals in the general population. Our country has became the laughingstock when other nations look at us pitting against each other. Time to shake the barrel and discard those rotten apples in the political arena!

  7. There is only one way to reverse this & that is for all people affected by these criminal illegals must get together and hit the state of NY and ALL the stupid politicians that voted for this mess be hit with a massive class action lawsuit at the federal level. Hit them big in the pocket book and this will change fast.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you Perhaps if the victim is ever related to the Governor & or Mayor of NY THEN they will realize the wrong that they are committing…but even at that…I doubt it. They want “the votes”, no matter what it costs the public…

  8. You won’t see the Demofnrats do anything to get them out of the U.S …..YOU MUST BE KIDDING!!!!! BECAUSE THEY’RE THE “VOTERS“ PUTTING THESE SCUMBAGS IN OFFICE . Hell they’re not in the Governor’s or mayors neighborhood…. why SHOULD THEY give a damn- right !!!??? lol – NY’rs should vote these f’rs out – T H E Y D O N ‘T G I V E A D A M N ABOUT Y O U don’t you people get it !!! ? You’re not THAT stupid surely!! New York you’ve got a f’d up bunch of Lawmakers🤓🤪🤡 – YOU COULDN’T PAY ME ENOUGH $$$ to live in your sht hole city OR THE STATE OF KALIFORNIA – honestly – TURN IT AROUND- PUT REAL LIFE LEADERS IN – that means conservative Republicans- get informed- being UNinformed is dangerous

    • You hit the nail on the head. I love California but I will never choose to live there. The State Legislature’s are literally chasing people out of the State because their focus is on 2 things…appeasing illegal immigrants at all costs, and taxing the hell out of the citizens who live in the State…so that they can PAY for the ILLEGAL’S that they WANT to sneak into. Talk about screwed up? NY is virtually the same way. Their taxes are thru the roof and they coddle the ILLEGAL’S because the Black voters have finally woke up to the Democrats lies. Cuomo and Bloomberg can both KMA!

  9. That’s OAC’S city. She won’t do a damn thing. As a matter of fact, she probably laughing like she did when they were discussing the deaths of the American soldiers.

    • She can KMA too! She needs investigated and hopefully charged, recalled from office, prosecuted and locked up…

  10. If only they would victimize leftists….
    Then we could all rally around the leftist NY morons who are letting them back out on the pot-hole streets of New Yak!!!!!!

  11. NYPD and its politicians who participate in setting criminal illegal aliens are despicable! Sanctuary cities must be stopped! We must vote for politicians who respect the law and the Constitution, so stop voting for the left!!!!

  12. I hope those animals New York turned loose go after the families that the morons turned loose. I wouldn’t feel sorry for any of them in fact they’d deserve what they get. You stupid people in New York voted for these ingrates you get what you vote fore

  13. This is an outrage against all Americans and citizens who will have to suffer as a result of these idiotic liberals. It’s all about politics and failure of elected officials to actually care about their constituents. If the citizens of New York have any common sense they will show it at the polls to cast out the supporters of such evil.

  14. This is so disturbing …. NY residents should be speaking up !!! I live in NJ and this frustrates me to no end ….. If a US citizen committed these crimes they would be charged ..

  15. Every single American injured by these criminals should file a hefty lawsuit against the local authority that released these criminals.

  16. I’m missing something here…I have to be. Isn’t Mike Bloomberg from NYC? And he wants to be president? what does he think of his state being so proactive about releasing criminals to your already criminally crowded streets! Not that I will vote for him, but if he wants any Democratic votes, I would think he would keep these violent animals behind bars where they belong. Someone has to protect our people…elderly and not…we all need the protection that jail give us! This animal that killed this old lady, should be strung up and hung till he is dead!

    • And so should the idiot politicians who keep releasing the ILLEGAL’S! It’s all about the VOTE, folks. The politicians are looking down the road and are trying to stack the deck so to speak…votes in the future.

    • Unfortunately, you are not acquainted with the current situation. While most of us may not like Bloomberg and wouldn’t vote for him anyway, the truth is that mayor of NYC is Socialist Bill DeBlasio and the Governor of NY State is Andrew Cuomo. Bloomberg is the ex-mayor of NYC.


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