The Number Of Fake Driver’s Licenses Intercepted By Border Patrol At Louisville Mail Facility Will Blow Your Mind

(Tea Party PAC) – Illegal immigration is one of the most divisive topics here in the United States right now, and for good reason. It’s an issue that impacts almost every single American in some way or another. Whether it’s the loss of jobs to illegal aliens who are willing to work for next to nothing or the danger posed by criminals crossing the border and bringing their bad habits with them, illegal immigration is negatively affecting our communities.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents recently intercepted hundreds, yes you read that correctly, hundreds, of fake driver’s licenses at a Louisville mail facility. Just imagine how many of these are floating around all across the country? Terrifying, isn’t it?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

WKYT reported:

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Chicago Field Office intercepted a parcel in Louisville that contained hundreds of fake driver’s licenses.

A tweet by the CPB Chicago states the fraudulent ID’s were found at the Louisville mail facility.

In all, the package contained 238 fake driver’s licenses and 536 black card stocks.

In Louisville, a shipment was inspected at the Louisville Mail Facility. The parcel contained 238 counterfeit driver licenses and 536 blank card stocks.

The documents were turned over to CBP Fraudulent Document Analysis Unit (FDAU) for additional research.

Here are even more disturbing details about this discovery from WYMT:

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Chicago Field Office, which handles operations throughout most of the Midwest, seized six shipments from the Louisville airport containing 2,909 fake IDs and more than 3,000 blank card stocks.

Sister station WKYT reports a tweet by the CPB Chicago said the fake ID’s were found at the Louisville mail facility.

Investigators say one shipment was heading to a convicted child rapist in New York who reportedly uses the IDs and alcohol to entice minors.

Officers fear the other parcels may be linked to human smugglers or traffickers.

The items were turned over to the CBP Fraudulent Document Analysis Unit.

How terrifying is it to think that a child molester was going to receive a new identity and probably use that cover to continue his sexual perversion and end up hurting even more children? This is the kind of world that Democrats and their twisted ideology have helped to create.

The danger posed by criminal illegals is very real. We’ve seen countless stories of citizens being murdered by those who have crossed our border illegally, not to mention countless accidents that have been caused by these people. It’s time to stop all of the political correctness and actually do what is best for our nation, which means building the wall and enforcing the laws we have on the books.

This isn’t a racist measure. Not all people in Mexico are criminals and awful people. This is obvious. However, those who are willing to forego obeying our laws just to get into the country are already lawbreakers and criminals. It’s hard to trust these folks after such action is taken. We must be cautious and ensure that other kinds of unsavory individuals do not gain access to our country, like ISIS members or others who wish to do us harm.



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