The Number Of Folks Who Showed Up To A Biden Rally, Held In A Living Room, Is Proof He Needs To Drop From The Race

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President Joe Biden is the current frontrunner in the Democratic Party presidential primary, which you would think would mean that, in the age of Trump where every single leftist in the nation has their panties in a bunch, his political rallies would be packed to the gills with folks foaming at the mouth to rid the country of our current commander-in-chief.

Unfortunately for Crazy Uncle Joe, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, this poor guy can’t even get enough interested folks to attend a rally held in a living room. That’s right, folks, pictures have emerged showing the not-so-stellar turnout for an event Biden held in someone’s living room.

This is truly humiliating for Biden, but yet oh so delicious for the rest of us.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The first vote — the Iowa caucus – is less than one month away.

But Democrats are having a hard time this year. Besides all of their insane, job-killing, America-hating policies, they are also lacking in energy.

Here is a look at Joe Biden’s latest rally in Clinton, Iowa on Satuday.

Is is a funeral or a rally?

Via Olivia Nuzzi:

Waiting for John Kerry on this snowy evening in Clinton, Iowa.

There were 11 people in that room!

Lmao John Kerry begins his remarks by saying, “What a wonderful house! Is a ghost gonna come out here?”

“Do not succumb to the notion that it’s OK to have a favorite issue” and that’s what determines the way you vote in the caucuses, John Kerry says. He asks voters to vote for the whole candidate (Biden) that they want to be president instead.

This is a testament to just how lame the current pool of Democratic presidential candidates really is, don’t you think? When the frontrunner can’t pack out a small living room, you know things are dire.

In other words, while folks might show up to vote for Biden just so they can have someone with a pulse take on Trump, there’s no wind in their sails at all. Not a bit. There’s no drive, no furvor, to stop Trump and defeat him in the election that’s coming up in November of this year.

The left has all but given up the ghost. Biden, who will probably end up being the presidential nominee for the party, will go down in flames, spectacularly, especially during debates with Trump who will destroy him on national television and bring up every embarrassing thing the man has ever said over the last decade.

And there’s plenty of material to choose from, so that will be entertaining, but will only further demonstrate the Democratic Party is officially dead and out of touch with the average American.



  1. That’s typical of a democratic rally or townhall. Not very enthusiastic or excited about their candidates. Watching even 2 minutes of the “debates” is enough to put you to sleep.
    They still don’t have a platform other than to trash the President. Not exactly a winning proposal when President Trump gets thousands at his rallies. Often people spend hours waiting for the chance to enter the arena. Trump 2020 for sure.

    • I don’t know about you but even if I was a democrat I would not be showing up at any of these democratic rallies. There isn’t a decent candidate among them that I would vote for! Promising free stuff that we all know is not free because we will have to pay through taxes, promising to shut down oil production to save the planet so a lot of jobs will be lost and bashing Trump is not the way to win!

  2. Well done commentary, keep it up save this country from the pernicious radical Constitution hater Demorates. who are eroding this country…and will destory it from within, who needs to worry about the threat of Russia, China, Iran, when you have the Demorats destroying from within, House of Congress, Media controlled by globalist. and Demorates propaganda…and hate speech and perverted lies..

  3. Sitting here watching live PD and a black man is beating up an ATM because the balance in his account is not what he thought. When questioned by the police he said this is all Trumps doing because he has rigged the ATMs to take money from black people. The cop said how does the ATM know your black. He said you know trump he’s smart he knows how to do it. This is what the liberal mainstream media has done to this country.

    • This Black man must be Low IQ, how can this moron believe his own nonsense. Then again the State Control News Media have brainwashed the dummies who can’t think for themselves.

    • I have talked to quite a few African Americans who support Trump. They decided on their own because of the healthy economy and higher wages. They see right through the MSM and the racist/homophobe/misogynist/Russian line from the Dems and their lackeys.

      I guess when false promises and lies have been told to you and your ancestors for generations, you figure out what is real and what is smoke.

  4. The Dems are trying to come up with better plans but President Donald Trump has and is implementing the best plan for the success of our Nation!!! The Dems need to get on board or their party will become the party of the crazy!!!

  5. Yes, it’s not much of a rally. But in all fairness, as a former resident of Iowa, I remember that’s what the people of Iowa pride themselves on. It’s about meetings in someone’s home. The only ghost in that house was the spirit of former glory. The Democratic Party as I once knew it is dead. The socialists have taken over.

  6. Since John Kerry’s son was involved with Hunter Biden in the Ukraine, maybe Kerry is pushing for Biden to win so he can cover up what both families have been involved in. When the heat got hotter in Ukraine, Kerry’s son got out. There’s a lot to investigate there.

  7. where is the CASKET? Let’s BURY this Biden Presidential Nomination! . . . There’s more life in a FUNERAL procession. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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