The Purge Continues: Now PGA Is Lashing Out At Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club… What’s Next?

(Tea Party PAC) – Following a weekend of chillingly Orwellian moves on the part of our corporate progressive Big Tech overlords to silence and censor all conservative thought, the PGA has decided to get in on the action.

Let’s just pause for a moment to briefly recall the way corporate America responded to a movement this past summer that ultimately inspired the destruction of billions of dollars worth of private property, dozens of lost lives, and neighborhoods burned and looted in the name of “justice.”

They were falling over themselves to virtue signal their support of the far-left protesters who were clearly inspiring widespread chaos and violence.

Yet when Trump supporters are credited with an isolated incident of violence which was quelled in a matter of hours and have resulted in exactly zero subsequent riots or criminal acts, the president himself is banned from Big Tech outlets and his supporters stripped of a platform they built themselves to escape the censorship.

The Gateway Pundit recalls when, in 2015, Macy’s stores ditched Trump merchandise because the mainstream media decided to slander Trump with the first of a great many misreports on his words.

This was, of course, the famous claim that he derided all Mexicans as criminals and rapists when, in fact, anyone with even a five-minute attention span could find the video in which he distinctly said that some of the people illegally crossing our southern border were criminals and rapists.

But Macy’s was also the first of many jelly-spined corporations ready to turn on Trump in a dime because the most hysterical propagandists in our nation intimidated them into doing so.

Today, TGP notes, Macy’s is struggling to survive.

What’s to become of the PGA, who as done the same thing?

On Sunday, the golf organization announced it will be stripping Trump’s Bedminster Club from the 2022 PGA Championship after the events at Capitol Hill this week.

By the way, in case you’ve only been following the mainstream media and haven’t yet heard this, but Trump denounced the violence almost as soon as it took place.

He in no way, shape, or form incited violence.

But facts don’t matter anymore, do they?

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  1. Since I barely qualify as a hacker on the golf course I would never have been allowed to join the pga anyway. I guess I’ll have to confine any future desires to chase a little dimpled ball around to miniature golf.
    Full disclosure, I do own some golf clubs but I will NOT protest their silly actions by destroying those clubs, I might find some use for them in the future.

  2. I don’t think we can get to communism fast enough. When all of these companies, services and sports, etc. are nationalized and no one is allowed to have an opinion different from The Party we will all have the last laugh on these “woke”, virtue signaling CENSORED holes. Their last hurrah I guess. I will add PGA to my list too. I want to be sure to remember who to mock after it all comes down around their ears.

  3. Interesting. There are many corporate entities, Target, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, Starbucks, etc, who have decided to involve themselves in politics I don’t agree with. And add to that the professional sporting events whose members kneel or advertise on their uniforms political positions I do not agree with. I do not support them financially, shop at their stores, use their advertiser’s products, monitor their events on TV or radio. In essence I vote with my wallet. If they wanted to voice their 1sr Amendment opinions personally, off the field, the court, or the course Ok. If they would just shut up, and not involve themselves in politics, I may change my mind. Now I can add the PGA to the group I have no interest in. In essence, if I wanted an opinion from ANY entity whose sole purpose is to chase a ball around, I would talk to my dog.

  4. I love watching golf on TV but I’ll never watch one second of it for the rest of my life that the PGA has anything to do with it.

  5. The PGA can go ahead and cancel their contract with President Trump if they like, but they do need to remember the 74,000,000 people that voted for him that the PGA might lose a few watchers, not to mention the products they purchase every year.

  6. What is wrong with these people.. they are brain washed by the Dem. party… remember people it is DemaRATES so true… I was one, but woke up… Stop this nonsense on our President Trump… he is a good person and really cares about America and making it Great Again… the new evil people don’t give a dam about America or us… Wake up!!!!!

  7. I can’t believe this is crazy, and that’s for 2022 wow , well let’s see what Karma brings to them. People like that make me sick !!! I’m for President Trump and all he’s done for this ungrateful nation.!!!! I pray God watches over him and his family. That’s my reply to this nonsense.


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