The Secrets Of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Meticulously” Kept Diary Could Prove That He Was Actually Killed

(Tea Party PAC) – Recently deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein kept a “meticulously detailed” secret diary which contained dirty details of his rich and powerful friends, the Daily Mail reported.

The fact that such a thing exists is certainly explosive, but the reason why he kept it raises even more questions.

All told, we absolutely need to see this diary.

The Daily Mail explains:

‘All Jeff ever had he bought, including his friends,’ a source told the Mirror. ‘He used his wealth to buy buddies and then bestow his money on those he courted.’

The sourced added that Epstein ‘knew’ that being friends with rich and famous people ‘brought him protection’ and that was why he kept the detailed diary – ‘in case he ever needed it.’

Word of Epstein’s secret diary broke as the alleged victims of his sex trafficking and federal authorities said they intend to keep pursuing their cases against him, despite his death.

It has long been speculated that Epstein’s entire sex ring operation was used as a blackmail scheme to capture influence over some of the world’s most powerful people.

There had also been rumors circulating before Epstein’s death that he intended to flip on others, which increased already existing concerns that he might be “suicided.”

Can you think of any such case in which Epstein would need to employ an insurance policy like this more than when he is locked up, facing the rest of his life behind bars, all his dirty crimes exposed?

I can’t.

If such a diary exists, you’ve got to believe that it could be used against some of the most powerful and influential people in our country, maybe even the world.

It’s not hard to believe that there are many crooked elites who would go to great lengths to try to ensure that Epstein’s “insurance policy” would backfire.

It definitely didn’t help him this time.


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