The Supreme Court Just Weighed In On House Subpoena For Trump Financial Records; They Aren’t Going To Like This

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democratic Party has been non-stop attacking President Trump since the day he first took office, and every single thing they’ve attempted to do to him has failed. What’s even more miraculous is that Trump has not allowed these attacks, which are vicious, have not gotten in the way of him accomplishing much of his agenda for our country.

One of the areas the left has been harping on against the president is wanting to see his tax returns, which is not at all a requirement for running and/or being the commander-in-chief. The House tried to subpoena those records, but the Supreme Court has weighed in, and what they did is going to make liberal heads pop.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The Supreme Court late Monday blocked a House subpoena for President Trump’s financial records.

The Democrat-controlled House Oversight Committee in April issued a subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm Mazar’s USA for the last 7 years of Trump’s financial records.

The case got bounced around in the lower courts so Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow asked the US Supreme Court to put the case on hold while they prepare to appeal rulings from the lower courts.

Last week the Supremes issued a temporary stay of an appeals court ruling that previously granted House Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Committee access to President Trump’s financial records — a move that was expected by the Supreme Court pending their review.

Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday ordered a stay on the subpoena and gave Trump’s lawyers until December 5 to file their appeal.

However, if the Supreme Court agrees to hear the appeal, the hold on Trump’s financial records could last for several months.

NBC reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court late Monday blocked a House subpoena directing President Donald Trump’s accounting firm to turn over several years’ worth of financial documents, giving the president at least a temporary legal victory.

In a brief order, the court said the subpoena would remain on hold until the president’s lawyers file their appeal and the court acts on the case. The court gave his lawyers until Dec. 5 to file their appeal, a sign the justices intend to move quickly. But if the court agrees to hear the appeal, the stay would remain in effect for several more months.

In a separate case involving Trump’s tax returns, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in early October upheld a subpoena for Trump’s financial records to his accounting firm, Mazars USA.

President Trump’s lawyers hit back and filed an emergency appeal — a federal judge granted the president a stay and the case got bounced back to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

“We have filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn the Second Circuit decision regarding a subpoena issued by the New York County District Attorney,” Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow wrote. “The Second Circuit decision is wrong and should be reversed.”

To be clear, the President is fighting two separate efforts to obtain his tax returns. One brought by House Democrats and the other by Manhattan DA Cy Vance and Jay Sekulow has vowed to take both cases to the Supreme Court.

The temporary stay ordered by Chief Justice Roberts on Monday was in response to the House subpoena — the other case brought by Cy Vance is still pending.

The Constitution does not require that a presidential candidate or a sitting US president release their tax returns, however the Democrats have been gunning for the tax docs to continue their witch hunt against Trump.

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, it will make history as the first time a president’s financial dealings made their way to the highest court — if the Supreme Court declines to hear the case, then Trump will likely be forced to disclose his tax returns.

This is a great victory for the president, however, this just one battle among many, therefore, Trump and his administration need to keep on fighting back against the efforts of these radicals attempting to undo the will of the American people by having him tossed from office.

The fight to keep our voice in the election system is also under attack in the coup attempts against Trump. This is why so many conservatives are up in arms over all that’s going on right now in the nation. It’s not just about personal support for Trump. It’s about preserving our electoral system and preventing the left from cancelling the vote of middle America and allowing urban centers alone to determine the direction of our country.

Here’s to many more victories to come.



  1. THe dreadful Dems have nothing else they can get Trump on. I’d tell them that if I turn over my tax and bank statements they need to do the same. Pelosi said she wouldnt turn over hers? There is a starting point. Schiff, Pelosi,Swalwell,Nadler and other democrat randomly..

  2. The Dems have no more right to Trumps tax records than they have to mine or yours. The President is not compelled by any law to provide them. The fact that Shiftlosi and company need them to continue their seditious charade is not reason to supply them with ammunition.

  3. Are you kidding? I love it. The DEMONcRATS have been trying to get his tax returns since day one of his campaign. It’s none of their or my damn business. The law specifically specifies that tax returns are PRIVATE. What part of that don’t the DEMONcRATS understand?
    This is a ploy on their part to get his tax returns. They have no probable cause to even thing about asking for his tax returns.
    I predict SCOTUS will throw this “subpoena” in the trash, where it belongs.

    • I would prefer that they take the subpoenas and shove them in the mouths of Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler. And tell them to eat them. On live TV.

  4. A person’s personal/business records are off limits unless a crime is involved; dems don’t have it; I am sooooo tired of these people.

  5. Now the stay is nothing to crow about, it is only a 9 day stay to let the Trump lawyers explain their reasoning for not wanting Trump’s tax returns exposed to the people requesting them. I do think the same thing happened on the Census question and we see how that turned out.
    If there is nothing to hide like there has not been with formed Presidents who turned their taxes over to the public, where is the harm.

    • DO you understand the term, “probably cause”? The DEMONcRATS in the NYS Attorney General’s office have NO PROBABLE CAUSE to go after his tax returns. It is NOT a matter of “nothing to hide”. It is a matter of LAW.

    • HI Robert,
      Whether Trump has anything to hide or not the real question is what is the purpose of this request? If there is in fact any criminal activities to be investigated and pursued then that is the function of the IRS not a bunch of toilet treasures in congress. Are of this same opinion with the gal. from the IRS Lois Learner, a person who works on our tax dime, who hinted that she was involved in criminal activity by pleading the 5th before a congressional committee, getting immunity for her testimony, and then telling us, her boss, to go F ourselves that she wasn’t testifying no matter what. Do not be so gullible. Trump has right and protections and he should guard these with a passion. Make them use the lawful tools to get what they want. I have served in law enforcement for over 20 years and I would still demand that any officer who wants to search my home. my auto, or me, get a warrant.

    • Well it must be something Robert. Because the Supreme Court Justice who ruled on it this week,………………………………………………………………………………….. was Ruth Bader Ginsberg. And she ruled in President Trumps favor. The stay now holds until they hear the whole case. I suppose if the police show up at your location and demand entry without a warrant, you would just let them in to ransack your home. I’m sure they could find something in there that would violate the law. Something you wouldn’t even know about maybe. That is why you never allow anyone that you didn’t invite to enter your house. And as we know, the Dems on the House Committees are less honest than even the common thief.

  6. Absolutely not. If the constitution doesn’t say a President has to then no. He should be treated fairly. Seems like Pilosi and so many others have been against P. Trump since the beginning. They need to take a second look at themselves and no one has the right to judge someone else. The constitution would be great for democrate leaders if the tables were turned. I’m so sick of Pilosi. She needs to retire.

  7. Fantastic. Even though Trump has already said he would release the info, he also like to stick it to the left. It drives them crazy. That is quite a feet since they are already insane.


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