The Weird Reason Anthony Scaramucci Is Talking About Justin Trudeau’s Good Looks

(Tea Party PAC) – Remember Anthony Scaramucci, the mouthy one-time White House communications director who left after 11 days?

Well, he’s been trying to find any means possible to stay in the spotlight and, after going on cable news to defend the president failed to work, he quickly turned towards trying to undermine the president.

And for some reason, this involves going on about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s good looks.


Speaking with Yahoo Finance Canada at the Toronto Global Forum on Friday, “The Mooch” repeated his recently acquired list of grievances he has with the president, such as his Twitter habits and trade strategy with China.

He also repeated his speculation that Trump is in “severe mental decline” as well as highly insecure, which Scaramucci thinks has caused Trump to be intimidated by Canadian leadership (baaahahahahahaha).

“Trudeau is a good looking young guy and the president is like a fat blob, and looks disgusting,” Scaramucci said.

That’s some hard-hitting political commentary.

In a separate interview, Scaramucci also reiterated his stunning and unbelievable claim that the president will run out of steam for the 2020 race and bow out.

“I predict that there’s such severe mental decline going on that the most likely outcome here, and I think the proudest outcome, would be to say, ‘Okay, I did a great job and I’m going to retire at the end of the term,’” Scaramucci told CTV News.

“[His chances are] diminishing every day, thankfully, but there’s still a chance there because he’s the incumbent president, he has very ardent supporters, the economy is still strong. But I predict he won’t make it to that election,” he added.

Which election is he watching?

The president is known for his stamina and just spoke to a lively crowd in Fayetville, North Carolina for an hour and a half on Monday night.

He is the most energetic candidate in the race, and that includes some candidates who are half his age!

If Anthony Scaramucci is banking the future of his career in politics on his election predictions, he should probably make sure to keep his day job.

That is…if he even has one.

Remember, this is the man who was fired after a scant 11 days from the White House after a profanity-laced tirade he shared with a New Yorker reporter was published.

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