These Are The Players Who Must Be Charged In Deep State Coup On The President

(Tea Party PAC) – When the news broke over the weekend that the 675-day witch hunt into the President’s mythical collusion with Russia during the 2016 election was finally at an end with absolutely no evidence of any collusion, conspiracy, or coordination, there could only be so much celebration.

Because now we knew for certain that the entire thing had been a farce, and that those who thought up the whole scheme were still walking free.

Over the course of the Russia investigation, key evidence began to arise that the plot was hatched as a political attack on a man the Democrats’ couldn’t bear to see in the White House, and the rest is history.

A very dark black mark on our history.

The only way to rectify this now is to see the following individuals held accountable for their crimes:

John Brennan

Obama’s former CIA director initiated the whole plan. His hands are filthy in all this and his constant attacks on the President serve to highlight the active role he played in trying to have the President removed from office. t.

James Comey

Comey will not only go down as the worst FBI director in the history of the agency, he also signed the FISA warrants that were used to spy on Trump and his campaign.

Andrew McCabe

McCabe was the inside man on the FBI working towards the coup of the President.

James Clapper

Clapper blatantly lied in the course of promoting the Trump-Russia myth, which he’d had practice at after pushing the claims of Iraqi WMDs.

Sally Yates

Yates was a key part of the FISA application and lied to Congress about General Flynn’s supposed crimes.

Peter Strzok

Dirty FBI agent Strozk and his ex-lover Lisa Page discussed the “insurance plan” they had on Trump, whom they hated, and just so happened to be the lead agent on both Hillary’s email case and the beginning of the Trump-Russia campaign.

Lisa Page

Page betrayed in her text messages and emails that she was following directions to both make sure Clinton wasn’t indicted and that Trump was instead investigated and slandered.

Loretta Lynch

The infamous Phoenix tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton just days before Clinton was let off the hook for her obvious crimes makes no secret of Lynch’s corruption and the dirty role she played in the cover-up.

James Baker

Baker was the figure who handed over the phony Steele dossier to BuzzFeed to disseminate into the mainstream media and was the bagman to the FISA warrants that were based on the bunk dossier.

Christopher Steele

Steele is the ex-British asset who paid his buddies in Russia to line his Clinton-funded dossier with fake Russian gossip and who wrote the document which the entire conspiracy centers around.

Glenn Simpson

Simpson is the co-founder of GPS, the opposition research firm that served as the conduit for the DNC and Clinton campaign to craft the slanderous lies against the President.

Hillary Clinton

The Trump-Russia narrative began in her campaign, and she worked hard to perpetuate it after her stunning defeat in 2016. She openly blamed the Russians on more than one occasion for her loss.

Of course, you already know about her many crimes, which the Trump-Russia campaign also served as a cover-up for and distraction from.

Nellie and Bruce Ohr

Nellie worked as a double agent for both Brennan at the CIA and Fusion GPS to craft the phony dossier. Bruce was a top DOJ official who promoted it to the FBI and other outlets.

John McCain

McCain was so vehemently opposed to Trump that he and his staff also helped promote the fake dossier.

Susan Rice

Rice was privy to this entire dirty operation.

Samantha Powers

Obama’s UN Ambassador played a key role in the operation, politicizing intelligence and unmasking many American citizens.

Ben Rhodes

The novelist-turned-top White House Adviser also played a key role in the whole deal.

And finally, we come to…

Barack Obama

Obama was well aware of the whole operation and likely even orchestrated it, according to the Lisa Page emails and testimony.

The Department of Justice needs to launch a proper investigation into all these crooks forthwith. It can’t come soon enough.