Think The Deep State Is Just A Conspiracy Theory? Look Who Judge Sullivan Is Appointing To Thwart Flynn Case Dismissal

(Tea Party PAC) – When a lot of folks, particularly those on the left, hear someone talk about the Deep State, they immediately call that person a conspiracy theorist, which is just a form of shaming meant to silence someone from considering the possibility of alternatives to the official narrative. However, the truth is this whole Deep State thing is not a conspiracy theory any more. It’s a fact.

The existence of the Deep State has been well established by lots of evidence, but the information dumps from DNI Richard Grenell has revealed the plot to interfere with Trump’s presidential campaign and subsequent administration is very much real and being carried out by actors within the government, including folks at the FBI.

Still aren’t convinced? How about the fact that the judge overseeing former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s case is trying desperately to thwart the dismissal of the case, including appointing a Clinton-era judge to argue against the DOJ motion?

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

The judge overseeing the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn drew even more concerns and criticism Wednesday by appointing a retired Clinton-era judge to argue against Flynn’s DOJ-backed motion for his case to be dismissed and to explore a possible additional “perjury or contempt charges” against him for changing his plea.

“The Justice Department moved last week to drop the prosecution of Flynn launched by special counsel Robert Mueller, but U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan slammed the brakes on that effort by announcing Wednesday evening that he is appointing a former federal judge to argue against the government’s unusual bid to dismiss the case against an ally of President Donald Trump,” Politico reported.

Sullivan reportedly also directed retired New York federal judge John Gleeson “to recommend whether Flynn should face a criminal contempt charge for perjury — apparently for declaring under oath at two different court proceedings that he was guilty of lying to the FBI, before he reversed course in January and claimed he had never lied.”

Above: Judge Gleeson

This came only a day after Sullivan issued a highly “unusual” and controversial order opening Flynn’s case up for outside comment.

Why are these people so desperate to hang Flynn out to dry? Well, there’s a lot of reasons, but chief among them is the desire to stick to the plan and use him as one of many tools to try and take Trump down and out, especially before the November election. They are also not wanting to let this case be dismissed because they want to punish Flynn and everyone involved for releasing the information that exposed them to the world. It’s hard for the Deep State to carry out its plans if they are no longer a secret group of resistance “fighters.”

It’s tragic though that Flynn keeps on getting dragged around by liberals. These folks are willing to destroy a person’s life completely in order to get back at Trump and resume their mad grab for power and the transformation of America.

Combined, these moves have been perceived as a biased, partisan slap in the face to both the DOJ and Flynn, particularly given all the information that’s known about how Obama-era FBI officials had unethically lured Flynn into a perjury trap under false pretenses.

And given also all the information pertaining to how former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation team had coerced a guilty plea out of Flynn by threatening to prosecute his son over unrelated matters.

“It is a motion to dismiss with one of the most factual, affidavit-laden support in terms of the evidence behind it to support the application to dismiss,” Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro, a former court judge and district attorney, noted late Thursday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“It’s a ministerial move that this judge apparently doesn’t want to make,” Pirro continued, referring to Sullivan’s refusal to just dismiss the case, “so he has to bring in another judge, who by the way is a Clinton-appointed retired federal judge. This is not something that needs to be done.”

She added that the DOJ’s motion is backed by legions of evidence.

“There was no predicate for him to be investigated in the first place, he was told he didn’t need an attorney and then was denied effective assistance of counsel — all these wrongdoings done by the by the federal government and the FBI,” she said.

Actual people who work for the FBI, individuals who are supposed to be serving the public and defending constitutional rights, have schemed against the president by trying to set up individuals who work for him, hoping that if they fall hard enough, they’ll turn on him and work to provide them with material they can use to hang Trump out to dry.

Guys, these people are sick. They hate our country and are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy it and rebuild it as some sort of socialist “utopia,” caring little for the fact that such a thing does not exist, nor will it ever exist, because it violates the rules of reality and human nature.

We are living in crazy times.



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  2. If there is proof of other leftist lying to Congress why haven’t they been brought up on charges ! wTF is going on let’s get with it don’t wait for the Dems to win and make it go away prosecute all those layers now !

  3. Still waiting for prosecution of these criminals, including Obama. Can we play the race card: Do you want to let him off just because he’s black. Legal question I cannot get answered. California allows any drivers license holder to vote, then issues licenses to undocumented immigrants. Can Federal judge or AJ direct California governor or state official in charge of voting to produce documented procedures in place and working to prevent the illegal immigrants from voting, or else have the entire vote count thrown out because they cannot be certified as valid?

  4. The democrats for 2.5-3 years have held back Trump’s appointment of judges to the bench. Time for him to go ahead like he said. He needs to start using more of his executive power like Obama did.

  5. Why not say guilty so they can go to the Supreme Court. There has to be a way to have these corrupt judges disbarred. Sullivan and the judge from Stone’s case. He should go to the Supreme Court too. The corruption is so obvious. Obama is really grasping for straws now because he know the truth is coming out.

  6. If a person thinks that the “Deep State” is a “conspiracy theory” and their reading of recent history is limited or non-existant, then I suggest that they read the book, “Killing The Deep State–the fight to save President Trump”,Humanix Books, 2018. The reading of the facts, names and dates of the subject matter should make the “reader” stop,wonder and think !!

  7. Obama should see prosecution now. Graham is wrong for protecting him and this judge should be thrown out on his worthless ass. I am beyond sick of seeing what these so called elitists are doing to this country. Flynn was railroaded because he supports Donald Trump, as was Stone and all the others who were wrongly convicted in this despicable coup against not only the President but all of us who supported him. Justice better be served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wonder about Graham’s lack of action. But perhaps he needs to avoid bringing certain things into the open, into public knowledge because it would compromise all/part of Durham’s investigation and ultimate prosecution for whatever crime should be named (up to and including treason).

    • I believe Graham and McConnell are both involved with the deep state. We need to replace these old complacent republicans with new blood.

  8. Simple, the judge is trying to protect the sneaky guy involved in the railroading of Flynn, his God, and pile of poop Obama. This is the same pile of waste Judge that wanted Flynn charged with treason, after we lived through eight years of the most treasons administration in history. This judge is dirty, they need to dig into his ties with Obama and Obama’s goons. This is a sneaky rat, not a judge. This rat needs to be indicted, not worshipped for his corruption by our the propaganda news outlets.

  9. If “star chambers” ever existed in the first place, it’s about time they were resurrected and used against the Deep State on behalf of the country! If the Deep State actors are given a healthy dose of their own medicine, perhaps wiser heads will prevail and all this connected Marxist bullshit can be flushed from the bowels of those afflicted by it! One can only hope!

    • Michael:
      Happy Friday 🤓 and well said!
      For the flushing to be effective and complete, each must complete a series of CRANIAL COLON OSCOPY PROCEDURES depending on the depth the cranium is embedded in their colon!
      As prescribed, stool softeners are to be taken orally!

  10. This is great, now we have 2 judges on the deep state payroll. They need to be investigated, pull all of their financial records, I guarantee you will find money that they didn’t earn from their jobs. Follow the money and you will catch criminals!

    • Pull their phone records as well, lQQking for calls from whats his name . . . . Right former President Barrack Hussein Obama- and down the former chain of command!
      Perhaps Judge-? Sullivan was promised to be on the Supreme Court . . . “Pure speculation”


  12. Sullivan should be thrown off the bench immediately. Another Deep State DEMORAT. He should be investigated for taking bribes (perhaps he did or didn’t). Let him see what it feels like to be accused & arrested for something he didn’t (perhaps) do.

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