This Meteorologist Schools AOC After Tornado Scare: “It’s Just The Weather”

(Tea Party PAC) – If the girl wasn’t always decked out in designer clothes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could have surely found her calling on the streets of New York City holding cardboard signs with scrawled messages of climate gloom and doom. Or, perhaps, a conspiracy theorist who contorts the laws of math and physics to peddle the latest flat-earth theory on YouTube.

For a paranoid dingbat like AOC, the opportunities are endless. Unfortunately for us, she went into politics.

Oh well, might as well have a few laughs before global warming kills us all, and her foibles are certainly an infinite resource for them.

When the Washington D.C. area was hit with a tornado warning on Thursday, the freshman Dem figured it was surely a sign that her 12-year climate doomsday clock was ticking fast.

Until, that is, a meteorologist fact-checked her:

Several areas along the east coast received warnings of intense thunderstorms, damaging winds, and tornadoes on Thursday. While D.C. didn’t end up with any tornadoes (better luck next time?) the area was hit with heavy rainfall and high winds. Just enough big, scary stuff from the sky to send AOC into a downright tizzy.

“Different parts of the country deal with different climate issues,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a ”story” which lasts for 24 hours on an Instagram user’s profile before disappearing. “But ALL of these threats will be increasing in intensity as climate crisis grows and we fail to act appropriately. #GreenNewDeal.

Yup, every passing raindrop or gust of wind will forever remind us of the blissful utopia that could have been ours had we gone along with AOC’s plan for feeding the welfare state behemoth and converting to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within ten years.

Thankfully, meteorologist Ryan Maue was there to help AOC understand this very difficult concept of “weather”.

Then, in the infamous AOC Backpedal/Doubledown, her specialty, Cortez apparently discovered Google and learned a little bit about how tornadoes work and the fact that they are not easily linked to manmade global warming.

That was the backpedal. For the doubledown, AOC contended that “we DO know for sure that tornadoes HAVE been changing” and cited a PBS article claiming that tornadoes are “sliding into the Midwest and Southeast.”

It’s a shame that the girl is only interested in “epic” social media posts and clapbacks. If she took a moment to do just a little more Googling, she might actually learn something.

For example, she might have learned that the claim of her PBS article is based on a 2018 study that did not pin eastward-shifting tornadoes on global warming, or the fact that researchers have long noted the complications of trying to study long-term tornado trends.

“The reporting has been susceptible to changes in population density, modifications to reporting procedures and training, the introduction of video and social media, and so on,” reads the 2017 National Climate Assessment (NCA). “These have led to systematic, non-meteorological biases in the long-term data record.”

So much for the “settled science” behind AOC’s doomsday theories. We’d get more reliable interpretation of meteorological data from Punxsutawney Phil.