This Video Of What Happened To A Father Walking With His Daughter In De Blasio’s NYC Speaks Volumes About His Failed Leadership

(Tea Party PAC) – The world we live in right now is an absolute mess, especially in sprawling urban centers like New York City, which are under left-wing leadership and have been for long stretches of time. You can see first hand what kind of impact failed progressive policies will have on our entire nation by taking a glimpse at de Blasio’s city.

A great case in point is a new video that is spreading like wildfire on the Internet that shows the moment a man was shot dead in the streets of New York while walking with his six-year-old daughter. This garbage is being allowed to go on because resources are being sucked away from police officers and law enforcement departments to appease the miscreants in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Folks, this kind of scene will become extremely common place if cops are defunded and fewer officers are able to patrol the streets. Is this what we want for the future of America?

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Video has emerged showing a father get shot dead while walking his six-year-old daughter across the street in the Bronx just before 6 p.m. Sunday.

The video, released by NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison, shows the father and daughter walking hand-in-hand when a car pulls up and arm extends out the passenger’s window, gun in hand.


The father then collapses to the ground, indicating that he has been shot. The six-year-old daughter can be seen running for her life after he father goes down.

On July 6, NBC News investigative reporter Tom Winter noted that “[there has] been a 204% increase in…[NYC] shooting victims over the past 28 days compared to last year.” with 717 shooting victims on the year.

Can you imagine the horror of that poor little girl who just witnessed her daddy shot to death right in front of her? These animals, and yes, criminals like this, regardless of their skin color, are animals, didn’t even care to kill this dude right in front of his kid. That tells you the kind of evil, wicked people who are out there on the streets, who will be given free reign to carry out their heinous deeds with little to no fear if police are defunded or abolished.

On June 29, 2020, Breitbart News reported that more than 110 people had been shot in NYC over the course of nine days. The 110-plus victims were wounded or killed in 83 different shootings that occurred during that nine-day period, 1010WINS reported.

The real question is why in the world Mayor de Blasio isn’t more concerned with getting his chaotic city under control and bringing down the murder rate so people can live in peace? Probably because he’s more worried about appeasing the progressive overlords at the top of the Democratic Party than he is in helping the citizens who live terrified of shooters like this every day.

Instead of doing his job to make the streets safer, he’d rather give in to bratty protesters in order to look good for the Democrats and help his party out for November. Politics can be massively disgusting at times. This is one of those moments right here, frozen in time, for all to see.



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  6. We all know what happening in NYC, the real question is what are the people going to do about it? That’s a city and state problem. The city mayor and state governor are responsible for their city and state. If you notice most, if all of the shooting and killing are in the poor black neighborhoods. If they were in the rich white neighborhoods the governor would have called in the State National Guard on the first day. Let’s not forget that the state governor and the city mayor both have 24hr armed guards around them. If the city and the state are safe why do these clowns need this kind of protection?

    • It happens in the poor communities because that’s where the crime is and the mayors and governor apparently are content in letting them kill one another as long as the violence doesn’t reach their neighborhoods. If the people of these cities and NY put these Democrats in power then they know what to expect, their not hiding what they plan on doing, defund police, what do they think is going to happen, Anybody anywhere who calls for defund police is lunacy and knows the result. For now it’s just a political narrative that will eventually go nowhere. Sometimes I think the mayors and governors aren’t truly voted in anymore, it’s outside influence, Soros controls a lot of appointees with massive spending, putting in power the people he wants, the ones that will destroy America sooner rather than later. Soros is one person who absolutely must be banned from the U.S. as he is banned from 6 other countries including his home country for his meddling in politics.

  7. NYC is composed of five separate boroughs, each of them has a population greater than most metropolitan cities in America.
    Society on the urban level and society on the Middle Class America level are two very different realities. You may have noticed the man walking with his daughter on a not too well maintained street. That is urban America.
    The Mayor cannot change that. The greater American culture that the Mayor supports will not change that.

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  9. Instead of doing his job to make the streets safer, he’d rather give in to bratty protesters in order to look good for the Democrats and help his party out for November.

    Yup…keep trying to look “good” while parents are shot to death right in front of their kids. Bang-up job, de Blowhard !!

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  12. I agree with all you folks. completely. Now let me add one thing: what the LORD said in II Chronicles 7:14. “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” He was talking to HIS people, not all the people. He gave us a job to do. Nowhere does the Bible say we can’t defend ourselves; we have the 2nd amendment, and the libtards (oops, did I say that?) are not running everything just yet. But we need to do right and depend on the One Who is in charge of EVERYTHING, including the evil crazies, and the good people too. Prayer makes the difference. So get with it. I forget who said it “Trust God, and keep your powder dry!”

  13. I totally agree with you. Instead of citizens cowering in their homes, they need to come out fighting these lawless criminals! It’s more than time that we protect the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren, because if we don’t they will perish right along with our country!
    I don’t want to kill anyone but, my life, the lives of my loved ones, my property and my country are much more important than these criminal outlaws! It’s because of them, that I am armed everytime that I have to go out and have resigned myself to the fact that at one point, I may have to end someone’s life!

  14. Gitmo is too crowded. We should build a camp in Death Valley. Terrorists get no time off for any reason.

  15. This what happens and will continue to happen under Democrat Leadership! American Citizens are cowering in their homes while they are continually attacked by loud mouthed criminal mobs that threaten them, their loved ones and their property. De Blasio is a moron, he and Cuomo are criminals themselves for condoning and supporting these Anti-American Organizations. Earlier today, I watched a video of a BLM Spokesperson instructing rioters on how to break auto windshields and windows, cutting seat belts and dragging passengers out of their vehicles and beating them up. She was encouraging violence against innocent citizens, so how can anyone describe these animals as ” Peaceful Demonstrators “? Forget the put up Gun Laws, arm yourself and learn how to use your weapon. There’s an old saying that really applies in our country today, ” It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six “! If our government won’t protect us, that responsibility falls to us. If you use your weapon to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property, shoot to kill, forget about wounding them!

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  17. I grow up in Newark NJ in the 50s and 60s what a great place it was. We didn’t even lock our doors. Everybody looked out for each other. Them days have gone by. My group is
    going to be called the Crackers,,, and WHITE LIVE’S WILL MATTER …all this bull shits going to end ,, If you want to do something about it TOO !! send mail MIKE

    • Hi Mike. I was born and raised on Long Island and my neighborhood was exactly as you described yours. I left New York back in 1975 and never returned other than for serious family occasions and now, I’m glad that I did! I have friends and relatives that are still living on Long Island and without exception, they are all talking about getting the hell out. Every time I speak to them or, comment online I advise people to get a firearm, learn how to use it and don’t hesitate to use it if they are attacked by these ” PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS “!

  18. I wake up every morning hoping things will get better and our government will get some courage and stop all this lawlessness. Then I see a video of an innocent father walking with his daughter and a demonic thug shoots him in broad daylight and I think to myself that this must stop now and we must put as much pressure on Washington as we can for them to get some spine. If not we will take back our streets and set things right. They BLM, Antifa, and the extreme left are pushing us to the brink!

    • I’m worried we will have to shoot and kill many a young disturbed mind. I would hope it does not come to that, but young people don’t push easy and they will fight back, and violence is all that the younger generation understands.


    • Hello Donald. The way things are going, it’s going to be the American Citizens themselves that will have to defend themselves, their loved ones and their property! The Democrats are condoning and supporting the criminal acts committed by ANTIFA and the BLM. They are trying their best to destroy our country and everything that it stands for! Donald Trump, I really believe is trying to make our country better for all of us but, the Democrats led by George Soros, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the Clintons (the entire family), Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the rest of the crooked, thieving and treasonous Democrats are doing their best to block every move that he makes. If it comes to a fight, the left and those young snot noses that are trying to destroy our country, will learn a very hard lesson about American Patriotism! Stay Well…

  19. I just don’t understand how liberal socialists could support the criminals. What kind of mind could encourage such cruelty? Liberalism is without a doubt a mental disorder.

  20. This despicable Mayor is as guilty as all the innocent people shot and killed in his city that he has allowed to decay into a city of Hell. Throw his worthless ass out in the street.

    • him and coumo are part of the deep state or new world order trying to take Trump down anyway they can no matter what the cost is. Whether its innocent life, looting, rioting, destruction of personal property, fighting with the police, its all designed by the DEMOCRATS to take Trump down. Bring in simple dimwit biden and let obama run the country from behind the curtain like OZ! This is all designed to fall into place all at once on Trumps shoulders just before the election. Just look at what these democrats have done to our country. These are the people that the new NFAC, from Atlanta Ga should go visit.

  21. How awful our great country has become. To shoot a Dad that is walking with his small daughter holding her hand and he is shot & killed. Prayers for this family and this baby that witnessed her Dad’s death.

  22. So, liberals, are you learning anything? Maybe you truly should consider electing a republican mayor and governor. The true definition to insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different outcome.

  23. Deblasio is a no balls man who comes to work everyday with his wife’s balls and her panties around his neck that is why he can’t make any wise discions he should be tried for treason and if found guilty carry out the sentence that is appropriate for the crime.he made al his billions screwing all other citizens of the USA and other country’s .

  24. Go ahead Dumbo mayor, blame it on the Chinese virus. Hope the people of NY vote you out (I left NY) and finally wake up to your stupidity. That and many more deaths are on your hands.

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  26. People , the time is coming when we will have to take care of all this. You know, it makes me sad to see what we have become. This makes no sense. The devil is at work. We are getting close to end times.

    • Tom, I read your note tonight and it says what I have been saying for a long
      time. The Devil has brought himself into our society without any shame or
      cover. I, too, believe that the end times are near because God’s heart is breaking and he cannot look on this sin anymore. We have to rise up and eliminate this
      blatant evil. Pray for God to guide us on this journey.


  27. Mayor de Biasio should be held responsible for these shootings. Maybe he is hopping he
    will be a vice-president pick

  28. Unless it was a white police officer shooting the black man, then this black life didn’t matter. Isn’t that the new rule?

  29. Lock, Load, AIM and FIRE! . . . And PROSECUTE the surviving criminals with the STIFFEST Federal Prison sentences (with Hard LABOR – aka “chain gangs”). And BRING BACK PUBLIC hangings to those who have committed MURDER – NO exceptions. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020


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