Three Police Officers From NYC Poisoned By Beverages From Shake Shack; Was It Intentional Or Just An Accident? Here’s What We Know So Far.

(Tea Party PAC) – When a group of individuals, or just an individual on their own, decides to take violent measures that endanger the lives of others as part of a plan to bring about political change or to express a political belief or thought, that is an act of terrorism. Period.

Folks who are currently burning their cities to the ground, rioting and looting, all in the name of George Floyd, pretending this is all about racial equality and stopping police brutality, are in reality nothing more than the US version of radical Islamic terrorism. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. When you use violence to push a political agenda it’s terrorism. Especially when you are part of a country where you already have the freedom to speak out against injustice that makes violence unnecessary.

A great example of this comes from what happened to three New York detectives who stopped at a Shake Shack and ended up getting poisoned.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Three New York City police detectives were poisoned tonight at a Shake Shack at 200 Broadway in Manhattan.

The left is killing our police officers.


Tonight, three of our fellow officers were intentionally poisoned by one or more workers at the Shake Shack at 200 Broadway in Manhattan. Fortunately, they were not seriously harmed. Please see the safety alert⤵️

— Detectives’ Endowment Association (@NYCPDDEA) June 16, 2020
The detectives believe bleach was put in their drinks!

Pix11 reported:

The officers were hospitalized after drinking the beverages from a Shake Shack near Broadway and Fulton on Monday and are expected to recover, PBA President Pat Lynch said.

“All PBA members are advised to carefully inspect any prepared food item they purchase while on duty for possible contamination,” Lynch said. “Whenever possible, take meals in groups of two or more, and remain vigilant for the duration of the meal period.”

The substance in the drinks is believed to be bleach, Lynch said.

The Detectives’ Endowment Association tweeted that the officers were “intentionally poisoned.”

This is absolutely disgusting. No excuse to behave this way and put others in harm’s way to make a political statement.

Of course, folks are saying this is an accident. It wasn’t intentional, but somehow, bleach just happened to find its way inside the drinks of three cops? Does the left-wing media and the folks who supposedly investigated this thing think we are really that stupid?

Check out this from a local NY CBS affiliate:

The NYPD found no criminality after officers became sick at a Shake Shack in downtown Manhattan, Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison tweeted early Tuesday.

Sources told CBS2 it appears the incident was accidental, possibly the result of cleaning solution that wasn’t properly removed from the shake machine.

Three officers became sick Monday after drinking shakes from the restaurant located at Broadway and Fulton Street.

Police initially suspected an employee may have contaminated the shakes with bleach.

Why would the NYPD lie about this you ask? Maybe they were told to from on high. Perhaps the higher ups fear that this being revealed as an intentional poisoning might end up causing tensions to explode in the city and things get worse than they already are.

There are a million reasons. It’s totally possible this really was an accident. If that’s the case, then those responsible still need to be held accountable for what happened. There’s no excuse for something like this happening. The fact that only three cops were made ill is suspicious, no matter what the media says.

Guess we’ll never know at this point.



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  2. The USA needs Police Officers who protect and serve the public.
    What the USA does not need is a corrupt Government who corrupts the leadership and rank and file of the Police Dept.
    How do you separate them, check their records and fire all who commit violent acts against the public?
    Then fire all the corrupt leadership and union officials who protect these beast.

  3. It would seem that the entire NYPD should BOYCOTT and call for others to boycott Shake Shack and perhaps even sue them. That’s what any other person would do.

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  4. It was put in their shakes, by a liberal democrat antifa demon from hell, did any one else get poisoned? no just the police officers, proves it was deliberate.

  5. The NY dept. of Health needs to shut down this restaurant and thoroughly investigate cleaning methods. All staff should be retrained.
    If it was truly an accident, any customer could be poisoned.
    If it was intentional, that is inexcusable and they should be permanently closed.
    In the meantime, boycott this location.

  6. I suppose it is possible that employees were cleaning the machine with bleach and did not rinse it thoroughly and the officers just “happened” to be the first customers after the cleaning. However, it does look very suspicious. Certainly needs more thorough investigation. I hope the truth comes out and if this was intentional the perpetrators and caught and receive punishment. However, this happened in New York, so I doubt the perpetrators will receive any punishment of any type – it is even possible they won’t even be directed.
    Got news for some people – all lives matter – even the lives of the police officers. That’s not a racist statement – it’s a statement of fact. Saying Black Lives Matter – when they really mean ONLY black lives matter is a racist statement.

  7. Were there any others poisoned by the same Shake Shack? Strange that no one else received the tainted shake. Or maybe it just didn’t make the news. Guess I won’t be going to Shake Shack anywhere.

  8. What’s happening in this beautiful Country! The Left wants to govern! Look what’s happening in Seattle, the left is ruining the place cause they don’t want Police in sight! No protection at all!

  9. This is an outrage. Hope the officers prosecute. Furthermore, the officers have a good case personal injury based on food poisoning/contamination. Sue. Get a good personal injury lawyer and sue the establishment. They should be shut down.

  10. Did any other patrons get sick? If not, very questionable that this was an accident. Hopefully our wonderful officers recover without any lasting problems. This should be investigated fully and whoever did this whether intentionally or accidentally must be held accountable.

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