Tom Fitton Drops Bomb: “If Anybody Goes On Trial In The Senate It Should Be Adam Schiff And His Cohorts”

(Tea Party PAC) – What’s particularly ironic about the Democrats’ push for impeachment is that, as they hurl vague and unfounded accusations against the president, their own wrongdoing grows increasingly more transparent.

It’s like they’re walking around with egg on their face and can’t even tell that we know!

The Democrats are led by a bunch of crooks who have no problem spying illegally on American citizens to trump up false accusations that they only need to feed to the mainstream media before they’re able to convince millions of Americans that the emperor is wearing clothing.

Only…it’s starting to fail.

They’ve taken their ability to control the narrative for granted, and they’re losing control.

Even with the help of their stenographers in the media, who are happy to ignore all the evidence of Deep State meddling in the Trump Campaign and to bolster the narratives of the coup plotters, these people are no longer able to convince Americans.

No one believes the garbage impeachment narrative.

No one cares that Trump is being impeached.

He’ll be reelected anyway.

His ratings haven’t even dropped!

There is, however, one person involved in the whole impeachment process against whom there is damning evidence.

Adam Schiff.

This week, Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton joined Gregg Jarrett on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the latest of the Democrats’ absurd impeachment efforts.

Fitton explained that as long as the House is controlled by these treasonous crooks (our words), Trump will continue to be assaulted.

Tom Fitton: The question is, is there going to be any penalty for this wild abuse of power? This coup, which is now being directed at the senate? And if I were the senate, rather than put the president through an abusive trial, I would have some kind of preliminary hearing Gregg, where the prosecutorial misconduct, the abuse of power is at issue before the select committee of the senate and investigates what Schiff did and investigates the other abuses of the coup cabal so that there is a report for the senate and they can decide whether to let this trial even get out of the gate. I don’t think there should be a full blown trial. If anybody goes on trial in the senate it should be Adam Schiff and his cohorts.


  1. The actual charges carried forward by the house are:
    Impeachment Article 1. Trump won the 2016 vote
    Impeachment Article 2. Trump will win the 2020 vote

    For the 2016 election, Trump had to find and vanquish a witch
    For the 2020 election, Trump will have to vanquish a second witch!

  2. This Schiff guy should be handcuffed and a muzzle over his mouth so he can no longer spread lies.Night after night I watch Fox News and these pompous jerks along with the press get away with these lies. When is someone going to pay the price for all they have done to handicap President Trump. I have never ever heard our Presidents be called the names President Trump has been called, thank god he was elected president. Hillary would have finished off what Obama started this country would have become crippled with her in charge. They can try everything they want to destroy President Trump, but the Christians voted him in and God is giving him the strength to continue on, they will not defeat him. He is for Israel, God is for Israel, He is against abortation,God is against abortation, they will loose every battle against President Trump, God is in control.

  3. The law needs to changed so that Politicians are under oath 100% of the time. Including when they are running for office.
    The idea that a member of Congress can lie and be immune to any criminal prosecution is rediculous.
    The people we place a huge amount of trust in actually have passed laws protect them from having to obey laws that everyone else must abide by.
    And Yes, the Senate should investigate This entire Impeachment to determine any wrongdoing in the process and to get the dishonest participants on record.
    And if that committee finds that the process was unconstitutional and/or was, in effect, a coup or that their case does not have enough supporting evidence to justify a trial, they should dismiss the case.
    And to the extent that prosecutions can brought against the Politicians it has to be done.
    But, we’ll see what happens.

  4. Why is it that there are any lies anywhere? Here you see it day after day after day by all involved per sae the Dimms and their news media…….No-one in government nor the news media should be able to lie and get away with it. It should be a given “law” with severe consequences for lying to the public – – to us Americans whom they are servants to. We do not deserve to be lied to nor should we, America, allow any lying at all. They should all be held accountable and brought to justice.

    • To whom and for what? Regardless of what your other views might be, if you can’t see the ‘onesidedness’ and abuse of power in his conduct of the hearings, you have a serious problem, it’s called ‘willfull blindness’!

    • He maybe a hero to losers like you bruce but he’s a real full pledge criminal to responsible folks .
      Is that a fair statement bruce ?

  5. The Hell with a Trial in the Senate for Schiff. Put him on Trial in Federal Court for his crimes, and make sure it is a conservative judge.

  6. The only satisfaction that I have is that I know that God is in control and I pray that one day they will get their trial with God and I believe what my BIBLE says so I know that God doesn’t have any hate in Heaven. I say this because we have a one-sided justice.

  7. It seems to me that the methods used to gather information on Trump, which have proven to be both illegal and un- constitutional should be taken into account. If a bank robber
    is put on trail and during that trail the judge finds out that the prosecutor has gathered the information by using illegal methods the case is normally simply thrown out of court and the prosecutor is taken to the woodshed and may or may not have his law license yanked from him. There needs to be a court case against Schiff and anyone else that was helping him violate the law.

  8. Since the common assumption of the VOTERS, the person they vote for is HONEST, wouldn’t that include ANY SPEECHES, COMMENTS OF COMMITTEE HEARINGS that any, AND ALL such comments be TRUTHFUL?

    Would that also INCLUDE PERJURY?

    ALL ‘witnesses’ are REQUIRED TO TAKE THE OATH prior to any testimony WHY is the ‘self assumed’ DISHONESTY and EXEMPTION FROM LAW concerning HONESTY AND INTEGRITY from ELECTED and POLITICALLY APPOINTED representatives of WE, THE PEOPLE so common in the democrat party?

    ANY COURT IN THE LAND honors “REASONABLE CAUSE” as “viable” and this would be the PERFECT CASE to charge EACH as individuals, and together in a CONSPIRACY TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT!

  9. I would just like to know who is going to lower the boom on the piece of Schiff. When does the President and the GOP get justice? Then there’s Pelosi….

  10. Their HATRED (hear that, Madame Pelosi?) towards this President well exceeds their love for this country…and, that’s been apparent to those who haven’t been listening to the biased propaganda news outlets. These treasonous liars, starting with Adam Schiff, should be put on trial and held accountable for all of their made up narratives, to undermine and take out Donald J. Trump. They’ve been a disservice to this great country, and have put their own self-serving agenda before anything else. It’s time to rise up against this socialist movement, and get behind this great President, to keep America great!!!

  11. I have long considered Democrats in general to be ideological parasites, whether Adam Schiff or any of the other imps and minions. However, upon reflection, I have to rather grudgingly admit that I could very easily be wrong. I now consider them more akin to ideological CANCERS! Parasites can usually be eliminated with the proper treatment regime, but CANCERS have to be aggressively attacked and wiped out before they have had the opportunity to metastasize, or, in this analysis, before they have the chance to spread any more of their Marxist manure! Vote ‘em OUT! The only other viable option is termination with extreme prejudice, which is a kinda/sorta radical concept.

  12. what is wrong with these people , Schiff is a liar and we all know it he knows it , and why are the members of the squad with all their misdealings not being investigated and the media not putting it out for the public to see they are afraid to loose their power , power this is what its all about power . the Democrats want that back and they , im sure , are taking advise and maybe money , from Soros . Pelosi if you are a good catholic then why are you not standing up to stop abortions , because you hate , yes hate , Trump quite a show you put on , lying to GOD shame shame Nancy hell is opening its doors for you

  13. If an ordinary citizen, like us, committed any of those crimes, we would have been arrested and have to fight for our lives from behind bars. None of them are being arrested. That says a lot about the corruption in our government. They are allowed to commit more and more crimes against America,the Constitution, and against Trump. What or who is holding secrets that allows this to happen? I am finding out, just started and what I am finding is not pretty at all. If the corruption isn’t stopped, we WILL be under Communist rule before we know what hits us. China IS involved in this and so are so many top Democrats along with Hillary and Obama.

  14. We need more non-politicians elected that will not join the swap. True, Trump has not led a perfect life, but he’s the first person in my lifetime (76) that has and is delivering on what he promised. You Trump haters name a president that comes close to or exceeds what Trump has done to improve ALL Americans lives. The young people and college graduates have more employment opportunities under Trump than the last several presidents. Yet, they hate him and are caught up in the idea that socialism works better than Capitalism. They need to travel the world and compare.

    • I am no Trump hater, y a longshot.
      But, look at the spending bill that he just, so proudly, signed.
      He got a big defense spending plan which was what he wanted. I am all for a strong defense.
      But, the bill grants Amnesty to 4000 Liberians. It continues to fund Planned Parenthood. It funds studies of the 2nd Amendment, what?
      It funds a commission to study the Border Patrol, really? That is just a few.
      This does not look like a Trump win! Or a win for the USA.
      It is exactly the kind of Bill that Trump said he would never sign again.
      They only gave Trump $1.4 BILLION for the Wall. An absolute insult.
      Aside from that Trump has indicated that he is open to talk about Red Flag Laws. Which are nothing more than gun control assaults on the 2nd Amendment. Trump has shown what he was willing to do with the DACA issue.
      So, Trump is doing a good job overall, and, he is much better for the USA than anyone else we can see right now, definitely better than any Dem.
      But, there are concerns in my mind.
      He could have refused to sign that spending bill.
      He could have approved a temporary bill to run the government for a few more months and then told Congress to get him a proper Budget when they return for the new session.
      It looks like politics as usual. Not what he was elected to do.

  15. If he had the same disregard for the truth and procedures he has demonstrated while his attempted coup of the duly elected President while he was a prosecutor justice cries out for every conviction he obtained (if he did obtain any convictions) should be reviewed and if his lack of ethics, court procedure and concern for the truth is as glaring as it was in his impeachment inquiry every conviction he obtained should be retried.

  16. I disagree ,Mr. Fitton, a trial is a must if for nothing more than to get under oath Joe & Hunter Biden testimony which I believe will start the fall of the Deep State (those included Obama ,Clinton, Holder ,Lynch )

  17. Schiff and Schumer, both need to be impeached from their positions in public office, The Swamp is only partially drained, the Deep State has put a plug in it. They need to be rooted out and sent to Gitmo, never to be seen again!

  18. The Senators must insist that Adam Schiff answers question under oath about his role with the supposed “whistleblower”. Schiff’s seems to withholding information because it will put him right the middle of the entire whistleblower fiasco.

  19. Schiff, Swalwell, waters, Pelosi, Lieu, Lynch, Rice, Powers, Sztrok, Page, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Schumer, Nadler, Rhodes, Clinton, her aides, Kerry, Biden’s……the CNN and MSNBC hacks all need to be behind bars for Treason and high crimes against the American people!

  20. I don’t think Schiff or any of these deep state traitors have even the most minuscule INKLING of the deep, deep ANGER that I and millions of others are feeling right now as we are forced to continuously watch them abuse their power in an attempt to eradicate our votes!!

    It’s obvious that these people are rabid dogs; vicious jackals on the hunt for flesh, but we are counting down the days till voting time!

    It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that their hatred for Trump goes deep, deep, deep.

    And that hatred of course, is actually a hatred for US, the American people. The civil war is already being fought, and although no physical weapons have yet been employee, the war is very real!! The war is a war of VALUES!! Their “values” stand in direct opposition to our American values!! They are the antithesis of each other!!

    These demons, (and yes, I freely call them demons; DEVILS) do not even realize that they have poked a stick in the hornet’s nest and stirred it around most vigorously!!

    And come voting time, LITERALLY MILLIONS OF US are going to come flying out of the nest with a vengeance! And when we sting, the pain they will experience will be indescribable!!

    Vengeance is mine, saith the LORD. I will repay!! As a man of God, I predict that God will deliver His vengeance against these ungodly, demonic devils through THE PEOPLE in the voting booths!!

  21. The looney left is a indoctrinated cult of liberal losers hell bent on a scorched earth policy against veterans and conservatives.

    To say Trump is criminal is the typical gas lighting by the sand whom is committing the exact same crime. Obama and the rest of his colluding criminals have been back channeling US tax dollars to themselves while at the same time spying and penalizing their victims to retain power.

    The liberal left are the brainwashed idiots. Democrats are the racist criminal party. Democrats have done the following:

    Started the KKK
    Invented Jim Crow laws.
    Voted against freeing the slaves
    Voted against giving women the right to vote.
    Voted against blacks having the right to vote.
    Voted against the civil rights act.

    Democrats are the racists and democrat followers have shit for brains

  22. There are a whole host of Democrats that need to be indicted, tried, and be locked up if not get the death penalty for treason. I really think that Barr, Durham, and US attorney from Utah is seriously working on that.

  23. You guys are a bunch of brainwashed loonies. Trump is as corrupt as they come. He’s also a moron. And completely immoral. But you follow him blindly like a cult, believing in all these crazy conspiracy theories instead of seeing what actually comes out of the idiot’s mouth.

    • That’s funny Anna that you and others like you believe the President is corrupt when it’s obvious that the Democrats are a party of corrupt politicians. The ones that can’t see that are the brainwashed loonies.

    • Yes , Ana , we follow President Trump immoral possible but that misconception is because he is not a career politician as you have been use to.

  24. I have said for months that Schiff and Pelosi should both be tried for their abuse of power and their coup attempt against the DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. If anybody is acting against the constitution, it’s them and not President Trump. They are trying to deny us the right to elect the person of our choice to be the president. It is as much an attack on the American people as an attack on the president.,

  25. To start Shifty Schiff needs to be disbarred for life for the pure lies he has endlessly told . It’s unbelievable this wimp of a man ever stepped foot in a court of law yet he was a procescutor in Commiefornia.
    Surely he’ll hire the best attorney money can buy once he’s indicted for his crimes against America .


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