Tom Fitton Hits The Nail On The Head By Revealing What’s Really Wrong With The Justice Department; You Have To See This

(Tea Party PAC) – Judicial Watch founder and President Tom Fitton recently sat down for an interview with Lou Dobbs where he revealed the truth about the Justice Department and the corruption that seems to be sweeping through the entire government entity, a fact that has been made clear not only through the ridiculous Russia probe, but also the impeachment of President Trump and the trial of Roger Stone.

According to Fitton, there’s definitely a crisis happening within the Justice Department and it’s not at all the fault of Donald Trump, but rather because of the misconduct of attorneys through out the agency.

Much of the chat Fitton had with Dobbs came about as the result of when Attorney General Bill Barr spoke with ABC News and stated that Trump has not asked him to do anything concerning the criminal case against Stone, but suggested the president should stop tweeting about the Department of Justice.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Tom Fitton went off on the Attorney General. The problem is not Trump’s tweets — it’s misconduct of radical far left attorneys.

Tom Fitton: We have a crisis at the Justice Department. We just have another set of documents. I don’t know Lou if you know this. Duncan Hunter, the Republican forced out of office. The prosecutors there attended a Hillary Clinton Campaign party. And they told the court the reason they are there was to provide advice in case of a security incident. It turns out they were there because they wanted to be there. They said it was a fabulous party. Lying to the court, further suggesting another compromised investigation and prosecution of another Republican/conservative. The Justice Department is in crisis. It’s not because Donald Trump’s complaining about it. It’s because of misconduct of attorneys throughout the agency who are partisan and think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

Fitton is right. The problems going on at the Justice Department were going on long before President Trump ever took office. In fact, the corruption goes back at least to the Obama administration, if not probably way further back than that. After all, it was President Obama’s administration that abused the FBI as a means of spying on Trump who was just a presidential candidate at the time.

The left loves to pin everything that goes wrong in this country on Donald Trump, but the truth of the matter is, the current president has done nothing other than bring the corruption festering beneath Washington to the surface. People can’t ignore the junk going on in the dark political underbelly of the country because Trump keeps drawing attention to it.

Barr, usually a big fan of the president, is probably just weary from having to deal with all of the nonsense in the DOJ, but at the same time, he must stay focused on executing true justice and upholding the Constitution. It’s pretty clear the trial Stone has been given has not at all been fair, which is a violation of his rights. Trump has drawn attention to this, and as a citizen guaranteed First Amendment rights, he should be allowed to voice his thoughts and opinions on the case.



  1. Unfortunately Tom is 100% correct and they all need to be fired. A clean sweep in the department is the only way and I see that nobody is willing to do that.

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