Trouble In Paradise: Try Not To Bust A Gut Over Ridiculous New Name For The CHAZ Area In Seattle

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the things that the left predicates their entire philosophy on is their desire to create a utopian society where everyone has everything they need and there is perfect equality and there isn’t any hatred, racism, murder, theft, ect.

Sounds like heaven, right?

That’s because that’s exactly what they are describing. It’s what all human hearts long for. It’s what God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross to provide for those who have faith in Him. Which is why what progressives are trying to do is impossible and why their attempts to create such a society here on earth, in the presence of sinful, broken man, fails every single time.

But the left has thick skulls. They refuse to learn this lesson, despite all of their failures, the latest of which is the nightmare that the autonomous zone in Seattle has morphed into.

Apparently, infighting has become quite a problem for the group of radical left-wingers who took over a six-block portion of Seattle during riots and protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement officers. The fighting has gotten so bad the official name for the location, CHAZ, has now been changed to CHOP.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

First, some of the left-wing activists who inhabit the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle are reportedly trying to rename it the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP), and the evidence suggests it’s because they’re embarrassed.

The thing about autonomy is it denotes self-reliance. Yet the Chazistanis, as they’ve been mockingly called, displayed zero self-reliance when they called the Seattle Fire Department late Thursday to help them with a dumpster fire.

Not too long after the story went viral on social media, videos began emerging of the left-wing activists formerly known as Chazistanis suddenly telling people that they are Chopistanis, not Chazistanis, and were in fact never Chazistanis.

There’s a movement to change the name from Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to Capitol Hill Occupy Protest (CHOP).

Signs have come down with CHAZ. Not everyone agrees. Last night, there was some tense moments.

WE ARE #CHOP not #CHAZ stop spilling lies and spreading this narrative of being autonomous.

If these folks can’t even agree on the foundation of their own belief system and the application of the principles they hold to, if they cannot 100 percent agree on how to “occupy” this area and get along with one another, how is anyone else supposed to believe their system works?

That’s because it doesn’t. Folks involved in this mess are proving that humanity is fallen, imperfect, and incapable of creating a heaven-on-earth utopia, which is why liberalism fails miserably to protect the rights of individuals in a society that implements their system.

It’s simply not possible for what they want to work. The infighting among them is proof of that.

But the evidence strongly suggests otherwise, and this evidence includes media from before the dumpster fire incident showing the words CHAZ displayed all over the so-called Capitol Hill Occupation Protest.

Seems like someone‘s embarrassed, the key operative there being “one, “because not all the Chazistanis/Chopistanis agree with this abrupt name change.


“Inside Seattle’s self-proclaimed autonomous zone, black organizers have expressed doubt over the sincerity of white protesters, as the commandeered six blocks have transformed into a festival-like scene with many snapping selfies in front of murals of men and women who died while in police custody,” Fox News reported Sunday.

Indeed. On Friday several members of Seattle’s African American Community Advisory Council tried to speak with the Chazistanis/Chopistanis about these concerns but wound up being booed and driven off by the region’s mostly white denizens.

To summarize, this area of Seattle has been taken over by overgrown children who think they can take the fantasies concocted by their imaginations and fed by clueless, statist professors, and make them reality.

How much longer are the people of the state of Washington and the citizens of Seattle specifically, going to allow these babies to continue throwing their temper tantrum before they take back their city?

The mayor and the governor need to set aside politics and do the right thing, which means calling in the military, to restore law and order. It’s time to stop this nonsense.

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  1. This BS could/would come to an abrupt end if REAL LEADERS took the RESPONSIBILITIES that the TRUE CITIZENS of Seattle VOTED IN to be their REAL VOICES OF THE MAJORITY in their STATE and CITY GOVERNMENT . These FOOLS (mayor , governor, city council members ) DON’T GIVE A DAMN about what the VOTERS/ CITIZENS WANT – THIS is where ‘ YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW ‘ -EXPLAINS EVERYTHING !!!! THUGS , RAPIST, MURDERERS , and pure SCUM trying to rule our country!!! I’LL FIGHT TO MY DEATH before that happens- there’s MILLIONS MORE OF US than THEM – you’d BEST THINK ABOUT PUTTING THESE LUNATIC DEMOCRAT/ Socialists in power- because THIS IS WHAT YOU GET – total chaos, murderers, rapist, racist hatred, arsonists, hatred for our TRUE FREEDOM of being AMERICANS – VOTE LIKE YOU HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE because YOUR STATE and CITY LEADERS HAVE 0% – just look around you – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see OR figure it out.

  2. Sadly, these young people, have been brainwashed into achieving what their America hating teachers/professors don’t have the nerve to do themselves.
    Therefore, they send these young adults to fight their rights for them. That way they stay out of jails and prisons and are able to keep training more young adults.
    Until something personally happens to these blind young adults, they will still do the will of their masters. Not realizing that they themselves are slaves and puppets and blind to the real truth. And that socialism is not what they were deceived to believe.

  3. I will guess that the majority of these misfits have some, if not all, of the following in their biographies:
    1). Raised by middle class or upper middle class parents
    2). Parents tended to be “helicopter” parents
    3). Never had to make their beds, wash a dish, mow a lawn, etc
    4). Overindulged with lavish gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, etc.
    5). Grew up in lily-white neighborhoods and schools
    6). Did not participate in sports
    7). Had few, if any friends, growing up
    8). Had every latest electronic gadget as a kid
    9). Never got smacked by anyone, including parents
    10) Went to liberal colleges and got a degree in a useless field
    11). Still live at home with mommy and daddy
    12). Never been in a serious relationship or had a real date
    13). Suffer from a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome – don’t want to grow up, EVER

  4. They are not protesters they are insurrectionist traitors they are committing crimes to America! They are financed by Soros and Democrats, Clintons and Hollywood elites . They are protected by Democrats.

  5. Well, these so called leaders of Washington state need to be arrested and charged with malfeasance. They aren’t doing the jobs they were elected to do and swore an oath to do.

  6. This is beyond laughable!!! This is that oh so screwed up entitled “Millennial Generation” trying to flex muscles that they don’t have, pathetic!!! This is what happens when a schooling system brainwashes and pushes their socialist agendas making these uninformed idiots think that socialism equals utopia. If these screwed up millennials actually got the socialism that they crave, they would soon find out that it is far from the picnic that they’ve been taught that it would be!!!

  7. What is totally bewildering and heretofore incomprehensible is these liberal politicians who ignore and even support a bunch of violent radical misfit thugs forcibly commandeering public (meaning belonging to ALL citizens) and private property and totally controlling it, and the people within it. How can this be allowed? So very WRONG.


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