Trump 2022? This Popular Trump Family Member Is Considering A Run For US Senate

(Tea Party PAC) – We can’t rule out a Joe Biden presidency quite yet. Though it is most certainly obvious that the election was rigged and stolen, Trump’s team has to be able to prove it and still fight corruption at the highest levels even then.

This is no easy battle. If we are resigned to accept a Biden presidency we can still have hope in President Trump. He has transformed the Republican Party into something so much different than it was when he won in 2016.

He, however, isn’t the only Trump who has made an impression on the voters of this country and even if Biden is in the White House we may still be able to count on the Trumps being involved with the politics of Washington DC.

Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, is considering running for the US Senate in 2022 in her native North Carolina. Republican Senator Richar Burr is expected to retire which will leave open a spot that will likely draw many GOP contenders.

The Washington Examiner reports that if Joe Biden ends up in the White House the general election would be much easier to win for a Republican. Of course, we know after two years of a Biden presidency, Americans will be begging for Republicans to take control and stop the damage to our country.

The biggest concern, however, is whether or not our elections will even matter at that point.

On one hand, Lara Trump sitting in Congress is an exciting prospect for conservatives and this writer thinks she should most definitely go for it. On the other hand, if Biden ends up in the White House, how can we ever have any faith in our elections ever again and will they even mean anything?

Joe Biden “winning” the election will cause irreparable damage to our democracy and will completely destroy the integrity of our elections. Not only will Americans never be able to trust the process again but it’s very likely that fraud will just continue to happen.

His victory will effectively silence Americans and we may never have a free election ever again. This is the grim reality of what is at stake here.

Nonetheless, should Lara Trump run for the Senate in 2022, and our elections can be trusted, she would have a pretty good chance of winning. According to one of her colleagues, Mercedes Schlapp, Lara is a “household name and people know her” in North Carolina.

Schlapp also referred to Lara as “charismatic” and said she has a “natural instinct for politics.”

She has, over the last four years, been one of the most high-profile figures to stump for President Trump on the campaign trail and has advised her father-in-law in politics.

With a potential Joe Biden presidency looming, conservatives need to find assurance in the fact that the Trumps are not simply going to go away if Biden manages to steal this election and there are still decent Americans serving in Congress fighting against the corruption.

While the corruption runs deep, we must stand strong and refuse to allow the progressive left to defeat us. If we heed their empty calls to “unite” by bowing down to their will, we will lose America for good.

Nobody knows this better than the Trumps.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore –

Copyright 2020.


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