Trump Adds 9 Million More Jobs In First Two Years Than Obama

(Tea Party PAC) – 2018 was officially called the Year of the Worker—and it’s all thanks to Trump.

On Friday, job numbers released show that through the end of December, there was an increase of nearly 5 million jobs since Trump won the 2016 election and an unemployment rate below 4%.

During this same period of Obama’s presidency, 4 million jobs were lost and unemployment jumped to 9.3%!

It’s arguable that Trump’s economic success as President may be the best of all time.

All this adds up to a whopping 9 million more jobs added during Trump’s first two years than Obama’s.

According to the data, released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under Trump, more Americans are in the workforce than ever before, and they called 2018 “the year of the worker.”

Trump has been working hard to make sure that hard-working Americans are being given good jobs to fill, and his hard work is paying off, big time.

Black and Hispanic unemployment are at historic lows, and manufacturing jobs have made a return to the US, all thanks to Trump.

The media, of course, won’t report on this, but looking at the data, there’s no denying that Trump’s presidency has been a great success economically.


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