Trump Calls Democrats Out, Explains Exactly Why He Didn’t Tell Them About Soleimani Strike

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump have his first major rally of the election year on Thursday, telling a lively crowd in Toledo, Ohio that he was entirely justified in taking out the bloodthirsty killer Qassem Soleimani, the top Iranian general that the Democrats have spent the last week mourning.

Soleimani, a longtime security threat to the United States, was said to behind the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31st, and the State Department said in a statement after the strike Trump ordered which took him out had been planning to further attack American and coalition forces.

Trump bluntly slammed the Democrats’ nonbinding War Powers Resolution which had been passed earlier on the day nearly entirely along party lines.

Trump went on to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and “Liddle’ pencil-neck” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), claiming they would have tipped off the media had they been informed before the fact that they had a shot at Soleimani.

“They’re saying, ‘You should get permission from Congress, you should come in and tell us what you want to do — you should come in and tell us, so that we can call up the fake news that’s back there, and we can leak it,'” Trump said. “Lot of corruption back there.”

The president also added that it wouldn’t have made sense to alert Congress, as they had a “split-second” decision to make to go ahead with the kill.

Later in the speech, Trump also said he hoped that former Vice President Joe Biden would become the nominee, pledging to highlight the longstanding accusations of corruption raised against the Biden crime family.

“He will hear, ‘Where’s Hunter?’,’ every single debate nine times at the podium,” Trump declared.


Hunter Biden is the deadbeat, crack-addicted son of the former VP, who was given lucrative jobs and business deals that just so happened to correspond beautifully with his father’s foreign policy efforts in countries like China and Ukraine.

The younger Biden has also been locked in a contentious paternity battle over a son he fathered with a former DC area stripper who is suing him from her home town of Batesville, Arkansas.

Discovery for the case has brought quite a bit more dirt to light about Biden’s earnings, run-ins with the law, and ongoing criminal investigations into his finances.

Trump was speaking to the enthusiastic crowd after seeming to pull our nation back from the brink of war with his renowned tact, and also just hours after officials announced that it was likely Iran had, in fact, shot down a civilian airliner carrying dozens of Canadians, reportedly by mistake.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implied that the US could be responsible and even declined to condemn Iran.

Trump was scathing in his rebuke of the Democrats for their heartless condemnation of the death of a master terrorist.

“The radical left Democrats have expressed outrage over the termination of this horrible terrorist,” Trump said. “Instead, they should be outraged by Soleimani’s savage crimes and the fact that his countless victims were denied justice for so long.”

Trump also told of how he had overruled a commander who said the military response to the attack at the US Embassy in Baghdad last week would not arrive until the next day.

The whole situation could have easily become “another Benghazi.”

“I said, ‘nope, get in the planes right now, have them there immediately!'” Trump said. “And, they got there immediately. … If you dare threaten our citizens, you do so at your own grave peril.”


  1. Stop the crap. Trump twitters because no matter what he says to 99% of the press it will be published 180 degrees from what he said. The Democrats and anti-Trump committers of treason (GOP – McCain, Flake, etc.) LEAK everything to Trump’s opponents no matter whether they are from this country or ANY country. IT DOES NOT MATTER what method Trump follows. IT DOES matter that it is NOT their method.

  2. Justin Trudeau is a NON THINKING idiot with SINGLE digit IQ. How could he be so INSANELY stupid? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Definition of democrat politician-an enemy sympathizer, betrayer, liar, communist, immoral.

    Manufacturers of urinal targets are probably back logged on orders 😂

  4. The President is exactly right, the democrats are so filled with Trump hatred that they would leak info for a hit on an American enemy just to thwart a Trump success for America. What’s good for America is bad for democrats.

  5. Trump was not responsible for the downing of the commercial 737 flying out of Iran. That was the Iranian military that pulled the trigger. If you want to talk about mass murder, how about the 400+ Cubans that Slick Willy caused to drown on his very first day in office? That one was buried back on page 6 of the newspaper. Ol’ Billy boy had made a campaign promise that he would let in any Cuban that got to the territorial waters of the US.Over a thousand of them piled into whatever would float. What actually happened? Slick Willy had the Coast Guard turn them back. Only about 600 made it back to Cuba. The total deaths on the rest isn’t fully known. The story got pulled pretty quickly.

  6. Finally a real and true American that actually cares about America and Americans.
    As for the Democrats and Lee & Paul – they are relentlessly hypocritical, evil, do nothing, anti-America – that will do nothing about the treasonous Omar and group but will condemn our President – really!!!!


  8. Pelosi is out of her mind. I wouldn’t trust her to keep the security at marbles game. If there is a politician in Washington who you knew would be clicking down the street in her 8” heels with her skinny legs – the moment she found out about the missile attack – it would be Pelosi!
    Why? She will do anything to stay in power, to look appear relevant. Her days are long gone, but if it meant trading (selling off) our nation and giving up the lives of a thousand of our servicemen, she would do it in a second. She is an evil Socialist who plans to leave Office successful, and if that means trading the lives of 100 or more of are military so be it

  9. If he had of told them, they would have called Soleimani, and warned him. Much like the coon did when he was bombing countries in the middle east.

  10. Rep Speir you vermin a disgrace you can’t possibly believe it’s are fault because the Iranians shot down a plane in their back yard. Woman get out of government you along with all the other demonrats are insane and just plain stupid


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