Trump Celebrates Veto To Secure Border In Epic Way. This Is Great.

(Tea Party PAC) – The president celebrated his first veto in the Oval Office Friday, securing his border emergency declaration in spite of Congress’ attempts to block it.

And he had some folks with him who know first-hand the price of an open border.

Angel families.

Angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza spoke with the president, as well as sheriffs and law enforcement and a clutch of reporters, according to Breitbart. She told them about her son, Mesa, Arizona police officer Brandon Mendoza, who was killed by a repeat criminal illegal alien.

She told Americans why angel parents like herself speak out about the immense crisis at our southern border.

Mendoza said:

Angel families come forward to tell their stories not because we’ve created a manufactured crisis, but because we want to tell the American people and share with you our heartache and let you know what is happening on our doorsteps, what’s happening to your neighbors, what’s happening to your fellow Americans, and there is a way to prevent this and it’s not by continually lying to you and telling you that there isn’t a problem. There is a problem. It’s a national emergency and thank you for following through on your promises.

Trump called Congress’ resolution to block his national emergency declaration at the border, which was passed Thursday, a “dangerous resolution that if signed into law would put countless Americans in danger, very grave danger.”

“To ensure the safety and security of all Americans, I will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution and that’s what it was,” he said.

He also called the votes against the declaration “a vote against reality.,” referring into the influx of migrants and drugs in to our nation an “invasion.”

Vice President Mike Pence told the President, “You’re keeping your word by vetoing this legislation.”

“Let’s get this signed right? On behalf of your great loved ones, right?” the president said to angel families.

“They will not have died in vain.” he said. He gave the pen he used to sign the veto to one of the angel family members.

“We’re building a lot of wall right now,” said Trump.

“You’re strong people, you’re strong and you’re proud,”Trump told them.

Angel families in attendance included angel moms Sabine Durden, Mary Ann Mendoza, and Laura Wilkerson; angel dad Steve Ronnebeck and Tom Murphy, and angel brother Kent Terry, according to Breitbart.