Trump Declares: America Under Siege

(PCC)Finally the truth come out! President Donald Trump is shouting a message just like Paul Revere shouted the British are coming, but Trumps message if dismissed could be deadly!  America is facing significant disasters with President Joe Biden, as stated by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Walker stressed the importance of Trump’s message being centered around protecting the American people from the weaknesses of the Biden administration.

Walker made a case for Trump to take a more confident approach, expressing his willingness to support and protect him wherever necessary. He thinks this strategy would appeal to voters who believe their country is facing disaster under Biden’s leadership. According to Walker, Trump’s message should focus on the idea the American people are facing significant catastrophes with Biden in office.

Walker highlighted  Trump’s message is robust and his track record is impressive, even in difficult situations. Looking back at Trump’s performance as President, Walker observed, “He truly dominated the challenges and hit the ground running.”

The debates will demonstrate Trump’s strategy of speaking over Biden proved to be effective due to the lack of coherence in Biden’s arguments. However, in the new debate format, where there will be more structured exchanges, it would be beneficial for Trump to redirect the discussion towards the issues  are of utmost importance to Americans. “Let him speak,” Walker suggested, implying  Biden’s own words would be his downfall.

Trump’s message “Is a referendum on high prices, the border, public safety, high prices, particularly in critical states like Wisconsin, and growing concerns about border security are important issues that appeal to voters from all sides of the political spectrum.

Trump is underscoring the economic and security concerns in order to emphasize the clear distinction between his policies and the failed policies of the Biden administration. “The border has become a significant concern,” Walker remarked, highlighting the mounting dissatisfaction with immigration and border control during Biden’s tenure.

Trump is focusing on the matters that directly affect the lives of ordinary citizens. “These issues are of great importance in Wisconsin and other battleground states,” Walker stated, highlighting the economic challenges and border issues.

Ultimately, Trump’s straightforward approach has prioritize the concerns that are most important to the American people and position himself as their advocate. By doing so, Trump can effectively convey the message  America is facing significant calamities under Biden’s leadership and position himself as the candidate who can guide the nation towards a better future.


Final Word: Yes, this is a good strategy for a debate BUT America is under siege and not just for debate and winning election purposes but for survival! This is why the Patriot Command Center is here and why you are reading this article, because you care and know America really is under siege and you are doing something about it!


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