Trump Indictments Bypassed Congress, But Why?

(PCC)Did you know none of the Trump indictments were made while Congress was in session? This could be a ‘Big Deal’ Former President Trump has been indicted by grand juries nationwide. Congress has avoided session throughout these events, which is interesting.

Many believe Trump’s indictment was a ruse to distract him and weaken his 2024 presidential campaign.

Congress conveniently suspends legislative activity when grand juries everywhere indict former President Trump.

When President Trump learned of an indictment, especially during a congressional recess, is crucial. This shows  many reporters on Capitol Hill sought GOP legislators’ reactions.

Congressional Republicans, who staunchly support President Trump, are growing increasingly frustrated with biased reporters who seem more interested in sensationalizing his tweets, behavior, critiques, and other remarks than in the important issues. Many have tried to downplay this, but conservative politicians have demonstrated a fresh willingness to support and defend Trump since his departure. A growing chorus of voices worries about President Biden and the Democrats unfairly targeting their political opponents.

Republicans’ rhetoric energizes the GOP base and Trump supporters, but it makes it hard for other Republicans to distinguish themselves from the ex-president. The judicial cases will be lengthy and exhausting. Republicans will have to consider legal ramifications, especially the Georgia prosecution. This might renew debates about overturning the 2020 election, despite these accusations being debunked.

The 2024 election cycle presents a conundrum for congressional Republicans. Again, it’s crucial to plan for former President Trump’s return. Trump’s probable detrimental influence on GOP lower-level candidates, as seen in 2018, 2020, and 2022, is valid.

Lawmakers who support Trump’s conservative values are anticipated to remain steady and back the former president. Conservatives like House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Freedom Caucus members want the Biden administration, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis held accountable.

The avalanche of news surrounding these court cases may relieve Republicans who are cautious about the former president from commenting. The mainstream media rarely covers anything other than trial proceedings. Federal responses are unimportant and should not be prioritized.

This does not mean journalists will ignore Republicans. The stunning testimonials could test even the most faithful Trump supporters. The trials must closely monitor any polling fall in the former president’s support ratings. A development like this might change the political landscape.

The Capitol ruckus and election overturning evidence will confront Trump-aligned lawmakers. The court’s persuasive evidence and reliable testimony will decide this case. Republican candidates who distance themselves from the Trump brand may align more with swing voters’ values and concerns, notwithstanding their worries about the former president.

Several presidential contests have been held on Capitol Hill with candidates from Congress. In 2008, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Senator Christopher Dodd competed for the president. Legislative struggles shape presidential elections. After Obamacare’s 2010 passage, Republicans bravely fought President Obama’s administration in 2012 to defend American ideals and individual liberty. Astute conservatives felt  Democrats saw Republicans as disadvantaged in 1988 after the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987.

However, the 2024 presidential campaign is not Capitol Hill-focused. Instead, the spotlight is on the trial procedures surrounding former President Trump. Congressional session when Trump’s indictments were released was critical.

Final Word: Whether Congress is in session or not, news of the former president’s legal challenges is important. The persistent spotlight on Trump shows his lasting impact, if not Trump, who?


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