Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Slams MSNBC Host Ari Melber After Heated Interview

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media are just shameful. They have absolutely no interest in reporting factual information. They are so obviously the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the Deep State, they can’t even hide it anymore and they don’t even bother trying.

When Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis appeared on MSNBC for an interview with host Ari Melber, things escalated quickly. At the opening of the segment, Melber asked Ellis, “what’s the point” since there is “no way” to change the electoral outcome.

Melber started out the interview with completely false information which Ellis quickly set straight by explaining that it is absolutely possible for the electoral results to be changed since they are currently only the “projected” results and the Electoral College doesn’t even vote until Dec. 14th.

Melber then tried to take a shot at Ellis and the Trump campaign by smugly asking if they had a “legal strategy” or if they were just “hoping somehow in some place, politicians would override the results” saying that’s what they’re advocating for.

“Our legal strategy is to make sure every legal vote counts and counted fairly and accurately. We have until December 14 where the electors for the college will vote,” Ellis responded.

She then informed Melber that they have thousands of pages of sworn witness affidavits in which people have alleged fraud and that there were people who showed up to vote on Election Day but were informed by poll workers that they had already voted.

Then things really got heated when Melber accused Ellis and the Trump team of essentially just saying whatever they want at press conferences and asserted that the Trump campaign has been losing “over and over and over” in “all the key cases and key states.” He then asked again, “what’s the point of all this?”

“The point of course is to get to fair and accurate results,” Ellis pushed back and then stated that President Trump won the election by a landslide and that it was a stolen election and said that his viewers need to know the truth.

While she was speaking, Melber interjected, chided her to “take a pause,” and then went on a little tirade saying, “If you make false statements, you don’t run roughshod. You made a false accusation I had to deal with.”

Ellis held her ground and shot back saying that was only trying to answer his “false statement” and said he was accusing the campaign of something that’s not true and “attributing lawsuit losses that were not on behalf of the Trump campaign.”

Ellis later threw down on Twitter where she slammed Melber for fact-checking her and asked when it was her turn to fact-check him. She also pointed out the fact that Melber demanded a dialog but refused to give her the opportunity to engage in one.

She took another shot at Melber and also his colleague Joy Reid asking if either of them even knew how cases got before the Supreme Court.

Just another example of the mainstream media propagating information for the Deep State and the Democrats. There is no truth in journalism on MSNBC anymore, that much is certain.

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  1. The two know nothings telling a lawyer what’s going down!…hope they win and reverse the outcome…wouldn’t that meltdown be fun to watch!!

  2. I love a classy girl with courage. U go girl. The truth will set us free from the evil deep state and deliver us to Trumpville!!


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