Trump Lawyer: Mike Pence Had “Exaggerated” Understanding Of What Trump Was Asking Him To Do

(Tea Party PAC) – The 2020 election has turned into an absolute joke. Almost nobody in Washington DC, save a few respectable Republican lawmakers who will be remembered for their courage, seems to care about election integrity.

The will of the people is just not something that concerns those in Congress and it clearly is of zero concern to Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence could have been the hero Americans needed him to be but instead he decided to show his true colors and his loyalty to the establishment by doing absolutely nothing to stop the fraud that he even acknowledged prior to the joint session Wednesday.

Mike Pence’s attempt at moral posturing has turned into an epic fail and the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Pence claimed the Constitution “constrained” him from having “unilateral authority” over the election results but the reality is that nobody, not even President Trump, was asking him to do that.

President Trump and his constitutional lawyer John Eastman, along with the whole of the MAGA movement, were asking Pence to use the power given to him by the Constitution to send contested electors back to the states from which they came.

This would have given the state legislatures the chance to either confirm the electors were properly and legally certified or declare that the electors were fraudulent and should be thrown out.

Mike Pence, apparently, didn’t want the state legislatures to have this opportunity, despite three states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, sending letters to Washington DC pleading for more time.

While the left has twisted Trump’s words, and so it appears Mike Pence has too, Trump’s lawyer Eastman insists nobody was asking Pence to single-handedly decide the election.

“I think he’s exaggerating what the request was,” Eastman, a constitutional lawyer scholar at the Claremont Institute, said during an interview with Steve Bannon on “War Room.”

“That’s not what he was being asked; that’s not what we asked him this morning, and that’s not what the president asked him this morning,” said Eastman who is also a former Supreme Court clerk.

What is most disturbing, and Eastman pointed this out as well, is that Pence issued a three-page letter just prior to the start of the joint session in which he acknowledged the numerous instances of state executives and courts changing and disregarding election laws in contested states.

How can you acknowledge that the Constitution has been violated but then use the Constitution as a cover to neglect defending and upholding it?

Pence acknowledged the states’ breaking of their own election laws and went through with the certification of illegally-given electors while putting on the front of defending democracy and the Constitution.

Pence said in his letter that his “oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority” over determining which electoral slates are to be counted, but that isn’t what anyone was asking him to do.

Eastman clarified that all President Trump was asking Pence to do was “send it back to the state legislatures” and allow them to make the call on whether or not their slates of electors were legitimate or fraudulent.

Mike Pence failed to protect the Constitution in the end and he certainly failed to protect our Republic.

74 million voters have been completely disenfranchised and RINOs like Mike Pence sat back and let it happen.

Copyright 2020.


  1. POLITICIANS are Killing us!!! Now all of the RINO rats are bailing out…what a group of spineless jerks. But they will surely be there with their hands out for “The People’s Money”.

  2. We are entering the darkest day in the USA since 1861 and the beginning of four bloody years of Civil War. It is no longer Republicans vs. Democrats. It is us against them and if we allow them to destroy our freedoms we will see the permanent end of this great country. Answer this question when no one will hear the voice of the people and the people in charge will block any sensible disagreement, what is left to line in lockstep to them and their criminal policies or what can we do.

  3. A low life at ABC news called for we the real Americans and Patriots to be destroyed in other words ethnic cleansed. This is what they think of us. Biden/Harris will see that we are disarmed and unable to defend ourselves. We must send a clear message on inauguration day to the criminal Biden and his administration and all the so called republicans who support him that we have had enough. Maybe we should start another political party because Washington will not hear us, secede and form our own government for the people not the elite criminal legislators, or get ready for sadly a war.

  4. Would it be asking to much for Ya-all to try and get your heads around this notion,

    ((Stop your Winning Pissing Moning))

    Please take it from A 77 year old High School drop out, that can’t spell that;
    who’s been self employed since he was 13 years old
    To start with,!!!!!
    You All need to feel the Pain that’s coming,!!!
    ((( and now you will,)))
    Your to comfortable
    Ya I know this is A bitter 💊 pill !!!

    (((But it was ment to happen)))

    That’s My View on it all,

    (((((Why You Say,????)))))

    Its the only Way you stubborn Son’s A Bitches are going to get your heads out of your collective Ass’s

    That’s it your hearing right,

    This isn’t A game this is for real

    My President;
    A successful business Man who didn’t need the job put his REAL Life on Hold to give you all A lesson in how to Run A Business,
    Most of you hated him!!!
    But Loved what He got done;
    For You and your family,
    He scared the Crap out of the Dems
    And they from the time He and his Beautiful Wife came down his escalater
    In the Sky Scraper Building named after him,
    The Trump Towers,
    They knew they had to get rid of him at all cost,
    So the last four years aren’t enough proof for you yet,

    If that’s You learn how to;
    Sig Hiel because you’ve already Lost,

    If your ready for more of the MAGA Movement it’s incombent on All of Us
    To pull are Heads out of are Asia’s and make it happen in the future,
    Starting Now,!!! Ya Now,!!!
    to make more changes in 2022 and hold onto the New House and Senate members,
    Then 2024 take back the White House,
    Or learn to Sig-Hiel
    That’s My two Cents Worth

    • That was pretty much a Ft. Sumpter moment at the Capitol wasn’t it? Four dead—a cop killed (so much for “Back the Blue”), woman shot, woman trampled, man tasing his own genitals to point of heart attack. Great little start! Trumpers regrouping for another battle on the 17th with more guns this time.

  5. Mike pence is a worthless piece of liberal dog shit , I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republican Party has said fuck you to it voters and they know that we will keep voting for them even though they said fuck you

    I’m going to vote democrat for the next couple of election to say fuck you to the Republican Party

  6. I agree, I well understood what Pence was being asked to do and I thought he would do it, but as you said, he turned his back on all of us. Surely these rhinos could take some time to read and absorb what is asked of them without jumping to their own ignorant conclusions. Most important is that the democrats are using distraction to prevent the true Republicans and their lawyers from telling the American population the truth of how the fraud election can be proven. They are using distraction which turns into elimination of the goal at hand to be accomplished–to inform the public of the truth. And noone sees what they are doing–accomplishing their goal–KEEPING THE TRUTH FROM THE PEOPLE WHILE USING DISTRACTIN AND MEDIA WITH PROPAGANDA WHILE REPUBLICANS ALLOW THEM TO DISSOLVE THEIR GOAL OF EXPOSING/PRESENTING THE TRUTH. THEY ARE USING DISTRACTION TO BLAME REPUBLICANS AND REDIRECT ATTENTION TO THEIR MOBS DISTRUCTION WHILE MUTING THE TRUTH. REPUBLICANS NEED TO INSIST ON A RETURN TO THE BUSINESS AT HAND BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS’ STAGED MOB ATTACK-TO BLAME REPUBLICANS AND DISTRACT FROM THE TRUTH BEING EXPOSED. THIS IS ALSO HOW THEY ARE ACCOMPLISHING THEIR GOAL OF SEPARATING OUR PRESIDENT FROM HIS SUPPORTERS!!!!!!

  7. Richard it’s to late we are going to have to take our country back the hard way the Rinos don’t care they never did they could have stopped all of this if they cared they are all millionaires they don’t care about us except for taking our money

    • Ed’s got it right. All these guys in Washington are millionaires or on their way to being millionaires while calling themselves servants of the people. Biden has the audacity to talk about his almost 40 years of “public service”. Wow, my job doesn’t come with an airplane, a hefty salary or opportunities to skim money from the top. I don’t have two houses that four of my house could fit into. Is that the white privilege they see lurking around every corner in America?

  8. The country is hurting & VP pence let us down. He should have requested an investigation into the questionable antics that happened on November 3. It is only just that the citizens have transparency of our elections.

    What a letdown to millions of people- really all over the world. If the USA can’t have a fair and transparent election the same will fall all over the world. History will record this monumental in the life changing let down!

  9. Better watch out for 2024, we know who are the Rinos and failed our rights, will of the people. We are ready for you and looking forward to take back our country.

  10. Pence needs to be tried for gross treason, sent to Guantanamo to await his execution by firing squad. What a complete POS he is. You have single handedly destroyed this republic you fu….g MORON

  11. Yes, a very sad day! He look at apart of the 12 amendment added on (1777 part of the constitution that was extremely important unclear!) this a should have never been used. He should have sent them back to the legislature in these states! Especially since he had received three letters wanting the electors back and wanting to make sure that they were correct.
    He could have also set the questionable electors a side and and then had evidence presented in the joint session to then give be discussed! Then if congress could not come to an agreement then send it back to congress and follow the constitutional law and the the congress vote by state! The s would have solved things!

  12. Mike Pence has been a joke from the beginning. Trump should have known he was not the one, when he didn’t back him up on the sex scandals that happened at the start of Trump run for president. Pence standing on morals and the constitution
    Is redicitulus, as the democrats could care less on either issue and brake them all the time. Pence is a coward, and it’s such a shame that Trump picked him rather than someone like Ted Cruz.

  13. Pence you are gutless just like the RINO republicans. You remind me of General Washington’s loyal friend and right hand Benedict Arnold.

  14. The nightmare has arrived!!! The American citizens are going to pay for this . Not the rich or poor but middle class who pays for everything

  15. I seriously fear that by 2024 this country will no longer be recognizable. The last bastion of freedom will be gone. Maybe this is really the end times predicted in the Bible. We Christians better be ready for the Hell to come.

  16. mike pence, you have set your face toward Soddam, and have knelt at their alter and worshiped their Idols; You have turned your back on GOD almighty and profaned the covenant of our fathers, you are hereby condemned to be cast into the fiery seas of HELL for Eternity, A’men and A’men

  17. Now what? What’s next, what to do? These are now are the questions all my friends are asking me. I have no answers except one.
    Pray, Pray, Pray. Put our Faith in God, ultimately he is in charge of what’s to happen. Be silent, listen and he will tell us what to do. God Bless America, Amen

  18. The President’s right hand man turned out to be a traitor. The Republican party no longer has any guts and we cannot count on any political party to look out for our interests. WE NEED A NEW POLITICAL PARTY!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT CALLING IT THE FREEDOM PARTY!!!

  19. Those who did not respect our constitution will pay dearly with their acceptance of their treasonous deeds. The Republican Party is over and we distrust immensely our government to do the right thing. This will never be forgotten. We reject communism and socialism. This country was built on ideals that we trust and that trust has been violated.

  20. V/P Mike Pence lost my respect along with many other RINO’s like Romney !
    America, wake-up call your Senators/Representatives (202) 224-3121…Trump 2024 !!!


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