Trump Pokes Fun At Beto’s El Paso Counter-Rally: “This May Be The End Of His Presidential Bid”

(Tea Party PAC) – On Monday night, President Trump spoke to an estimated 10,000 people at a lively rally in El Paso, Texas, where he made the case for the wall and slammed the progressive left’s increasingly radical policies.

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke held an anti-wall counter-rally nearby, where a scant 300 people attended.

Trump could not help but mock little “Beto” and his tiny crowd.

“But a young man who’s got very little going for himself, except he’s got a great first name, he challenged us. So let’s say we have 35,000 people tonight. He has two-hundred people, three-hundred people. Not too good. In fact what I may do is say that may be the end of his presidential bid,” Trump told the crowd.