Trump Sends Major Warning To Minneapolis Mayor About Getting Control Of Riots, Or Else He’ll Intervene; Here’s What He Said He’ll Do

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is a man who is not afraid to step up to the plate and take control of a situation, especially one where chaos is rampant and others are failing in their duty to do something to bring law and order. Take the riots happening in Minneapolis for example.

Trump sent out a warning early on Friday morning that if Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey didn’t get his act together and save his city, he would, by sending in the National Guard to crack down on folks who are practically burning the city down to the ground, saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The president stated he had been in contact with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and stated that AG Bill Barr is closely monitoring the investigation into Floyd’s death.

Here’s more on this situation from Gateway Pundit:

Thursday marked the third day of riots and protests since Floyd died in police custody Monday night after an officer pinned him on the pavement with a knee on his neck until he stopped breathing. Several businesses and buildings were looted and torched Wednesday, with blocks looking like war zones Thursday morning. More looting took place Thursday in Minneapolis and St. Paul with the Minneapolis police department’s 3rd precinct being abandoned by police Thursday night and subsequently taken over by protesters who looted and burned the building.

“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right………These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

The absence of leadership by state and local officials caused a local news anchor to beg for help, “City and state leaders.. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. We need to hear from you NOW. @MayorFrey @MayorCarter @GovTimWalz”

This is completely and totally out of hand. What is Mayor Frey doing about all of this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, his only words to the folks causing all of this chaos was to make sure they maintained social distancing guidelines and wore masks. Basically, it’s okay to protest and destroy the place, just as long as they did so with masks on their faces, which, by the way, conceals their identities.

Either Frey is a complete and total moron, or he knows full well what he’s doing. Notice how all of these radicals are gathered together to cause chaos, no longer all that worried about coronavirus? These are the same individuals crying and whining about reopening too soon.

Obviously, for these individuals, that has more to do with not wanting to go back to work than it does with standing up for a righteous cause.



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  4. The looting and burning in various American cities MUST be dealt with FIRMLY by the law. The death of George Floyd cannot ever be used as justification for the looting and burning. That is a new kind of MADNESS!. Those who are frustrated, demanding justice for the death of Mr. Floyd, must realize that the legal process IS under way, that the policeman who pressed his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck has been fired, has been charged with 3rd degree murder, faces a possible prison sentence of 25 years. The other three officers on that scene are being investigated. Let the legal system work! It would be so good if out of all of this horror came a re-examination of “the system” and why it doesn’t seem to work for all.

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  6. Minneapolis is socialist borderline communist ideology has been since the late 1930s , currently the mayor of that city is actually aiding and abetting the riots by Not getting the city under control , the mayor of St.Paul said the greater majority of those arrested were from out of state sounds like OBANA back in business !!!

  7. I think the President did a good job. He does not disappoint us at all. He makes the right decisions by taking over responsibility that is supposedly done by Minnesota’s mayor.
    Send National Guard and protect the innocent people and businesses from violent rioters.
    We are highly educated people, so we must act like one. Don’t let bad propaganda persuade you to do bad things.

  8. It goes to show that the left is deeper than I expected it is not just big pharma,or big government,it’s about right and wrong. There is a right way to deal with the death of Mr.Floyds and get justice for the family and friends of Mr.Floyd. The policeman that took his life will be punished. God says he will repay those that are evil. I think it’s more than just Mr.Floyds death. I believe people are getting tired of the oppression of the police departments unlawful ways. We the people of the United States need to wake up and take our country back. God gave us just the man to get the job done.

  9. Where in heavens name do they find these do nothing leaders?. These fools just handed President Trump his re election. Thank God for that. The horrible murder of this man by a police officer is appalling to everyone in the country. It does not justify burning and looting. Look how many of those fools were laughing and taking selfies. They don’t look horrified at the murder. They turned a tragedy into a street festival. Americans deserve better than that.

    • Democrats vote for democrat leadership no matter what, just as long as they are democrat. They do not consider anything else and this is why you see the crappy leadership in liberal states. You could put a monkey up as a democrat against a republican and they would still vote for the monkey. Why are people fleeing liberal high tax and high cost of living states to conservative states with low taxes and lower cost of living and then continuing to vote democrat is beyond me. I saw this happen in Colorado as they moved in the cost of housing rose beyond belief and so did the taxes. Thanks liberal democrats for ruining a beautiful state!

  10. The Minneapolis Mayor is inept , this the same mayor that tried too shake down the president for police protection with a Hugh $$$ charge off last year , he is socialist boarder line communist , looking for more federal aid like Pelosi and her her agenda Reagan called it the well fare state send in the US Army !!!

  11. The radical left and the Democrats may hate Trump and want him out of office. But this is a President who cares about the American citizen and he wants to help them stay safe and keep their businesses safe. Mayor Frye gets on TV and gives the impression that he doesn’t have a clue. He placates the rioters, closes his eyes to the violence and does absolutely NOTHING to help the citizens of Minneapolis. What is his problem? Trump is in a bad position. If he acts against the rioters, he is called a Racist. If he acts in favor of Mr. & Mrs. Law Biding Citizen, he is called Inept. We have thousands of people who find fault with Mr. Trump but they don’t offer any solutions. They enjoy placing blame on President Trump from start to finish. People: The looting has started and will no doubt continue until someone in charge stops the insanity and hang the finger pointing.

  12. All the people destroying the community are not part of the community.

    When will media focus on who is really destroying property and violently attacking the police protectors?

    The violent mobs appear to be “antifa” types, mostly young well fed white people. The local community is being used.

    The stupid, dangerous police officers involved should receive justice. The local residents are being victimized twice by the left wing, opportunist mobs.

    Speak up locals! America is with you but not with these thugs.

  13. This is what you get with Democrat leadership . . . NOTHING. Vote these worthless individuals OUT come the 2020 elections. AND – remember this day! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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