Trump Slams Stone Verdict As These Crooks Still Walk Free

(Tea Party PAC) – In response to the news that his longtime friend and associate, Roger Stone, had been found guilty of all five counts against him Friday, pointed out the glaring “double standard” in the swamp’s justice system.

“So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Stone was convicted on all seven counts brought before him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, including false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering surrounding his contact with WikiLeaks operatives during the 2016 elections.

Meanwhile, Deep State operatives who orchestrated the attempted coup against President Donald Trump.

Some of these folks who are walking around free and should be locked up instead of Roger Stone are:

• Hillary Clinton
• James Comey
• Peter Strzok
• Lisa Page
• Andrew McCabe
• John Brennan
• James Clapper
• ‘Shifty’ Adam Schiff
• Bruce Ohr
• Nellie Ohr
• Christopher Steele
• Robert Mueller

These people are all obvious crooks, having lied through their teeth and obstructed justice and orchestrated cover-ups, to say nothing of the blatant treason, a crime punishable by death!!

“Didn’t they lie?” Trump asked. “A double standard like never seen before in the history of our Country”:


  1. He’s absolutely right and it’s very scary to say that least to think that anytime anyone of us could be jailed on false charges. If it wasn’t for this president we would of never know the truth about the corruption that goes on in Washington.


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