Trump Stunned By GOP Senators Supporting Bill To Block National Emergency Declaration. Here’s What He’s Planning To Do

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump revealed that he’s stunned by the fact there are actual GOP Senators who are planning to vote against his National Emergency declaration concerning the Southern border, a move he’s trying to make in order to get the funds necessary to build his long promised wall and prevent the massive influx of illegal immigrants from entering the country.

A new bill designed to stop this declaration is being voted on in the Senate, though the president has said that he fully plans to veto the legislation should it land on his desk.

Trump spoke with Breitbart News on Monday inside the Oval Office, where he said that the Democrats and GOP senators who are planning to support this bill are on the wrong side of the immigration issue, especially with the general public. The president argued that immigration is an 80/20 issue, which means that something close to 80 percent of Americans are in favor of a secured border, whereas about 20 percent are in favor of mass illegal immigration.

This makes total sense when you stop and think about it. The vast majority of Americans are still center-right on many issues, applying basic, pragmatic common sense to a lot of the problems facing America. And the influx of illegals, particularly the many with dangerous criminal records, are most definitely a big, big problem.

“We have a vote coming up on this whole national emergency thing it’s an 80/20 issue in our favor, it’s border security, a wall, no crime versus open borders and nothing but crime,” President Trump said. “Forty-seven Democrats will probably vote for the 20 percent issue, and with the Republicans, we have some that don’t vote for it. It’s hard to believe actually.”

At this point, only four Republican senators need to vote in favor of the legislation blocking the national emergency declaration in order for the bill to land on the president’s desk. The vote is supposed to be held on Thursday.

So who are some of the folks who seem to be abandoning ship on this issue and opposing the president? Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and shock of all shocks, Rand Paul (R-KY). Another fellow, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) has stated he to is opposed to the declaration, but has made it clear he’s open to changing his mind.

Later on in the interview, Trump was asked whether or not he was happy with the way Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was handling the Senate vote.

“Well I can’t tell you until I see what happens. But I can tell you this, in Republican circles … I know what the people want and they want border security and they want walls. They want border security, you can’t have it without the wall, or without the barriers, or whatever, you can call it whatever you want.”

Once again, Trump vowed to smash the legislation in question with the big, bad veto hammer.

“I’ll have to let you know, I mean we’ll have to see what happens, in any event, it’s going to be vetoed, ok?”

While disappointed by the fact some members of his party are voting against him in the senate, Trump seemed to be proud of the way House Republicans stood together behind his measures to secure the border.

“The House–unfortunately, they don’t have quite the numbers yet–has been unbelievable in how they’ve been, you notice the support has been unwavering? They have been, it’s like a different place. The spirit in the House has been great and some senators have been fantastic.”

It’s understandable why certain members of the Republican Party, particularly those who tend to lean a bit more to the libertarian side, are concerned about Trump’s use of executive power in this case. The fear, of course, is that he’s grabbing more power for the executive branch that could be used against conservatives later down the road the next time a Democrat sits in the Oval Office.

That’s a legitimate fear. However, our nation is in dire straits with the amount of illegal immigrants who are crossing over the border into our country. Many of these individuals have lengthy criminal records and have the potential to hurt a lot of innocent people, not to mention soaking up our resources.

With such a big problem going down at the border and Democrats being unwilling to work with him to come up with the funding for the wall, what other choice did President Trump really have?

It’s time for folks to back this play. If they don’t, they might regret it come reelection time.