Trump Supporters Defy Black Lives Matter Protester With This Chant At Nevada Rally

(Tea Party PAC) – Black Lives Matter has once again dominated the political landscape ahead of the most important election of our lifetime.

Isn’t it weird that the last time the radical movement was front-and-center was the 2016 election?

The Democrats always leverage the narrative of critical race theory for political purposes.

Meanwhile, their policies reflect a decisive lack of concern for black lives.

Sure, they will feign outrage over police shootings involving “unarmed black men” (who often, it turns out, were actually armed), riding on the back of claims of “systemic racism” to try to squeeze every last vote out of the black community they can.

But as black and minority neighborhoods are ravaged with crime, they’re calling for police to be funded and turning their backs on members of law enforcement–many of whom are POC themselves, by the way–to try to appeal to the radical base.

The radical base, by the way, is taking the Democrats for a joy ride. Each is a useful idiot to the other.

But it is the radical base that is running the show.

The Democrats, out of their pathological obsession with leveraging racial politics for political gain, has gotten in bed with a movement that is not unfairly compared to terrorism.

Black communities are being destroyed, black-owned businesses burned to the ground, black police officers maligned and even targeted, and black neighborhoods left without a significant police presence.

They’ve really overplayed their hand this time around.

Meanwhile, Trump’s base recognizes the value of all lives–all black lives, all white lives, all unborn lives, all lives, period.

Trump doesn’t play racial politics. He plays American politics–respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

Equal justice for all–not just selective outrage over the death or shooting of certain individuals.

Over the weekend, a Black Lives Matter terrorist (this is exactly what he is) ambushed and shot two police officers in Compton, Los Angeles. Black Lives Matter activists then proceeded to protest outside the hospital, blocking the entrance to the Emergency Room and chanting that they hoped the officers died.

The officers, thankfully, who included a 31-year-old mother with a 6-year-old child at home, have pulled through and are expected to recover.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, when his rally was interrupted by a Black Lives Matter supporter, Trump supporters chanted “All Lives Matter” in response, reminding all Americans which party–and which candidate–truly stands for life.


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  7. Every Life Matters. Just BLM doesn’t seem to care about Black lives! The BLM rioters have killed many more black minorities than the police!

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