Trump Throws Down A Challenge For North Carolina Over RNC Convention; Here’s What’s Going Down

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is growing just as frustrated with the slow pace of the reopening of the American economy as the rest of us, and it’s showing in how he’s dealing with opposition he’s receiving from North Carolina about granting the okay for the Republican National Committee to hold their convention this year in late August.

In fact, the president has stated if they don’t get things going and reopen the state in time for the conference, he’ll take it elsewhere, giving Gov. Roy Cooper a week to comply with his ultimatum.

Guys, this might seem harsh, but you have to understand where the president is coming from. Without being able to hold rallies and this convention, it will be hard to fire up his base and get them motivated to come out and support him in November. These events are what sets Trump apart from other candidates in the past. That and his actually sticking to his platform.

Without this connection, folks might lose steam and not turn out come time to vote. Needless to say, that would be disastrous for the future of our country.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

“We need a fast decision from the governor,” Trump told reporters in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday. “He’s been acting very, very slow and suspiciously.

“I would say, ‘yeah, within a week,'” Trump added. “If he can’t do it – if he feels that he’s not going to do it – all he has to do is tell us and then we’ll have to pick another location.

“Now, I will tell you a lot of locations want it.”

Democrats had been weighing a virtual convention, moving their Democratic National Convention back to August, but Republicans have remained adamant of having a fully attended RNC for donors and supporters.

“Well, as you know, we don’t have much time, because we have to know, if we’re going to spend millions of dollars on an arena,” Trump said. “We want to be in North Carolina. I love North Carolina. I won North Carolina.”

Trump added “we have a governor that doesn’t want to open up the state.”

“The economic development consequences are tremendous for the state,” Trump continued. “We have to know when the people come down, they’re going to have the doors open. Now, if the governor can’t tell us fairly soon, unfortunately, we’ll have no choice.

“This has nothing to do with us. This is between the governor and the people of North Carolina.”

Trump tore into his political opponents for using the coronavirus shutdowns as weapons, stating that “a lot of Democrats, for political reasons, don’t want to open up their states.”

He’s not wrong. Not at all.

These shutdowns have given them the perfect opportunity to find a plethora of ways to undermine President Trump’s reelection campaign. Many of the Democrat governors are pushing for vote-by-mail, which leaves our election system vulnerable to manipulation and interference. A lot of folks on the left are also wanting to see an economic collapse that will be severe enough to justify the passage of a number of policies they’ve been dreaming of getting passed through Congress.

Of course, with an economic collapse also comes the elimination of Trump’s most powerful tool for getting reelected. His great economic success is one of the things people loved about him. If states reopen, there’s going to be a massive rebound that could end up working in Trump’s favor.

Here’s to hoping that the convention is allowed to go on as planned.



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  3. I’m sticking with President Trump. Working from home is great if you can do it, but there are a lot of other jobs that you can’t do from home. Let’s get these folks back to work. When is the media going to push the real news instead of the trash they are publishing now.

  4. Question…..Who is better to lead our country….a tremendously brilliant, successful
    businessman who has already accomplished the lowest unemployment for African-
    Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Women ?
    Who is better to negotiate deals with every leader..? who is the one that got other countries to pay their share at NATO ? Who created the greatest economy for the U.S.A ? Over 300 favorable accomplishments could be listed here.
    Let’s see..could a senile politician do that ? Oh, by the way…which do you prefer to live under..A Republic or under Socialism ? To every American..cut out the “bull” and get out
    to vote for Donald J. Trump. If you don’t and he does not win the 2020 election..kiss
    America goodbye. If you think that is impossible and you don’t vote for Donald Trump
    then you will rue the day the democrats take over.

  5. The biggest enemy to the demo party is the rebound from this new virus, same third world communist party pandemic.
    Did the dems collude with china to unleash this upon the world. I dont think they are that evil.

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  7. People have FORGOTTEN that his base is ALREADY fired up and will support POTUS (soon to the REELECT) Trump, WITH or without the RNC convention. These are the TRUE Patriots who KNOW what is at stake here, and NO ONE is going to sway MY vote otherwise . . . One Loyal And Alert Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Democrat politicians are human scum. No honesty, integrity, compassion, and most importantly no morality. They hate this country and are actively engaged in destroying our core values. All are guilty of sedition or treason.

  9. I am tired of listening to the concerns about voter fraud .If we really were concerned ,and we should is the most dangerous problem America has.Number 1 cast a illegal vote you get 5 years in jail. If you are not a citizen you get another 5 years .Plus a 5000.00 fine. All -All voters must show a legal identification NO EXCEPTIONS.ABSENTEE ballots must be OKed buy the voters local police department. We are talking about voting what the hell is wrong with us ?? Do it today voting problems solved.Absolutely no excuse not to protect our voting system

  10. The President is totally right
    Everyone should open up the economy.It is all a big sham them trying to destroy America.

  11. It really is the left that is trying to destroy this country so they can “appear” to rescue it if President Trump would lose. No cookie for them. Folks are biting at the bit to vote for this president again…despite his enemies.

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