Trump: Time to Go After Obama, Hillary, Clinton Foundation

(Tea Party PAC) – As time goes on and the Deep State plot to unseat Trump gets more and more chaotic, it’s really important to keep our eyes on the ball.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before two House committees this week was a major flop, for sure.

Mueller’s own report, which we now know he most likely didn’t write (or possibly even read), debunks the false claims made against President Trump which the Democrats swore up and down for years there was evidence of, this is true.

The Democrats are flailing and failing miserably to keep the Trump-Russia narrative, which they’ve now morphed into the “obstruction” narrative, alive, and its growing increasingly unpopular among American voters, yes.

But does all this get to the heart of the issue? Hardly.

Even the mounting evidence that every aspect of the Russia hoax was fabricated by a Deep State complex intent on preventing the Trump presidency.

But why, exactly, were they so threatened by the possibility?

Because they needed to secure the White House to cover up for their crimes.

Donald Trump was an outsider, anti-establishment candidate who called the Obama administration, and the entire Washington establishment complex, out for their crimes against the American people and the lack of accountability for said crimes.

The Obama administration and greater Clinton crime cabal needed to ensure that whoever followed them up would make sure the extent of their corruption in the White House would stay buried.

So when they failed to keep Trump out of the White House by setting up an inter-agency, international campaign, they turned that campaign into an inter-agency, international attempted coup.

This was war.

This was treason.

And it was all to cover up what Obama and Hillary did when they were in Washington.

Trump hasn’t forgotten, and he’s letting the Deep State know it’s time to expose the root of the matter.

On Friday, the president called reporters to the Oval Office to announce a completed “safe third country” asylum agreement with the Central American nation of Guatemala.

This will significantly diminish the flow of illegal aliens across our porous southern border.

With this slam dunk under his belt, Trump made mention of where he might set his sights next.


Let’s see it, Mr. President.