Trump Totally Slays Reporter After He Asks Ridiculous Question About Pompeo’s Dog Walker; This Is Priceless

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media these days has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have nothing better they want to accomplish than to see President Trump be made out to be a fool, hoping that doing so will convince folks not to vote for him in November. If they continue to ask the stupid questions they’re asking him now, they are going to absolutely fail miserably.

Given the media has dealt with Trump for three years, you’d think by now they would understand how he works and would know that if they harass him with stupid questions, he’s going to embarrass them right to their faces. Which is precisely what he did when he was asked a question about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s dog walker.

This is priceless, folks. Priceless.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

President Donald Trump mocked the media Monday for asking him about the firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick last Friday, who was apparently looking into claims that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had asked a staffer to walk his dog, among other personal errands.

It emerged Monday that Linick was also suspected of having leaked information to the media without authorization.

Trump answered questions from the press after a roundtable with restaurant owners. He scorned the idea that having a staffer walk a dog was a scandal:

You mean he’s under investigation because he had somebody walk his dog, from the government? I don’t know. It doesn’t sound — I don’t think it sounds like that important. I mean, you have a man that’s supposed to be — and he’s a brilliant guy, number one at West Point, number one at Harvard, I believe — Harvard Law School, or close … and they’re bothered because he’s having somebody walk his dog, as you’re telling me? I didn’t know that, I didn’t hear that, I didn’t know about an investigation. But this is what you get with the Democrats. Here’s a man supposed to be negotiating war and peace with major, major countries, with weaponry like the world has never seen before, and the Democrats and the fake news media, they’re interested in a man who’s walking their dog? And maybe he’s busy. And maybe he’s negotiating with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un, okay, about nuclear weapons. So that he’d say, “Please, could you walk my dog? Would you mind walking my dog? I’m talking to Kim Jong-un,” or, “I‘m talking to [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] about paying us for some of the damage they have caused to the world, and to us. Please walk my dog.” To — who, a Secret Service person or somebody, right? I don’t know. I think this country has a long way to go. They — the priorities are really screwed up when I read this. Now, I don’t know anything about the investigation but, you’re just telling me about walking a dog — and, what’d you say, doing dishes?

Trump later asked: “I’d rather have him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes … Do you know how stupid that sounds to the world?”

As the great Michael Scott would say, “Boom! Roasted!”

Is this what the Democrats have been reduced to? Worrying about who walks a man’s dog? So desperate are they to find a scandal to hang the president with, so desperate are they to have him impeached…again…and removed from office they’l go searching for scandals involving someone’s dog? Really?

Pompeo’s dog, Sherman, is named after William Tecumseh Sherman, a famous Union general during the Civil War. And he’s totally adorable.

The journalist also asked Trump about reports that Pompeo was negotiating “Saudi arms deals.” He incorrectly stated that Congress “passed a law to restrict sales to Saudi Arabia.” In fact, Congress passed a bill that Trump vetoed last year. Congress did not have the votes to override the veto, and the bill never became law.

Perhaps it’s time for the Democrats to admit they are mentally ill and need some serious therapy to help get over this totally bonkers case of Trump Derangement Syndrome? How desperate, and stupid, can a group of people be to try and create a scandal out of a dog being walked? I mean, geesh.



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  2. So glad the dems and msm are looking into the important stuff. You know this is exactly what out of work citizens are wondering, who is that dog walker. Maybe they could swing by with some groceries. Idiots!

  3. But unfortunately, President Trump wastes too much time trying to answer such nonsensical questions. He could simply ask (after getting such a stupid question): “Does anyone have any intelligent questions to ask? Otherwise, this conference is over.” His recent walkout at the nitwit Chinese presser asking a dumb gotcha question was a great way to keep press “conferences” (press attempted humiliations) down to a reasonable length.

  4. Some of these so called “reporters” are just trying to see if President Trump will take the bait. He’s not! They play these silly ass games and they call themselves professionals, sure professional baffoons. Stop with this bullshit and grow the hell up already. This is so juvenile. So many extremely important issues to discuss and it seems they don’t give a rats ass about. If it were me I would tell them to F off!! Stop wasting my time, to many things to accomplish.

  5. Please let them keep ALL of these reporters covering Trump and the Administration. Trump may not need to make even one campaign add. Just splice the video tapes of idiots like Cavuto telling the world about the dangers of a drug that is used around the world like aspirin with the video of hundreds of Doctors saying ‘Cavuto? An idiot’.

  6. Are you sure Pompeo walks his dog? My dog walks me. It’s lots of fun and is relaxing for both of us.

  7. Tana and Samuel – take your BS and go away. A pox on you both.

    And the Dems are seriously sick. If the voters don’t realize that the media and anti-trumpers and big socialist donors are seriously deranged, nothing will convince them.

  8. I could not have said it better myself! Well put President Trump. I thank you for entertaining the leftist media. At worst, it is obviously a waste of air time, but at best, we get to see what a bunch of brainless, bottom feeding trolls these people really are.
    TRUMP 2020!

  9. Let’s investigate Obummer for having the marine staffer hold an umbrella for him while he gave a speech in the rain!

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