Trump Trial Update – June 2023

Could the Jury for Trump’s trial become a Clown Circus or perhaps the Dems will stack the jury box? It is too early to tell, but the Dems are circling the courthouse like vultures looking for roadkill!

The potential composition of the jury for the trial of former President Donald Trump regarding classified documents is likely to be influenced by the chosen location. The trial is expected to take place in Fort Pierce, the federal courthouse where Judge Aileen Cannon typically presides, situated at the northern end of the Southern District of Florida.

The New York Times reported  the jury pool will mainly consist of individuals from Florida counties  Trump convincingly won in both of his presidential campaigns. This includes one swing county and four strongly Republican counties  contribute potential jurors to the Fort Pierce courthouse.

While Judge Cannon has not confirmed the trial’s location definitively, there is a possibility it may be moved. Dave Aronberg, an outgoing Florida state attorney in Palm Beach County, expressed uncertainty about the trial being held in Fort Pierce and speculated  West Palm Beach, where Trump resides and where the classified documents were discovered, could be an alternative location.

Until or unless the trial is relocated, it is anticipated  the jury will primarily consist of residents from Republican-leaning areas, as reported by The New York Times. John Morgan, a trial lawyer, described the venue as traditionally conservative for plaintiffs’ lawyers and emphasized its strong support for Trump.

In the 2020 election, Trump won Okeechobee County with 71.5% of the vote, a rural county with a voter turnout of just over 16,000 people. He also secured Highlands County with 66.8% of the vote, an area with more than 52,000 voters. In Martin County, where over 98,000 people voted, Trump emerged victorious with 61.8%, and in Indian River County, with over 97,000 voters, he obtained 60.2% of the vote. St. Lucie County, considered a swing county, saw Trump narrowly winning both in 2016 and 2020, prevailing over President Joe Biden with 50.4% of the vote in the latter election.

Judge Cannon has scheduled Trump’s criminal trial, involving charges of illegally retaining classified government documents, to commence on August 14 or as soon as the case is ready to be heard. Fort Pierce is located approximately 120 miles north of Miami along Florida’s east coast.

Final Word – If Trump case doesn’t get thrown out of court then the jury will have the final word. But if the Dems have their way the final word will be Crucify Him!

Be the resistance!

Steve Eichler J.D.
Minuteman/Tea Party Co-Founder
Copyright 2023

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