Trump’s Campaign Releases New Shirts Mocking Adam Schiff And They’re Absolutely Hilarious

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the most appealing character traits President Trump possesses is his bulldog tenacity. This is a man who is not afraid to fight back when folks attack him. He rarely ever starts a fight, but boy does he know how to finish one.

We’ve had such weak leadership over the last several decades that when a man comes along and sits in the Oval Office and is willing to dish it back out to those who try to serve it up to him, he almost comes off as harsh and childish. However, this is precisely what a man should be doing in a position like the president. He’s fulfilling his agenda while also helping the American people, all of whom have been bullied by the left for a long time, to have a strong voice of support to get behind.

House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff is the latest in a long line of leftist enemies to take on the president, leveraging this impeachment inquiry as a weapon against him in hopes of booting him from office in a coup.

Well, Trump isn’t taking it lying down. In fact, his campaign just released some new t-shirts mocking Schiff and they are awesome.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The Trump reelection campaign has released hilarious new t-shirts taking aim at House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff.

The shirt features the word “bull” before a pencil-necked caricature of Rep. Schiff.

The description for the shirt, which is made in the USA, states “Our bull-schiff-o-meter is off the charts! Shifty-Schiff pushed the FAKE Russian collusion story for three years and now he’s on to another sham. Don’t let Adam Schiff get away with the bull-Schiff Ukrainian investigation.”

The campaign also released new shirts that say “America First,” “Border Wall Construction Co.” and “Trump 45 – It Ain’t a Mistake Snowflake.”

“Americans can plainly see the Bull Schiff that’s going on in the sham impeachment hearings and now they can make their feelings known with these great new t-shirts,” Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager, said in a press release. “President Trump’s supporters aren’t shy about expressing their opinions and we know they will just love these new designs.”

The campaign launched the shirts on Thursday as the the House Intelligence Committee’s sham impeachment hearings continued.

You can almost hear all the blood rushing to Schiff’s face right now as the embarrassment washes over him. It’s a thing of beauty to know this shirt exists, that Schiff isn’t getting away with this nonsense unscathed.

This shirt is a statement. It informs the liberals in Congress that we the people are well aware of the stunt they’re trying to pull, how they’re trying to cancel our voices, and we aren’t going to stand for that. Not now. Not ever.

Once again, President Trump has given us a voice. Thank you, Mr. President.




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