Truth About Innocent Blood

(PCC)Liberals gasp, Atheists weep, Republicans mourn but true followers of G*d recognize the irony. The world was sickened by the news of the attacks on Israel and the growing war in the Middle East as photos of decapitated children, burned bodies and tortured people made their way to the national stage. But where is the outcry for every day, business as usual decapitations, killings, and bloodletting?

Child decapitations and abortion are two sides of the same gruesome coin. These heinous acts, both characterized by the taking of innocent lives, are deeply intertwined. It is a chilling reality  we must confront head-on, as the sanctity of life hangs in the balance. The barbaric practice of child decapitations, a horrifying act that shocks the conscience, is a stark reminder of the depravity which exists within our society.

The callous disregard for the sanity of life is the appalling fact, but somehow the liberal double vision liberal seems to turn a blind eye to the killing of the innocent in the womb but is shocked over the killing of the innocent in a manner they did not approve of.

Abortion, according to the conservative, is an egregious and morally reprehensible act that epitomizes the depths of human depravity and warrants unequivocal denouncement. Moral conservatives contend silence, in all its insidious forms, is not only morally reprehensible but also has the potential to be gravely destructive.

The horrifying and barbaric acts committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023, in their merciless assault on Israel, resulted in the tragic loss of over 1400 innocent lives, including the brutal decapitation of children. These shocking events have forced us to confront the unsettling parallels between such heinous atrocities and the morally questionable practice of abortion. This thought-provoking article challenges the notion  the distinction between various forms of wicked behavior is merely a matter of semantics.

The striking similarities between the ongoing violence in Israel and the contentious issue of abortion in the United States serve as a stark reminder of the alarming disregard for innocent human life  permeates both situations.

The acceptance of womb-murder verses war-murder exposes the deceptive tactics employed by the left, who attempt to downplay the humanity of the unborn by using terms like “baby” or “fetus.” By doing so, they conveniently ignore the undeniable truth that both the unborn and the newborn are equally deserving of protection from harm. On one hand death in the name of peace and death in the name of freedom exposes how liberal philosophy contribute to the perpetuation of a destructive ‘culture of death.’

The stark contrast between the West’s strong condemnation of decapitation and its seemingly deliberate ignorance or evasion of the gruesome realities of abortion procedures in clinics is truly striking. These issues stem from the dangerous and misguided cultural delusions perpetuated by the intellectual elites. They assert  this has led to the establishment of a deeply troubling ‘culture of death.’

In a powerful display of wisdom, the profound words of John Adams, who eloquently asserts  the Constitution is intricately crafted for a society rooted in moral and religious values. This crucial insight sheds light on the unwavering conviction of many pro-life advocates, who firmly adhere to a higher moral code  guides their unwavering commitment to protecting the sanctity of life. Moral conservatives passionately underscore the moral repugnance of abortion and adhere steadfastly to the timeless principles espoused in the Bible.

Moral conservatives powerfully affirm the profound belief  G*d’s divine presence is intricately woven into the very fabric of the lives of the unborn and newborn. Drawing upon the sacred scriptures, the author eloquently highlights passages  unequivocally testify to G*d’s omniscience, which extends even to the earliest stages of human existence.

It is vital to emphasize the utmost importance of recognizing and upholding the sanctity of innocent life. It serves as a stern warning to those who engage in gruesome acts such as decapitation or abortion, urging them to carefully consider the consequences, for in the eyes of the Lord, there is minimal distinction between these two heinous acts.

In a powerful and thought-provoking statement, the moral conservatives must boldly call for a departure from the prevailing culture of death which has permeated society. It passionately advocates for a profound recognition and appreciation of the sanctity of life, with a particular emphasis on the lives of the innocent and vulnerable among us.

Final Word: In war the innocent always suffers with the guilty, but why should the liberals celebrate declaring war on the womb but denounce the murdering of the unborn when killed in war?


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