Try Not To Throw Up When You See What Off Duty LAPD Officer Allegedly Found In His Starbucks Frappuccino

(Tea Party PAC) – People are nasty.

This is a truth we all discovered when the coronavirus pandemic reached the shores of the United States and it soon became clear that a very large portion of the people in our country didn’t regularly wash their hands.

However, the nastiness I’m talking about goes beyond a gross lack of hygiene and enters the realm of the criminal, thanks in large part to activists who have actively been doing some pretty awful things to police officers when they frequent the establishments they work for.

Like how a police officer allegedly discovered a tampon stuck inside his Starbucks frappucino after he’d already drank half of it. If this is true, and someone did this to him on purpose because he’s a cop, it tells you everything you need to know about the next generation of leftists.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Bill Melugin of Fox LA reports that the officer used his police credit union debit card to pay for his order.

BREAKING: Sources tell me an off duty LAPD officer allegedly found a tampon halfway thru his Frappuccino at a Starbucks in Diamond Bar on Friday. I’m told he used his police credit union debit card. Sheriff’s Dept. confirms they took a report & they’re now investigating. @FOXLA

Food tampering is a serious crime and the incident is now being investigated by the sheriff’s department. California Penal Code Section 347 states that any person who knowingly adds poison or a harmful substance to any food, drink, medicine, or pharmaceutical product where another person could be harmed, is guilty of a felony punishable by a prison sentence of two to five years in prison.

Police officers have been demonized by politicians and the media to the point where it has become unsafe for them to eat and drink in public.

Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Stacy Talbert made a video recently crying about the fact that she is terrified to order food or drinks while in uniform. While the video was widely mocked online by deranged leftists, her message was valid, and this tampon incident is further proof of that.

“That’s all she hands me is the coffee,” she says, breaking down into tears. “I said, ‘Don’t bother with the food because right now I’m too nervous to take it!’ It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone. Right now, I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made!”

It’s beyond sad that a police officer, someone who puts their lives on the line each and every day to keep our neighborhoods safe from miscreant criminals who want to take our lives and property away from us, have to deal with the threat of food tampering.

People need to grow up. There is a right way to protest and allow your views and opinions to be heard. Messing with people’s food and drinks is not the right path to take. Not only is it illegal, but all you end up doing is making people turn more against your worldview, which destroys everything you think you’re working for.



  1. With starbuck stance on the world you can bet their employees have the same and nobody should patron this establishment. I as a White person never mind a cop and you go to these places and many have black employees do not feel safe any longer when you can’t see your food being made, it’s not the noticeable things it’s things like spitting in or on your food or God knows what else that you wouldn’t know that they could get away with that keeps me from going anywhere now and eat home only.
    The hatred level towards White people that has been created by the left and liberal news is at the highest level of my 61 years of life and don’t trust any black person any longer. They changed the way I see things now, not me, I have to protect myself and my family, they are unpredictable violent and dangerous.

  2. Should be an instant D rating in the windows until investigation is complete.
    People who don’t want civilization should be moved to a place where they can live it without intervention or support.

    Thing is, when they do, they always wind up with another police force.

  3. This is disturbing and businesses allow these people to work there. This should make everyone not to want to go there. Glad I do not.

  4. All staff should be given lie detector tests to find out who is guilty. A little well publicized jail time also. Maybe then this would stop. Until then my suggestion: Buy a thermos, take your own coffee, and make a couple of sandwiches to take to work.

  5. Why does anybody even go to Starbucks anymore. They are in the news so much it is obvious that only hire leftist idiots that are intent to cause as much harm as possible.

  6. So sorry that those who protect us and really care about us are being subjected to such horrible treatment. This has to change. These same individuals would cry for help if needed and expect law enforcement to help them.


  8. I think everyone at that McDonald’s should be prosecuted until they find out who did this awful thing . Then they should go to jail for a very long time . These people are beyond help , they are mad and disgusting human beings . They should ALL should be ashamed of themselves, I hope they never needed a policeman because I WOULD NOT SHOW UP IF I WERE ONE . there are many good police out there and it is sickening that the bad ones have done this .

  9. Liberals have made sure that the next generation of individuals, have been indoctrinated with all the hate and stupidity of their own misguided ideology. If we don’t do something about the school system, from K through college, we will lose all freedoms, property, and life as we know it. The people who are trying to take over our government, should be voted out this, and next election, because they do not have our basic rights in mind, but only their own global interests. They are in the pay of Soros, and those like the evil SOB.

  10. We need to trust our officers to do the right thing, but when someone does something to make any officer not to trust the general public. When a bad apple has been identified we need to deal with that 1. Not all of the group. An officer is dispatched not knowing they are going to be having a conversation or getting into to a death match fight for there lives. So let’s give them some respect, an you will see they will in return be respectful back!

  11. Stacey Talbert. I am deeply sorry for the way you have been treated. I am extremely grateful for you and all those that police our country. You are a special and noble human being and there are many good human beings in this country that don’t hold you and your fellow heroes accountable for the bad judgement of others. If I had the means, you and yours would be welcomed guests in my kitchen while I made your breakfast and praised your service. God bless you! THANK YOU!

  12. These establishments need to have their business licenses pulled for a minimum of 6 months and reparations be paid to the victims. This isn’t just heinous tampering it is in fact terrorism. Defenders may argue that it is purely circumstantial, but there are some coincidences so obvious that the casual observer can see something stinks. In the Starbucks atrocity, that officer should own the establishment and a hefty settlement be levied on Starbucks for their poor hiring practices and customer service.

    • Yes Starbucks should be held accountable and they should be closed down and they should pay ,there are to many things happening , that should not because that just gives the green light to continue .

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