Tucker: Why Did Republicans Do Nothing To Stop What They Knew Was Coming? Must Read…

(Tea Party PAC) – America is headed down an incredibly dark road in the wake of the Georgia run-off elections going the way of the Democrats and the official electoral votes being given to Joe Biden.

Democrats have been driven by nothing but blind hatred for President Trump because they’ve been told to hate him and now they don’t even fully understand what they’ve voted for.

What’s coming will have most Americans begging for President Trump by the end of the next two years but will it be too late?

Now that Democrats will control both chambers of Congress and the White House, we can expect them to attempt to usher in their radical agenda and even more identity politics, you know, since America is such a racist country.

What Trump supporters need to remember, however, is that all of this could have been prevented had Republicans in Congress been brave enough to stand up to the out-of-control left and refuse to accept the narrative that America has a racism problem.

The left has made racism the answer to all that is wrong in America, despite the fact that ironically they themselves have created much of America’s problems by decrying racism at every turn.

When Republicans in the Senate could have been spending the summer holding investigations and hearings on election integrity and mail-in voting schemes they were, instead, busy being apologetics for the left, too afraid of being called “racists.”

After all, if you criticize mail-in voting, that’s racist. If you question election integrity at all, that’s also racist. Any effort by anyone ever to make the election more fair and transparent is, of course, racist.

Instead of rejecting this absurd narrative and standing up to the Democrats as they jeopardized our elections, Republicans, like Mitch McConnell, spent the summer excusing Black Lives Matter violence, eulogizing George Floyd and other criminals, and attacking police officers.

Sure, there are some Republicans in Congress who have done their part to fight the left’s radicalism and identity politics but those in positions of leadership and power did nothing.

The irony is now that the Democrats have seized power, they will suddenly stop being so concerned with racism. They’ve got much bigger fish to fry, as Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson pointed out Tuesday night.

Carlson said that if Democrats win they aren’t going to be concerned with trivial things like “Juneteenth” because they have much more ambitious goals “like eliminating the filibuster, adding new states to the union, packing the Supreme Court, and giving citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens, now known as their base.”

Carlson wondered “why did so few Republicans do anything to stop” all of this absurdity?

Clearly many Republicans have been driven by the fear of being labeled a racist, as if it should matter what the unhinged Democrats have to say about anyone. It somehow matters so much that Republicans have been willing to go along with the racism charade that is, in reality, destroying America, just to avoid the label.

Carlson pointed out in another monologue that not that long ago, Americans used to find out the results of elections on Election Night and that Americans used to be concerned with ensuring there were no appearances of fraud.

We used to require most people to vote in person but the Democrats wasted no time at all pushing for mail-in voting, deeming polling places a public health threat. Of course, this is a complete fantasy.

People can pack into Wal-Mart, they can certainly go to a polling place. As Carlson pointed out, there is “no medical reason that you can’t vote in person.”

However, should legislators merely point out the fact that in-person voting is perfectly safe or that state’s ought to clean up their voter rolls to allow only eligible, legal voters to vote, the left absolutely loses it.

Raising legitimate concerns about the integrity of our elections now triggers hysterical leftist rants on why making elections more secure is actually racist.

“Everything Democrats don’t like is Jim Crow. Just in the last year, they’ve told us that in-person voting, the filibuster, even mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ name — a name, by the way, she can’t pronounce herself — are all vestiges of America’s racist history. So what’s the remedy for history this evil? You guessed it: More identity politics,” Carlson said.

He went on in his monologue to point out that Republicans never should have accepted this racist narrative nonsense, which is “poisonous” to America.

Sadly, however, many Republicans have and now all of us will be reaping the consequences for years to come, if not indefinitely.

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  1. The longer we wait the less chance we have they are coming for us very quickly they will put us in camps like the Chinese are doing there going for our firearms first we can’t let that happen

    • Who’s going to let that happen Ed? If I see “them” at my neighbors house trying to take their guns, I’m going to open up a second front and make it very expensive for them to support Biden and the left’s temporary suicide pact with socialism and gun confiscation. I Hope my neighbors are like minded. What’s your plan?

  2. Some Republicans are cowards but a lot are nothing but communist backing scum. I think McConnelly fits this description. Makes you wonder who his wife really is. How many so called Americans are going to leave the country and how many true Americans are going to remember how many men have died fighting against communism in a foreign land and will now stand up and be willing to fight that same communism in our own government!! We were told long ago that the day would come when our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves not against a foreign enemy but against our own government!! The communist started a hundred years ago teaching liberalism in our colleges. We now have for many years educated people with degrees in law, politics, Medical, and many other as well as a high degree in stupidity where America and what it stands for both morally and the family that made it great really means!!

    • Tom you are right and we going to have to fight to get our country back and I’m hoping that the military is on our side but eventually the woke mob will get in the military and then we are really screwed,we can’t wait very long

  3. Racism, to face the fact that all people are equal regardless of race. Minorities have the same opportunities as “white” citizens. Those who call white people racist need to look into the mirror and see a real racist. Those who want to learn will succeed in life regardless of who they are. There are cities across America that have more minorities than whites , example such as salinas, ca. , national city, Chula Vista and in other states besides calif. then they must be racist since they are the majority. Racism is in your mind, all blood runs red regardless of race.

  4. I’m so disgusted with our so called Republicans trying to save their skin forgot about the people the are suppose to be fighting they should join the dems

  5. First of all, I am very disappointed with all our politicians. Since I began voting at age 18 (which should be changed to age 21), I was always proud to exercise my “right to vote”. Appearing at the voting polls and actually voting in person was always a citizen’s privilege. The government should never have allowed mail-in ballots . . . except for those citizens incapable of appearing at the polls due to illness, handicap, no transportation, etc. Without the mail-in ballots, Trump would have won this election. Now, be prepared . . . the Democratic Party will destroy this country. I was a loyal Democrat for 45 years, and after watching the downhill slide of this country by Obama, I immediately changed my party allegiance. As of today, I am NOT “proud to be an American”. Moving out of the United States may be the only answer for many of us.

    • The cost for a US citizen to renounce their citizenship cost $2,350. You must appear in person before a US consular or diplomatic officer, and sign an oath of renunciation. The papers are then forwarded to the Department of State in Washington D.C which takes 3 to 6 months to complete. But yet, the illegals can “cross the border” under the Biden Administration, and are immediately granted US citizenship, free housing, education, etc. Something isnt right!!!!

  6. We did not have the final piece of the puzzle to the election official fraud, but we do now. Those 2 senators may get sworn in but only for a couple of days. Don’t worry, Trump has our back! I have learned not to ever doubt him.


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