Twitter Erupts When White House Staffer Tumbles Out Of Air Force One The ‘Biden Way’

(Tea Party PAC) – The Biden regime has been a three-ring circus complete with clowns and daring acrobatic acts. This was as apparent as ever when someone in Joe Biden’s delegation to Poland appeared to tumble down the stairs of Air Force One onto the tarmac at Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport.

The details are scarce but what we do know is that someone can be seen falling down the stairs, being caught by others at the bottom, in a video that’s caused quite an uproar on social media.

It’s unknown whether the individual was injured.

Some on social media suggested it was Biden himself who plummeted down the stairs but the claims are not true as there was footage of Biden exiting the aircraft without incident.

Joe Biden arrived in Poland to make a surprise visit to Ukraine on Presidents Day. After all, Ukraine is the only place in the world actually benefiting from his so-called presidency. The American people certainly are not.

Biden and his delegation made the trip under as much secrecy as they could muster. Instead of flying in the customary Air Force One, he flew on an Air Force C-32, a modified Boeing 757 normally used for domestic trips to smaller airports. On top of that, the call sign was “SAM060” meaning Special Air Mission, rather than the usual “Air Force One.” He then took a 10-hour overnight train to Kyiv.

Perhaps Biden was going to throw a surprise party for his best friend Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to celebrate the billions of dollars they’ve managed to launder from the American people. We can only surmise as to the true purpose of this trip.

The timing of the trip was both perfect and awful. He was slammed by critics and the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, for traveling to Ukraine while the small town was still reeling from the catastrophic decision to blow up train cars carrying toxic chemicals resulting in the burning off of said chemicals after the Norfolk Southern Railway train transporting them was derailed.

The visit was perfect, however, in the sense that it was on President’s Day and Biden was showing the world where his priorities really lie: with a foreign nation.

The most fitting and potentially accurate tweet of the day was from a Twitter user who suggested that the person who fell out of Air Force One was “Joe’s bag man,” adding, “His bag of laundered money was so heavy, it dragged him down the stairs…”

Here are a few more comical tweets regarding the incident:

The Biden regime continues to be an utter embarrassment both at home and abroad.

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