Uh-Oh…Biden Just Threw Obama Under The Bus! Here’s What He’s Claiming…

(Tea Party PAC) – It looks like someone’s going to need to get a new best friend!

In the midst of increasing scrutiny of his dirty business dealings with Ukraine and China, former Vice President Joe Biden is scrambling to cover his tracks.

He’s even gone as far as throwing former President Obama under the bus, claiming that POTUS 44 was in on it!

Here’s the deal, in case you’ve missed it.

The Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over a “whistleblower” complaint filed by a CIA official who tried to characterize a phone call POTUS had with the Ukrainian president in July.

In that phone call, the two discussed an investigation into Joe Biden, causing the Democrats to claim that Trump was trying to get a foreign government to help dig up dirt on a potential political rival.

Yes, that’s the very definition of the pot calling the kettle black, because that’s just what the DNC did with Ukraine to try to find dirt on Donald Trump in 2016!

But the “dirt” on Joe Biden is much bigger than a political campaign, and has long been called out by those on the right.

When Joe Biden was vice president, he threatened to withhold aid from the government of Ukraine if they did not fire one of their top prosecutors. We know this because he bragged about it in 2017 at the Council on Foreign Relations!

What he did not brag about is that that same prosecutor just happened to be investigating the firm on which his son sat on the board, Burisma Holdings.

He also didn’t brag about his son being placed on the board of Burisma Holdings despite having no experience in the field, and while he was heading the Obama administration’s foreign policy with Ukraine!

He also didn’t mention that he himself was paid $900,000 by Burisma for lobbying on their behalf, as we learned earlier this week.

So now, amazingly, Biden is throwing Obama under the bus in all this, claiming he knew everything that was going on! Ha!

From Greg Jarrett:

Kate Bedingfield, Deputy Campaign Director and Communications Director of the Biden 2020 Campaign, revealed that Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma was approved by the White House in 2014.

Oh boy! This is getting good!


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