Uh-Oh: This Democrat Just Backtracked On Impeachment! Is The Dems’ Cause Hopeless?

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democrats in Congress and their lapdogs in the media may fully support the impeachment effort, but they’re about the only ones.

The American people, particularly the independent vote, which they so desperately need if they can even dream of keeping the House, does not approve of their recycled witchhunt.

So are members of Congress themselves also starting to wake up?

On Sunday, Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence (pictured below) of Michigan has stated that she no longer believes that impeachment is the right route for her caucus if they have a hope of winning back the White House (an even less likely prospect than keeping their majority).

This explosive statement came during a discussion she had with Charlie LeDuff on the Michigan radio show, No BS News Hour.

Instead of removal from office, Lawrence hopes that her colleagues will instead seek to censure the president.

Lawrence said:

We are so close to an election. I will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, I don’t see the value of taking him out of office. I do see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable.

I want to censure. I want it on the record that the House of Representatives did their job and they told this president and any president coming behind him that this is unacceptable behavior and, under our Constitution, we will not allow it.

Lawrence added that she intends to have a “discussion with the party and with the caucus” in order to censure, rather than impeach, Trump.

On October 4th, Lawrence was singing a very different tune during an interview with Sirius XM host Dean Obeidallah.

One can certainly see why the last month, which included the embarrassing show trials held by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in the House Intelligence Committee, would convince her that the cause of impeachment is entirely hopeless.

“I feel strongly that for my legacy, for my time in history, sitting here at this table with an oath of office to protect this country, to protect the democracy of the United States of America, I cannot sit silent, that I must move forward with [impeachment] because this is egregious,” Lawrence said at the time.


The Democrats are now trying to convince us there’s a rock-solid case that Trump broke the law when not one of their witnesses could confirm they had any evidence he did so, or committed an impeachable offense!


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