Uh-Oh: Will John Bolton Lose His Security Clearance After Book Leaks?

(Tea Party PAC) – John Bolton, when he still served as national security adviser, strongly advocated for President Donald Trump to revoke the security clearance of one John O. Brennan, famed Deep Stater, former CIA director, and accused architect of the Spygate scandal.

Now, Bolton is facing the same thing after his pathetic stunt involving book leaks from his forthcoming tell-all.

Back then, Bolton had accused Brennan of “politicizing intelligence” during and after his time in the Obama administration, which he declared was a “very dangerous thing to do.”

“If there is any kind of misconduct, I think there are lots of grounds to have your security clearance revoked for behavior that calls into question your ability to hold the material in confidence,” Bolton told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz. “…For me, the issue is whether he abused information that he attained while he was director of the CIA or he may have attained erroneously or incorrectly after he left.”

Now, Real Clear Politics reports, the tables have turned on the famed neocon war hawk:

Bolton left the White House in September 2019 in a public eruption of vitriol on both sides over the terms of his departure. He said he resigned; Trump says he fired the longtime national security hawk over foreign policy differences. More recently, Trump has accusing Bolton of trying to entangle the U.S. in multiple additional wars instead of ending them as the president had promised voters in 2016 he would do.

Bolton now faces the wrath of not just Trump but his legions of loyalists for volunteering to testify against the president in the impeachment trial, thus bolstering Democrats’ arguments that the president threatened Ukraine’s president with a quid pro quo over U.S. aid to extract a commitment to investigate Joe Biden and his son’s dealings in that country.

Seeing his security clearance revoked is an almost certainty for Bolton once the impeachment trial is over, according to two government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, as well as legal experts – all of whom say Bolton could face additional fallout for his role in the impeachment drama this week.

Several media outlets have reported that the irascible veteran national security official circulated a draft manuscript of the book containing the quid pro quo arguments to close associates before delivering it to the White House Records Management Directorate for pre-publication review, as required, and could face criminal prosecution if proof he did so surfaces.


Bolton claimed in a statement after the leaks of his book excerpts that “there was absolutely no coordination with the New York Times or anyone else regarding the appearance of information about this book.”

The leaks just so happen to have come out, however, in the middle of the partisan impeachment trial taking place in the Senate, as they involve an August conversation Trump is alleged to have had with Bolton during which he told him he wanted to withhold millions in aid to Ukraine until they agreed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s relationship to the country and the corrupt oil and gas giant, Burisma Holdings.

Trump hit back hard, declaring that Bolton was “fired because frankly, if I listened to him, we’d be in World War Six by now.”

He also explained that the former NSA had “begged” for a non-Senate approved job and then, after being dismissed, “IMMEDIATELY [wrote] a nasty & untrue book.”

“All Classified National Security. Who would do this?” Trump concluded.

This is definitely someone who should not have a security clearance.


  1. If our government doesn’t start prosocutingTreason, Leaking of Classified Information, Espionage,etc with more than a slap on the wrist, or not prosocuting traitors of the American People, then it’s going to keep happening. It’s not revenge, it’s the law.

  2. How did he write the book so quickly? It takes time and it wasn’t that long between when he was fired and when the book was submitted in December. As to who may have leaked it? Vindman’s twin brother is one on the NSC that review books. Whether or not he was reviewing this one, one can bet he’s seen it.

  3. So who reviewed his manuscript in the government? That is the person who leaked the information and that person should also loose their security clearance as well as their job.

  4. I think Trump is right & Bolton should lose

    I think Trump is RIGHT & Bolton should Lose All Classified National Security.

  5. He should of lost his Security Clearance with in minuets of being fired let go what ever. I don’t think any one should be able to keep a US Security Clearance once they leave the Federal office of any kind. Fired retired quite etc. Once you walk out those doors the Security Clearance should be removed. Bolton should be put under severance/observation for National Security purposes. They should now secure his premises, get a warrant and make sure he has no national security documents hid away anywhere with in or out. I would say he could be classified at this point and time a National security risk.. He is now upset with the President Trump and his administration so who knows what he might try to do… President Trump should also have ALL his employees looked at and if any are of Obama’s left overs he should get rid of them ASAP.. Obama got rid of all Busch’s ambassadors and more.

  6. All security clearances must be revoked on leaving office. If not, I’d like three good reasons why not. In the corporate world who keeps their IDs after leaving? No wonder I am not surprised about the ‘deep state’

  7. Amen to immediately losing a security clearance after separation from government service as thousands and thousands of vets can testify to. Simply zero reason to have one.

  8. I really liked this guy. Now – NOT SO MUCH! At the very least he should lose his security clearance. Treacherous behavior has consequences. Add Bolton to the list of traitors; Romney and Collins. I pray the former is recalled. Collins will not be re-elected.

  9. Security clearances should ALL be ‘need to know’ for persons actively serving in designated positions. Background checks remain so the clearances can be swiftly reinstated, when appropriate, sans bad behavior.

  10. Security Clearances when given should come with a special Caveat; You get it…you keep it, you do not violate it and after you out of service you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT FOR 5 YEARS OR YOU SPEND YEARS IN LEAVENWORTH AS A GUEST OF THE US OF A.

  11. The Federal Govt is a little too free in allowing security clearances to remain in effect after someone leaves Govt service. It should be suspended the day they leave and if rehired again it can be reissued, There are far too many individuals walking around especially in Washington that have absolutely NO NEED for access to classified information any longer some of the Obama former cabinet members are prime examples of why security clearances should be suspended at termination date, I had a security clearance in the military and it was suspended on the day my enlistment ended and i signed security papers that verified that, I see no REASON why former govt workers or cabinet members should be allowed to keep their clearance. Why would they have access to classified information as a private citizen. Classified access should be on a need to know only. BOLTON is no exception.

  12. I believe everyone involved with all of the President Trump fiascos from 2015 to present should lose their security clearances, right up to Obama and Biden. All of them have abused the privilege of having a US security clearance. I also believe Hillary Clinton and all of her cronies who have security clearances be included. After President Trump is elected to his second term, he should clean house. Get rid of all Obama holdovers and any staff he cannot rely on to carry out his plan for “Keeping America Great”.” If this Country is going to survive President Trump needs to step it up, without exception.

  13. I used to respect Bolton, but now not so much. Like McCain, Romney, and Comey, he let his personal vendetta against the President, get in the way of his Patriotism. All acting like children because they didn’t like Trump for one reason or another. Shame on all of them!

  14. Dems went after Bolton right after he got fired looking for anything on Trump, They talked him into doing this with promises of millions of dollars if he wrote what they told him to. They told him it could never be proven that Trump did or did not say whatever Dems told Bolton to write. Just like when they used Ford against Kavanagh. Heresay can never be proven, its what they use with their left media pals to try and sway voters, too bad for them it no longer works. Voters are on to their FAKE NEWS STORIES.

  15. He should have lost his clearance once he was no longer employed by the WH. No one should. Once you no longer work there your clearance should be voided at once.

  16. He should have lost it when he was fired as any other American should loose top security clearance when they are fired or leave office!


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