Unhinged CNN Analyst Writes WaPo Op-Ed Calling For Fox News To Be Shut Down Like “Terrorists”

(Tea Party PAC) – The assault on free speech in America is reaching a fever pitch and it’s intensifying under the guise that private companies have the right to silence those they disagree with.

We can now completely dispense with this idea that Big Tech and the mainstream media have been censoring conservatives out of some moral obligation to protect the public from violence or hate speech.

The censorship is, and has always been, about silencing political opposition and now that Biden is in the White House, the veil has come off. Leftists aren’t even being shy about their aspirations to completely shut down any news outlets, political figures, podcasts, etc., that dare express differing viewpoints.

One particularly unhinged Never-Trumper columnist and CNN global affairs analyst, Max Boot, has written a disturbing op-ed for the Washington Post in which he calls for conservative cable news outlets such as Fox News, One America News, and Newsmax TV to be done away with and silenced.

He went as far as to equate these news outlets to foreign terrorist influencers. It’s truly unbelievable the rhetoric being spewed by leftists now that Joe Biden is President.

He starts off by echoing the left’s sentiments that merely holding President Trump accountable for “his role in inciting this violent insurrection” is “insufficient.”

He goes on to suggest that there is a “whole infrastructure of incitement that will remain intact” even with President Trump out of office.

Keep in mind, of course, that this supposed “infrastructure of incitement” is, in reality, actually the left who spent the majority of 2020 applauding, encouraging, and turning a blind eye to the violent riots that caused billions of dollars worth of damage in cities all across the US carried out by far-left radicals.

On the other hand, conservatives have collectively and unwaveringly denounced and condemned all political violence consistently since the onset of the 2020 riots.

Boot went on to say that just as the US does with “foreign terrorist groups” we need to do the same with supposed “domestic terrorists” and “shut down the influencers who radicalize people and set them on the path toward violence and sedition.”

In other words, it’s totally OK to terrorize American cities and burn down police stations and vandalize and loot privately owned small businesses. What’s not OK is for the American people to think they can just rise up and take back the government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people.

We think there’s a lot of really compelling evidence to suggest that what happened at the Capitol was a very organized pre-planned attack carried out by radical leftists for the sole purpose of carrying out this “insurrection” charade against President Trump.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that what radical lawmakers and leftist talking-heads, like Boot, are really saying is that the establishment, no matter how corrupt it is, must be protected. It must be exalted above the people.

This is completely un-American sentiment.

Where was Boot when leftists ravaged American cities with violence and chaos? Where was his indignation then? Why wasn’t he calling for the lawmakers and pundits who “incite” and encourage that violence to be canceled, shut down, and silenced?

Boot applauded the Big Tech oligarchy for finally getting serious about their “sense of social responsibility” and going hard after conservatives but he suggests that simply isn’t enough, you know, to protect our “democracy.”

Boot wants anyone who has any kind of platform to be silenced and shut down if they dare to hold opposing political viewpoints. It isn’t about protecting anyone from violence or shutting down those who “incite” said violence.

For radical leftists like Boot and so many other pundits and elected officials, it’s all about control and silencing political opposition.

In his conclusion, Boot suggested that Joe Biden now needs to weaponize the FCC.

“As president, Biden needs to reinvigorate the FCC. Or else the terrorism we saw on Jan. 6 may be only the beginning, rather than the end, of the plot against America.”

But don’t worry about the terrorism that’s been going on in American cities since May of 2020. Don’t expect that to stop. The left doesn’t care about it because it doesn’t affect them and their cushy ivory towers from which they look down on the rest of us in scorn.

Shame on any American who shares or supports this completely tyrannical, anti-American sentiment.

If there is a plot against America, we assure you, it isn’t coming from conservatives but rather from idiotic, radical liberals like Boot.

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  1. Jackasses like this make me want to move away from my country. As a Vietnam Veteran Bronze Star recipient I detest anyone who has the mental instability and hypocrisy of this talk. I was a JFK Democrat and a R Reagan Republican because both of these men were for all Americans. All our other Presidents I have been lukewarm. Now I did not vote for Trump in 2016 or for Hillary. She was a crook and I thought Trump was just another BS political hack. Much to my amazement he accomplished a lot while under tremendous attack, most of which was made up Democrat BS. Now you want all opposing ideas shutdown; this is what the Nazis did in Germany; it is what Communists do today in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and PRC China. It is embarrassing to me that Hong Kong people stand for our flag and sing our National Anthem while we desecrate both. I hope we never shutdown opposition or it will signal the end of our great country. May GOD Bless the USA. I will say a prayer for all to see the light.

  2. These people ( leftists) are seriously unhinged! I hope and pray the majority of average democrat voters aren’t buying what the radical left is selling. I’m sure they’re not. I was a hardcore democrat all my life ( I’m 71 yrs old) until midway through Obama’s 2nd term) but ran from the democrat party like it was the plague. I’ve been a serious Republican since. But that being said, I took another leap from that party after the way they’ve rolled over to the “Dims” and screwed our great President Trump. I pray Trump or his supporters will form a new party. A real constitutional republic party that stands for justice and the America first platform.

  3. How is it that the LEFT is to blame, yet you NEVER condemn the RIGHT for doing the exact same thing…that is, have a differing opinion? Trump put policies in place that were extremely detrimental to this country. Biden came in and undid them. How does that become an attack on America? I, along with millions of other Americans, saw the Right ATTACK OUR DEMOCRACY in an attempt to overthrow the government, and put in place a wannabe dictator. Deny all you want, but those are the facts. Protest is one thing, Insurrection is another. What we all witnessed was Insurrection!! So, to add to that unknown philosopher, “…do you want cheese with that whine??” Oh, and by the way, I’m a registered Republican.

    • Could you specify the ‘policies that were extremely detrimental to this country’? And you are full of crap if you think the violence at the Capitol was an ‘ATTACK ON OUR DEMOCRACY’. A mob became violent but the people who attended the Trump rally weren’t even there when the violence occurred, they had not had time to get from the rally to the Capitol and none of them were trying to overthrow the government and install a ‘wannabe dictator’. They were aware of the vast voter fraud and felt like the election had been stolen, which it was but they were not violent. You should be outraged about the voter fraud and it is very real and there is TANGIBLE EVIDENCE of it in numerous states. When it was exposed no judges would even look at it because they were terrified of the backlash from maniacal leftists, who can get away with anything in this country. They project their own criminal actions and corruption on Conservatives and they do it with self-righteous indignation. There was no damn insurrection and the United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a DEMOCRACY. Pure democracy is MOB RULE. That’s what we’re living under right now and I promise you will not like it if you are really a registered Republican.

  4. CNN is the most bias left so called news channel any comments made by their so call journalist is an insult to anyone who believes in free speech. If any channel should be removed they would top the list


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