United States Border- Critical National Imperative

(PCC)The invasion of America is coming to the point of no return! For years, the crisis at the United States’ southern border has been a matter of utmost urgency for border patrol agents and security experts alike. As a passionate conservative activist journalist, it is my solemn duty to expose the concerning truths  persistently unravel in this crucial domain.

The fact  a record number of individuals on the terror watch list have been apprehended there only reinforces this troubling reality.

  • Who is sneaking into America?
  • What are their names
  • What are their backgrounds
  • Do they bring terror
  • Do they bring deadly disease
  • And most of all why don’t they immigrate the legal way?

The numbers are alarming, and they reveal a grave depiction of the security vulnerabilities at our southern border. In this fiscal year, we have witnessed a disturbing and alarming increase in the number of individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list being apprehended by our diligent Border Patrol agents as they attempt to unlawfully enter the United States.

This figure stands as a testament to the failure of big government policies, highlighting the detrimental impact they have had on our economy. It is deeply concerning  this number has reached such unprecedented heights, far exceeding the cumulative total of the past six years.

During the Trump administration, this number was an impressive six, showcasing the administration’s commitment to efficiency and limited government.

However, under President Biden’s leadership, this number has alarmingly surged to a staggering 247 individuals, raising concerns about the expanding size and reach of the government.

While the Biden administration may attempt to spin these numbers as evidence of their supposed progress in apprehension efforts, the reality is much more alarming.

The most concerning revelation is the existence of well over 10 million known “illegal border crossers.” These are brave individuals who have illegally crossed the border, frequently caught on cameras or sensors, but managed to avoid capture due to the insufficient resources available to Border Patrol agents.

This number is equivalent to the population of Dallas, Texas times 10. It also represents enough people to fill up several Rose Bowls in Pasadena, California, 100 times!

Furthermore, the alarming release of confidential internal data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources has brought to light the distressing reality  a significant number of Special Interest Aliens (SIAs) have been apprehended by diligent Border Patrol agents while unlawfully crossing the southern border over the past couple of years.

SIAs, or Special Interest Aliens, are individuals originating from countries or conditions  have a concerning history of terrorism or could potentially pose a significant threat to the United States.

The data clearly highlights the alarming numbers originating from countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon (the stronghold of Hezbollah), Syria (the breeding ground of ISIS), and Yemen. These arrests highlight the urgent need to address the ongoing national security threat.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, a dedicated public servant who bravely served under both President Trump and Biden, emphasized the fundamental concern – when our valiant agents come across these individuals, they are left in the dark about their true identities.

The Biden administration’s claim of rigorous vetting is a blatant lie. It is deeply concerning  there is a severe lack of transparency regarding individuals hailing from these special interest countries. In numerous instances, unless these individuals possess a prior criminal record in the United States or are on a federal watch list, there is a glaring lack of efficient methods for Border Patrol to determine any potential criminal history.

The security concerns at our southern border are further amplified by the alarming lack of cooperation from the home countries of these individuals, particularly in the Middle East, who blatantly refuse to share their records or data with the United States.

This egregious lack of information leaves Border Patrol agents without the necessary resources to effectively vet individuals.

These alarming statistics underscore the urgent necessity of fortifying our southern border. The situation is not just about illegal immigration; it is a grave national security threat. Border Patrol agents are not simply looking for social workers, but rather, they are bravely standing on the front lines, safeguarding our nation from potential threats.

As we witness the tragic and senseless terror attacks in Israel, it becomes abundantly clear  our nation’s security is at stake, especially when it comes to our southern border. It is high time for the administration to acknowledge the urgent need to secure our nation from these grave security threats.

Final Word: In an era of escalating uncertainty and ever-changing dangers, it is imperative  we place utmost importance on safeguarding national security and preserving the sovereignty and well-being of the United States. If we do nothing then that is exactly what we will have left of our freedoms, liberty and national security!



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