Unreal: Trump Impeachment Lawyer Reveals His Family, Home, Law Firm “Under Siege”

(Tea Party PAC) – While the Biden administration kicked off with a hollow promise of “unity,” the state of our nation does not appear unified in any way.

In fact, things are weirder and worse off than ever before.

The Trump administration kicked off with a lot of triggered liberals…the Biden administration is kicking off with Nazi-style intimidation tactics and Orwellian totalitarian rule.

Welcome to the brave new world.

Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen, who did a fantastic job representing the former president, revealed in comments made after the acquittal vote that his home had been targeted for an attack as his family and law firm were also the target of hate.

CBS Philly reported that van der Veen’s home was spray-painted with the word “TRAITOR” on Friday night.

Detective Scott Pezick of West Whiteland Township said that the report first came around 8pm.

No arrests had been made at the time of the report, but van der Veen’s house was then placed under private security in the event of any further attacks.

Pezick said there would also be a strong police presence in the neighborhood.

When Fox News’ Griff Jenkins asked van der Veen about the attack while speaking with him after the acquittal vote, the attorney was clearly distressed.

“Um… my, uh… my home was attacked. I’d rather not go into that. To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now. I don’t really want to go into that,” he said, appearing to choke up.

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  1. Congress and both political parties incited the violence on the Capitol by not addressing the concerns of the election. Both parties brushed off Americans and their concerns. Congress and the Judicial system not allowing the investigations to go forward to ensure the election was legit. Once I use my vote to get rid of the elite I will register as an independent and not support either party. Trump had nothing to do with the incitement our Political parties did. They are great in using the people as pawns to do their bidding for them. We are all jerks going against each other for them.

  2. So this is what we have become. We cannot voice our opinion without being attacked. I am sure our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. Mr. Van Der Veen should be allowed to voice his opinion and as a lawyer defend his client. But the Left says no and will do whatever it takes to stop free speech. I am beyond sick and disgusted!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Impeachment and Trial was never to convict Trump, anyone who watches or studies politics, knew he would never be convicted by a split Senate. The trial was to let the population as a whole know the actual facts, of what had happened and when, which was necessary. It seems to have worked when trump approval went through the basement after the acquittal, when over 140,000 registered Republicans have left the party in 25 states, Arizona and Texas loosing the most, at this time and still going on at about 1000 registered republicans a day leaving the party.

  4. The Hype on both sides of the isle is outlandish and is only getting worse every day, those that want a Civil War may get their wish, but they may regret what they wish for, when some only think one side has guns or is willing to fight, those wanting that Civil War are in a very minor minority of the population and it will only get worse as the time goes on, when the Republican party is already the minority party according to registered voter and hemorrhaging members at about 1000 daily, having lost 140,000 Republicans since 6 Jan. This needs to calm down and return to a normal life, where racist or bigots are held a t bay, since Trump has given these narrow minded, low educated people a voice in the Government.

  5. the REASON that the LIBERALS are VERY angry is because they LOST . . . because they’re WRONG about EVERYTHING! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  6. Mr. van der Veen was magnificient and that’s what the Libtards hate. IF they were decent human beings, they would NOT tolerate this behavior, but instead, they are happy and supportive. Violence, lies, intolerance, racism, discrimination, and hate is the Democrat’s complete vision. TRUMP 2024! Thank you, Mr. Van der Veen for all you did and I hope these terrible people pay for what they’ve done to you and your family and office.


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