Update On The War In America – New Reconnaissance May 1st

PCC)Our reconnaissance team is receiving critical updates on a ‘minute-by-minute’ basis from the field.

Here are the latest developments in Washington and throughout the United States.

Instead of regurgitating news releases from various media outlets, we strive to bring you important information the mainstream media deliberately conceals from the public.

Latest information as of May 1st.

Why choose May 1st? May Day holds great significance in countries that have historically embraced communist ideologies, including China, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union countries. May Day celebrations in these countries often showcase grand workforce parades, complete with impressive displays of military equipment and soldiers. May Day, celebrated on the first of May, is a significant national communist holiday in Russia.
Breaking News:

Combatants were sent to Washington by the SEIU to coordinate:

TBTC Operatives – Take Back The Capitol

TBTC is a campaign reminiscent of the Occupy movement, aimed at challenging corporate lobbyists.” Legitimate occupiers were brought in to assist union members in blocking K Street and occupying congressional offices—part of a labor strategy to build alliances with Occupy.

Breaking news: In November 2023, a source familiar with local organizers in LA revealed that there were 136 college/university-campus encampments being planned with a pro-Palestinian stance. Therefore, it has been established the TBTC campaign and the United States Hamas Jahid has been in the planning for well over 1 year!

Phase 1 – Ready for May Day Week Launch

Final Word: As these events unfold we will keep you informed on the developments the lamestream media refuses to disclose. We will continue this until we are silenced.



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