US Intel Briefings Show That Russian Meddling Is Nothing Compared To That Of This Country

(Tea Party PAC) – Russia, Russia, Russia. The Democrats have worked round the clock to ensure the only country Americans are focused on as a potential threat to our democracy is Russia. The only problem with that, as you are probably aware, is that China poses an even bigger threat. This isn’t just an opinion. It’s a fact that has been confirmed countless times by varying intelligence agencies yet the Democrats are desperate to hang-on to the Russia narrative for dear life.

The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe had previously said that he would end in-person briefings to the Democrat-controlled House during the election cycle so as to avoid politically motivated and selective leaks but that didn’t exactly happen. The briefings not only continued but so did the leaks and selective they were.

As sources have reported, US intelligence officials have focused more on the election meddling efforts of China rather than Russia, which has upset many lawmakers.

“The [intelligence community] has become aware of Chinese [election] influence operations targeting members of Congress at a rate of approximately six times that of Russia, and 12 times that of Iran,” an intelligence source told The Hill.

The importance put on China’s meddling efforts, coupled with the downplaying of Russia threats, or specifics, has reportedly struck a nerve with some lawmakers.

“As we have underscored previously, it is clear that the ODNI is continuing to try to draw a false equivalence for political reasons between the actions of Russia and China,” according to a statement from an unnamed House Intelligence Committee member to The Hill. “It’s no secret that the Chinese have sought to influence U.S. policy and politicians, and will continue to do so.

“We must be on guard for that, but we must also not take our eye off the ball that Russia, and only Russia, is actively interfering in the 2020 elections to sway the outcome of the presidential race.”

The intelligence source told The Hill, China’s election meddling is less social media propaganda and more substantive, direct lobbying to congressional members to impact U.S. policy which is apparently not as concerning as whatever it is Russia is doing on social media. Also, why does China get the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t interested in and attempting to meddle in our election?

“Different countries interfere in different ways,” the source said. “China is influencing, policy and policy makers who hold congressional seats.”

Some former intelligence officials downplayed China’s election meddling as merely normal congressional lobbying.

“I think of [election] interference as an attack and meddling,” former ODNI staffer and ex-CIA Larry Pfeiffer told The Hill. “I just don’t see it as exactly the same thing as the Russians covertly manipulating social media.”

On the other hand, one former intelligence official doesn’t agree with the dismissal of China’s election meddling intelligence because they want to hear about Russia’s efforts.

“The whole claim by Democrats with respect to Ratcliffe is that he is talking about the Chinese because he wants to avoid discussing Russian interference,” former GOP counsel to House Intelligence staffers Jamil Jaffer told The Hill. “The problem with that claim in this scenario is there’s a very real way you could think about what they may be doing as being related to election interference. While on the face it may not seem like it, there’s a lot of reasons why it might be just that.”

What we know for sure is that to some degree or another both countries are working to interfere in our democracy just like they always have but Democrats wholesale dismiss the concerns surrounding China’s interference efforts because maybe, just maybe, they would make Joe Biden look bad.


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